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Lifelong Employability Assessment (LEA) Tool Results

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Text of Lifelong Employability Assessment (LEA) Tool Results

  • Rethinking Careers: How to deal with longer working lives in HR processesLifelong Employability Assessment (LEA) Tool ResultsAn Enterprise 2020 initiative part of the European Business Campaign on Skills for Jobs *www.csreurope.orgConnectShareInnovate

  • The need to rethink careers

  • Asssessing companies readiness for Lifelong Employability Management Individual asessments in confidential setting:Individual interviews with HR ManagersAssessment of 4 HR processes, 21 criteriaAdapted feedback review

    Tailored analysis and benchmark:How effective are your Human Resources processes in dealing with longer working lives?Where do you have gaps? How can you upgrage? How do you perform against peers and best in class?

  • Ideal framework for lifelong employability

    HR ProcessIdeal situation1. Strategic workforce planningWorkforce planning is part of a companys HR strategyWorkforce is assessed on a yearly basis, with a medium to long-term projection.Special attention to older employees to anticipate altnerative solutions interally (aquisition of new skills, functional mobility) or externally (outplacement, entrepreneurship).2. Knowledge and career management360 dilaogue with line managerTailored approach to training (life-long + age-adapted learning) for sound knowledge and skills development per life-stageSalary based on performance more than solely seniorityCareer development schemes based on life-stages

    3. Workplace adaptationCover all dimensions of ergonomics: physical, cognitive, organisational, environmental. Adapting the workplace + working conditions to constraints of age4. Mobility & FlexibilityFlexible functional mobility, incl. via secondmentsPromote volunteering and entrepreneurshipSupporting measures towards exiting

  • Targets of EU2020 Strategy CSR Europe develops Products & Services (P&S)with experts, companies and NPO network

    Implement P&S in dozen companies Improve companys performance

    Peer learning, benchmark, sharing best practices.Phase 1: Development

    Phase 2: Magnification

    41 NPOs implement P&S in their corporate membersNPO NETWORKCOALIT-IONSOUT-REACHEU POLICYMagnifier 1Magnifier 3Magnifier 4Magnifier 5Best Practice, lessons learned, success factors into Impact MAP, creating Learning NetworkCommunicat. StrategyStrategic Coalitions with expert stakeholdersMeasured impact used in policy strategy to improve EU Policy Frameworks. Corporate members join CSRe in policy actions.64 Corporate members catalyze change through their affiliatessector associationsuppliersCOR-PORATEMagnifier 2Magnifing impact: 5 key levers

  • Companies are not half way through lifelong career managementCSR Europes Lifelong Employability Assessment (LEA) shows a 46% readyness of assessed companies to lifelong employability

  • Main weaknesses identifiedKnowledge & Career ManagementSkills/competency transfer and developmentMid-career plansCareer development schemesTrainingSalary compenstaitonInternal mobility

    Mobility/FlexibilityVolunteering during employmentNetwork for employeesFunctional mobilityVolunteering after employmentEntrepreneurship

  • Key strenghts identifiedWorkforce Planning ProcessesPre-recruitmentWorkforce compositionRecruitment diversification

    Workplace adaptationHealth & WellbeingBenefitsAge-oriented work-life balanceStress & Mental healthWorkplace adaptation

  • Thank you for your attention! *Sarah DekkicheOperations Manager, CSR EuropeEmail: [email protected]: +32 (0)2 541 16 20

    **- Philippe


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