Interiors Designers by S L Interiors andInfra

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SL interiors and Infra is a Hyderabad based interior designing company, founded by young and dynamic professional interior designers specializing in both commercial and residential projects. We create modern designs as per the client requests.

Text of Interiors Designers by S L Interiors andInfra

  • 1. SL Interiors Modular Kitchen Modular Furniture
  • 2. Modular Kitchen What is Modular? Designed with standard units or dimensions as for easy assemble, dissemble and repair or flexible arrangement and used. What is Kitchen? Is a most important room or area in houses Where the food is preparing or cooking
  • 3. Kitchen Zones: Ever kitchen consisting 5 important zones. 1.Consumables 2.Non Consumables 3.Cleaning 4.Preparing 5.Cooking
  • 4. SL Interiors is most leading Modular Kitchen manufacturing company in Andhra Pradesh. SL Interiors has installed over 150 complete kitchens in the last one years with an average of 10 kitchens per month with in the time duration. This presentation will take you through the entire process of installing a kitchen
  • 5. When a client walks into the office, the frontline marketing person greets him warmly The frontline designer takes the client through the displayed kitchens and educates him about the brand offering The wide range of Indian Kitchen components are available at SL interiors. The various material options for carcass, shutters i.e. MDF, Particle board, Black board, Marine ply etc.. The various Hardware, Accessories & Appliances options available i.e. Hettich, Haafle, Peacock, Butterfly etc..
  • 6. Explaining the importance of designing and planning The designer briefly explains the client entire process of kitchen installation (the costing, average time frame required etc.) After taking client around the office, the frontline designer requests the client to fill the Site Address as a first step towards initiating a relationship with the client
  • 7. On the site, the site engineer takes all the essential measurements information / dimensions / photographs that will be useful to the interior designer while preparing the drawings. On the site, site engineer takes Photographs of the clients existing kitchen areas and other miscellaneous details and prepares a rough drawing of the same. The site engineer hand over all the real measurements & photos / rough drawings to the designer.
  • 8. Within one working day the interior designer prepares the drawings based on the site engineers inputs details. Further, he gives the details to the estimation department to prepare estimated quotations for the drawing. On receiving the quotation, the designer checks them for any claims, and gets them corrected. Once the estimation & drawings are ready, the designer calls for a meeting with the client to discuss the drawing, accessories, preferences, costing, etc..
  • 9. Designer explains to the client about the drawing details, Accessories, appliances, material, colours and estimated quotation according to the drawing. The designer always keeps the clients requirements at the time of the discussion. Client gives the suggestions on the drawing to the designer
  • 10. If the client changes are small ( both in the drawing & quotation) the designer does the correction at there. Unless there are major changes, another meeting it will be fixed with in a day. After completing all changes in drawings and quotation the client gives his approval and signs on the final papers
  • 11. The designer may have to call back & for the couple of times taking the clients suggestions & incorporating them in the drawing. Sometimes the drawing is finalized in the first sitting itself, while at other times it may take a couple of meetings to finalize the drawing.
  • 12. Drawing-------Follow up-------Discussion------Finalization This process goes up to the finalizing the drawing.