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  • 1. Welcome ToAmerican Loyalty CardThe Ultimate Marketing System

2. By rewarding them!WITH CASH BACK!!American Loyalty Card 3. Other Businesses!! 4. AutomaticallyAmerican Loyalty Card 5. Not the ExceptionALC makes it the RuleAmerican Loyalty Card 6. Any of our Participating BusinessesAmerican Loyalty Card 7. & Make Money Anyway!!American Loyalty Card 8. While expanding your customer base.American Loyalty Card 9. Totally FREE!!American Loyalty Card 10. American Loyalty CardSmart Phones QR CodesThe Internet 11. You RewardReward you 12. American Loyalty CardYour customers with a 10% rebate on all their purchases. 13. American Loyalty Card5% when they shop at other ALC Member Merchants! 14. Merchant Merchant 1 90 %Zero %10% customerThere is no cost to the customer. Customer spends $22.00 at the store and gets $2.20 rebate The only cost to the merchant is the 10% rebate to the customerALC 15. Merchant Merchant 280 %5%5% Merchant 1 10%ALCcustomerAs Merchant #1 will receive 5% of whatever the customer spends other places.The more of your customers you get to carry your QR code the bigger your potential monthly income! 16. Merchant Assumptions: Average sale = $ 22.00 Disposable income = $1,100.00. Use 20% of $1,100.00 = $220.00 Customer spends $22.00 at merchant #1 and $198.00 everywhere else. Merchant # 1 will receive 5% of the $198.00.Potential monthly income to Merchant based on the number of referred customers One Customer Referred: -----------------------------------------------------------$9.00100 Customers Referred: ----------------------------------------------------------$99.001,000 Customers Referred --------------------------------------------------------$9,900.00 THIS IS MONTHLY INCOME! 17. Launching January 2014 Get Complete Info Now!!American Loyalty CardThe Ultimate Marketing System Merchants:Be the first in you city and grab a bigger share of the customer base!Agents:Bring the service to your city, state or country and share in our growth!!Contact: Aziz Sattar -----