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IPL Intense Pulsed Light

for Women & Men

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Robe Beauty Emma Bates, Proprietor

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We offer a range of advanced, intensive skin treatments

that will address specific skin concerns such as:

• Pigmentation

• Facial Capillaries

• Rosacea / diffuse redness

• Tone, texture, laxity (skin aging process)

Treatments may be individual, as a series, or as a combi-

nation to achieve the desired results.

Before any skin treatment program is considered, a full

skin analysis is necessary to establish the cause of your

problems. This means we are then better able to plan a

treatment and home care program that is going to suit the

particular skin conditions.

A full assessment of the skin is performed, including the

use of skin diagnostic technology to measure levels of

melanin, erythema, lipid levels and hydration. If pulsed

light is part of the recommended program, the Fitzpatrick

skin tone and tan levels will be assessed and test patches

performed. All our treatments are highly individualized

and personally packaged for optimal results making the

analysis a necessity.

Consultation redeemable with first treatment $40.00

Professional IPL Hair Removal

IPL Skin Rejuvenation / Pigmentation

In today’s society, when speed and efficiency is every-

thing, intense pulsed light is the preferred choice for hair


They are fast, treat large areas and small areas easily, very

little discomfort (none for most people) and will clear the

majority of hair in a few treatments with only occasional

maintenance to follow.

Facial Treatments

Upper Lip $ 80.00

Chin $ 80.00

Chin extended $100.00

Lip and Chin $120.00

Central Eyebrow $ 50.00

Sides of Face $ 90.00

Full Face $200.00

Upper Body Treatments

Back of Neck $ 95.00

Underarms $ 80.00

Lower Arms (incl. hands) $180.00

Full arms (incl. hands) $350.00

Breasts (areola) $ 80.00

Upper Arms $200.00

Lower Body Treatments

Regular Bikini Line X $ 80.00

Extended Bikini Line XX $150.00

Full Bikini Line XXX (Brazilian) $180.00

Buttocks $195.00

Lower Legs (including knees and feet) $300.00

Upper Legs (excluding bikini) $400.00

Full Legs (including regular bikini) $650.00

Back of Thighs $120.00

Feet $ 65.00

Male Treatments

Face (Beard) $200.00

Upper Cheeks $ 75.00

Back (Full including shoulders) From $450.00

Back (Half) $195.00

Chest $325.00

Chest and Stomach $370.00

Stomach $ 70.00

Shoulders $195.00

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is well known these days for its

beneficial effects on the skin. It is used for pigmented,

blotchy skin, rosacea, facial capillaries, skin rejuvenation

and of course for hair removal.

Parameters such as the wavelength of light, influence lev-

els and pulse widths are varied to suit the particular treat-

ment required. Our clinic specializes in these pulsed light

treatments. The owner, Emma, has been trained at The

Trudy Fleming Institute of Aesthetics which is nationally


Full Face and Neck $ 295.00

Décolletage (chest) $ 195.00

Combination of Both $ 495.00

Backs of Hands $ 120.00

Package of 5 Treatments

Full Face and Neck $1000.00

Décolletage (chest) $ 800.00

Combination of Both $1500.00

Backs of Hands $ 500.00

This is a tried and tested method for permanent hair re-

moval. It is suitable for smaller areas like the face and for

blonde or white hair, where intense pulsed light or lasers

are not applicable.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Skin Analysis and Consultation