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  1. 1. INNOSPRING Open Soon
    • Providing Investment & Incubation
    • for Technology Start-ups
    • As a Soft Landing Platform for Both
    • US and Chinese Enterprises
    • Facilitate Silicon Valley Companies
    • Expansion Efforts Into China
    • TusPark has more than 17-years experience in Science Park development and operations. Since its first development in Beijing Zhongguancun in 1994, it has more than 30 branch parks around China. TusPark plans to build and manage more than 4 million sqm of office, and has completed over 1.5 million sqm already. TusPark is the most successful university Science Park developer and operator in Mainland China, and has become a reknowned brand in China and worldwide.
    • Beijing TusPark has more than 400 tenants, among which more than 20 are publically traded companies.
    • Beijing TusParkwas named as the only A Category University Science Park by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology in 2003.
    Most successful University Science Park Developer and Operator in China
  4. 4. SHUI ON GROUPLeader of Knowledge Community Development in Mainland China Founded in 1971 in Hong Kong, currently has 2 publically traded companies: SOCAM and Shui On Land. The Group has more than 10 projects in various stages of development in prime locations in 8 major cities; Shanghai Taipingqiao Project is Shui Ons firstUrban Redevelopment Projectin mainland China,with the Xintiandi Project as a famous example of renovation and adaptive re-use.Shui On entered the knowledge community developmentfield in 2004, starting the Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) projectin Shanghai. In 2007, Shui On began to developDalianTiandi in 2007.
    • NLVC manages approximately US $500 million in committed capital with 2 USD funds and 2 RMB funds.
    • NLVC seeks innovative businesses models or high-tech driven investment opportunities that leverage Chinas market, economic, or human resource advantages to build exceptional, lasting enterprises in the global economy.
    • NLVCs investment strategy emphasizes: early and early growth stage, 4-5 years before IPO, also pursuing strategic opportunities 1-2 years before IPO.
    • NLVCs investments focus on communication, media, TMT, cleantech, health care, advanced manufacturing, also consumption brands like,, Hanting Inns & Hotels, etc.
    Extensively Influencing Venture Capital in both China and US
  6. 6. SVB the most influential financing service provide for technology in Silicon Valley
  7. 7. LOCATION & CONTACT Add:2901 Tasman Drive Santa Clara, CA,Area:13,502 square feet Startup Application Starts NowOpening: early April. Contact:[email_address]