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  • 1.Ruby Beyond Rails Lanka Ruby User Group 28 October 2009Gaveen Prabhasara

2. Ruby beyond Rails 3. 1993 Matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) Creates Ruby Ruby beyond Rails 4. Late 90s Ruby gets Recognition outside Japan Ruby beyond Rails 5. 2004 DHH (David Heinemeier Hansson) Creates Ruby on Rails Ruby beyond Rails 6. Then Ruby becomes mainstream Ruby beyond Rails 7. Now Everybody think Ruby is the shorten termfor Ruby on Rails Ruby beyond Rails 8. Now Everybody think Ruby is the shorten termfor Ruby on Rails And Everything is Fine! :)Ruby beyond Rails 9. Ruby beyond Rails 10. Ruby is a Web programming language, right? Ruby beyond Rails 11. No! (And sort of Yes) Ruby beyond Rails 12. What else can Ruby Do? Ruby beyond Rails 13. Quite a lot actually Ruby beyond Rails 14. a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus onsimplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is naturalto read and easy to write.- Ruby Official Website "a dynamic, reflective, general purpose object-oriented programminglanguage...- Wikipedia Ruby beyond Rails 15. has many implementations MRI/YARV, JRuby, Rubinius, IronRuby, MagLev, Blue Ruby, MacRuby, HotRuby,tinyrb, etc. Which means Ruby is available on manySoftware platformsRuby beyond Rails 16. can run in many environments Linux, Windows, MacOS X, SymbianOS, Common Unix variants, etc. Which means Ruby is available on manyOperating Systems Ruby beyond Rails 17. Among other things,Good string processing Good RegEx engine (Oniguruma)Easy network programming Highly readable code Low entry barrier High developer happinessRuby beyond Rails 18. Let's see what else is there Ruby beyond Rails 19. Before we start Ruby beyond Rails 20. Web Application Frameworks Ruby beyond Rails 21. Ruby can be used to program web applications If you like with many available options such as Ruby beyond Rails 22. Lightweight Web Servers Ruby beyond Rails 23. There are quite a few lightweight web servers/ Web server libraries written in Ruby Ruby beyond Rails 24. Web Servers Interface Ruby beyond Rails 25. In the form of Rack, unifies the API for web servers,web frameworks, and software in between Ruby beyond Rails 26. Scripting Ruby beyond Rails 27. Ruby has always been a popular choice as a Scripting language Ruby beyond Rails 28. Other than that there are several scripting Tools available in the Ruby world Rake- Thor- Boson - Ruby beyond Rails 29. There is also a Ruby Shell available forscripting purposes Ruby beyond Rails 30. Security Ruby beyond Rails 31. The popular Open Source Exploitation Frameworkand Security tool Metasploit is written with RubyFrom the web UI to the disassembler the Metasploit Rex library (Ruby) which isincluded in the Motasploit Framework containsa lot a goodies.Check it out!Ruby beyond Rails 32. Mobile Applications Ruby beyond Rails 33. Ruby native implementation is already availableunder certain versions of SymbianOS Rhodes mobile application framework enables the development of cross-platform mobile applications For iPhone, Android, WinMo, Symbian, BlackBerry using Ruby which are compiled into native code Ruby beyond Rails 34. VoIP Ruby beyond Rails 35. Adhearsion project brings the elegance of Ruby Into the voice application domain Ruby beyond Rails 36. Deployment Ruby beyond Rails 37. Capistrano makes deploying Ruby web applications(and others up to a certain mark) very easy are alternatives to Capistrano (for Rails deployment) such asVlad - Inploy - beyond Rails 38. Infrastructure Management Ruby beyond Rails 39. Puppet is the current industry champion in the Configuration Management game Chef is another tool similar to Puppet Ruby beyond Rails 40. What do you think now? Ruby beyond Rails 41. For further information have a look at the white paperThe Ruby and Rails Ecosystem Disclaimer: The author was completely unaware of this whitepaper whenhe was preparing these slides Ruby beyond Rails 42. These are just generic introductions Had to manage within the time constraints Hope to do some hands on sessions in futureQ&A Ruby beyond Rails