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Columbia University Center for New Media Teaching and Learning - Presentation to NMC 2007 Regional Conference

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  • 1. Harnessing the Power ofNew Media for Community, Education and Research: Columbias Triangle Initiative Jennifer Spiegler and Jessica Rowe November 9, 2007


  • As always in human history, the battle continues between the forces of reform working toward the alleviation of human misery and the forces of mindless exploitation for profit and gain. Digital technologies have been enlisted on both sides and have exacerbated the differences among people, but also have shown the possibility and promise of reducing disparities and differences. As often has been the case in the past, there is a disproportionate investment in technology that anesthetizes and kills for the profit of the few. The challenge of the future is to leverage more in the interest of the many with little, and to create the conditions for a greater democratization of human possibilities the explosive technology movements of our time makes possible, always remembering that the technology does not dictate its use, but we, its inventors.
  • -Frank Moretti and Susan Witte

Using New Media to Improve Learning: Multimedia Connect for HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction and the Triangle Initiative , by Frank Moretti and Susan Witte inToward Equity in Health: A New Global Approach to Health Disparitiesedited by Barbara Wallace, Springer Publishing Co. 2007 3. 4. Values Driven Enterprise

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Social Justice
  • Environmental Sustainability

5. Design Research 6. Partnerships with Faculty

  • Herb Ginsburg - Video Interactions in Teaching and Learning (VITAL)
  • Peter Bower - Brownfield Action

7. A New Partnership 8. A Strategic Initiative 9. 4Cs Calculator

  • Addressing social justice issues for criminal defendants
  • Creating new tools for legal professionals and students; research opportunities for students
  • Aggregating doctrinal areas of civil law for quick reference

10. Multimedia Connect

  • Addressing global health disparities
  • Streamlining execution
  • Standardizing delivery
  • Providing new tools for the classroom

11. HIV Drug Adherence for South Africa - SMART+SA

  • Newly funded
  • Supporting lay counselors in HIV clinics helping patients stay on ARVs
  • Enhancing social support and education
  • Will inform courses in Public Health on intervention design

12. 13. 14. Coda/Q&A