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Elevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. We accomplish this by providing rigorous business analysis and robust advisory services that connect companies with the resources they need to succeed long-term. As a not-for-profit organization, we are able to offer unbiased, in-depth perspective and recommendations.

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  • 1. Resourcing High Potential Companies for Growth

2. ELEVATE VENTURES: HISTORY 3. NWI ENTREPRENEURS-IN-RESIDENCE Kelly Schwedland Founded over 30 Startups, two Angel backed companies, three companies with exits, invested in several startups, was part of an INC 500 company, grown a company to over $200 Million.Karen Goldner Director of Economic Development for Fort Wayne, Managed the Community Development Corporation of Fort Wayne, President of the regions largest Angel investment fund, Interim President of a $6 million manufacturing company positioning the company for growth. 4. HIGH POTENTIAL COMPANIES Innovation Driven Enterprises vs Small and Medium Enterprises*Kauffman research: A TALE OF TWO ENTREPRENEURS: Understanding Differences in the Types of Entrepreneurship in the Economy 5. HOW DOES ELEVATE HELP? 1. Capital Investment a. Money b. Mentors2. Economic Gardening a. Leadership Development b. Market Assistance 6. INNOVATION DRIVEN ENTERPRISES Economic Gardening21 FundAngel Funds 7. CAPITAL INVESTMENT: MONEY Co-investment for start-ups with potential for growth Investment Funds: Indiana Community Development Fund Indiana Diversity Investment Fund Indiana Angel Network Fund 21Fund 8. CAPITAL INVESTMENT: MENTORS 9. CAPITAL INVESTMENT ELIGIBILITY Indiana for-profit company High potential with clear and sustainable advantages Coachable management teamTo Apply: http://www.elevateventures.com/apply/general 10. ECONOMIC GARDENING Help second-stage companies identify opportunities for revenue growth Leadership assessment Market research Services free to companies 11. ECONOMIC GARDENING ELIGIBILITY Indiana For-profit company Revenue $750K - $25M Employees 5-100 Management wants to grow revenueTo Apply: https://elevate.nationalcentereg.org/ 12. NWI ECONOMIC IMPACT 13. NORTHERN INDIANA IMPACT 14. SUCCESS STORIES IN PROGRESS Dage MTI (Michigan City) Real Food Blends (Chesterton) Tri-State Industries (Hammond) SmartTemps (Mishawaka) 15. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? Help you grow Start-ups Existing Companies Who should we meet? 16. THANK YOU Kelly Schwedland kellys@elevateventures.com 219-405-5723Karen Goldner kgoldner@elevateventures.com 260-433-2444