Gross National Happiness Index Results for October 2014

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Gross National Happiness Index results in an infographic for over 38,000 people who took the GNH index


  • 1. How 'rapp/are 1/2?T)We are'/ -Jql. about ourselves and have a S. 'dSLT of purposeThe parts of our lives where we feel thingsare not going *WorI-: -lifc Trustin ourgovernment Sense ofcommunityThere are two kinds of timeimbalance: Not having enough time to do the things you want to doNot having enough time to do all the things you want to do--+x__ . .. , .a.Are you in the second category? Think about life decisions that impact your timeif it's a short term a big push at work.plan to take a rest when you canWorking hard and playing hard" can talte a tollPlan do nothing times.experience no rushing or time crunchesA re y o u i n t h efirst category?Take time to really savor each activityFully experience your awesome lifelEasterlin Paradox Happiness is not all about money.People typically indicate only about a 20%increase in income is needed. Gross National Happiness Itfidex Scores:Q2 2014 Cumulative scores for 38,000 peclplewho took the survey March 2011-October 101? Cumulative results March 2011- July 20140ctober 2014Wliat does it tell us?We feel that ourg are going the best in our livesGross National Happiness score averages for 38,000 people who took the survey March 2011 - October 2014T0080 7) To 69555! oz 51 66 so I " so 40 10 D 3332::gas::, _cw: o _, -,: o 5-= ,32E> %3 EEEEE2 2 5 gavgg 15 at:V E 2: e o _'P 0 E is u a > 0Access In Education,Arts and CultureTime Balance Scores for Income levels T0080605,,49 51 st so no so so so 5120OverallLess Than SlO, DDD $10,000-Sl9,ClO0 s2o. ooo4$29,ooo $30,000 539,000 s4o, aaa-$4-2,ooo $50,000-574,999 375,000-399,000S I 00.00061 24,999 slzs me or moreCommunity Scores for Different Agestoo so 597:) so 53 65 so 91 5052"" 47 D as 10 n agaxaisgsas,g$t33$m33$Eit . As we age we feel more connected to others and a greater sense of communityDon't wait for your golden years for a sense of communityJl| .i]UJJ stays:get to know your neighbors join a club take a classDo something you loveCreate a community by doing itTake an active role in your place of worshipSet up activities that foster connections to people around you and make it ahigher priority I J I JIJ lllllllduull .. 93151155 tells usCommunity is one of the main leveragepoints for happiness yougeta big bangfor your buck when itcomes to happinessil-JLJUIJJBJ3 35131153 tells us that wefeelhappier when we spend time in nature and feeling connected to nature makes us more likely to protect itDesign by clentow Ozou