Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring Online Bookkeeper

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Choosing the right partner for outsourcing bookkeeping services is very important. Here are the top questions to ask your remote bookkeeper before hiring.

Text of Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring Online Bookkeeper

Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Online Bookkeeper

Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Online Bookkeeper


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As a business owner, hiring someone to handle your finances and accounts is an inevitable part of the process.

The trend to offshore bookkeeping services is also a very favourable option.

Today, let’s discuss what all you are required to as your outsourcing service provider if you are considering the option of embracing this lucrative trend.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Online Bookkeeper (+1) 8776978006

To help your organisation with efficient bookkeeping, one has to have a related educational qualification.

When you are offshoring bookkeeping services, you will be expected to interview your remote employees.

Do not hesitate to explicitly ask them this question as bookkeepers from accredited universities are considered to have better bookkeeping skills. Online diplomas are certainly a plus. (+1) 8776978006

Question 1: What is your certification and where did you receive your bookkeeping education from?

The market is flooded with several brands of bookkeeping software and every bookkeeper uses at least one to get his work done.

While planning to offshore bookkeeping services, remember to ask them about their software operational efficiency.

Not only will this help you understand your remote employee’s skills and familiarity with the latest software, but will also help you streamline better in case your in-house team is already used to a particular bookkeeping software. (+1) 8776978006

Question 2: Which types of bookkeeping software are they comfortable with?

This can be one of the most important questions when you are interviewing a remote employee for bookkeeping services.

Besides giving you a fair idea about the interviewee’s experience, asking this question can also help you understand which industries has he worked for.

Working for a particular industry or a specific type of client makes a person more insightful about the prospective challenges. Based on this question, you can prefer bookkeepers with experience in your business type. (+1) 8776978006

Question 3: How many and which types of clients have they worked in the past?

Every virtual bookkeeper is usually juggling between different projects as he is assigned to multiple clients.

Trying to stretch himself thin might hamper his productivity and efficiency as a bookkeeper in terms of your project deliverables.

If your remote bookkeeper will not be working on your project dedicatedly, the chances of getting your quality and attention requirements fulfilled will be low. The simple way to get out of this situation is hiring a full-time resource. (+1) 8776978006

Question 4: How many clients do you usually work with at a time?

There are situations where you might feel generous enough to give your remote bookkeeper a month to start with your project.

But when your desk is over-piled with receipts and messed-up spreadsheets is all you see on your laptop, you would want them to take over as soon as possible, maybe the same day even.

Thus, while deciding to offshore bookkeeping services, make this question a must-ask in your list. (+1) 8776978006

Question 5: How soon can you start working on my project?


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