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Gang GangWarrandyte High SchoolIssue 10 | Term 3 | 2017

9844 [email protected]

Cnr. Warrandyte & Alexander Roads,Warrandyte

Diary DatesTuesday 5 September Humanities ALP

Wednesday 6 September Divisional AthleticsVET Rec Sailing Camp departs

Friday 8 September VET Rec Sailing Camp returns

Wednesday 13 September Interim Reports become available

Thursday 14 SeptemberTeam Photos – music and sport teams MUSICAL PRODUCTION Opening Night

Friday 15 September MUSICAL PRODUCTION Evening Show

Thursday 14 September MUSICAL PRODUCTION Evening Show

Saturday 16 September MUSICAL PRODUCTION Matinee and Final Evening Performance

Tuesday 19 SeptemberYear 8 Sports Day

Thursday 21 September Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews 12pm - 8pm (Normal classes will not be held on this day, students are to accompany parents to interviews)VCE English Practice Exam

Friday 22 SeptemberLast Day of Term 3 (Periods will be shortened and the school day will end at 2.30pm. See Compass for revised bell times)






Principal: Dr Stephen Parkin Assistant Principal: Joseph Caruana

School Captains:Vivien Todd and James Puls-Welsh

Interim ReportsInterim reports are scheduled to become available on Compass on Wednesday 13 September.

Parent/Teacher InterviewsInterviews will be held on Thursday 21 September between 12 noon and 8pm. Compass will be open for booking from 9am on Monday 18 September. There will be no formal classes on 21 September; however students are expected to attend their interviews with their parents.Please select your interview times carefully and allow 5 minutes between each interview to ensure adequate time to travel between appointments.If you have any problems please call the General Office for assistance on 9844 2749.Parents making a Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Booking To access PTS Conferences log into the Compass parent portal using your Username and Password. If you are unsure of your log in details please contact the school. On the Compass homepage a list of your

students will be listed. If a conference has been opened for any of your students a link to the PTS Conference will appear under their name. Click on the link. This will display the PTS

Conference Dashboard which includes a list of all of the conferences for all of the students linked to your parent account. If a conference is open for bookings ‘False’ will appear in the ‘Locked’ column. Each event in the list is specific to one of your students, therefore if you have two or more students with conferences during the same event that event will appear once for every student in the list of Available events. To make bookings for one students’ conference click on that Event in the table. This will display a list of all available booking times. A list of teachers linked to this student will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. To see when a teacher is available for an appointment you can click on their name in this list. A teachers schedule for PTS Conference will appear – this screen is read only; bookings cannot be made on this page..

Stephen ParkinPrincipal





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Working with Warrandyte Primary and Anderson’s Creek PrimaryWarrandyte High School recently had the pleasure of hosting, on two separate mornings, the Year 5 students from both Warrandyte Primary and Anderson’s Creek Primary School. What did the Year 5 students do?The Year 5s from Anderson’s Creek Primary School, as part of an expanded, 3 part, skill building and transition program, experienced an engaging Science and Digital Technology lesson here at Warrandyte High School. The Year 5 students from Warrandyte Primary School participated in a high school style Food Technology and Science lesson. Current Warrandyte High School students who formerly attended both primary schools were at hand to offer assistance on their respective morning. Both visits culminated in all students coming together for morning tea. Before anyone knew it, it was time for both the Anderson’s Creek Primary School visitors and the Warrandyte Primary School visitors to leave the shores of Warrandyte High School. The process of preparing students for the transition into high school whilst giving students a head start with specific high school skills is well underway at both Warrandyte Primary School and Anderson’s Creek Primary School. Warrandyte High School is very proud to be the host school.

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Young Frankenstein – the 2017 WHS MUSICAL PRODUCTION!It’s alive! This year Warrandyte High School prepares to put on another electrifying show that will see hundreds of the school and local community transported to  Transylvania to enjoy this hysterically entertaining production. The cast, crew and parent/staff volunteers have been working extremely hard to get together one of the biggest shows the school has seen! Based on the movie by the same name,  Young  Frankenstein, written by stage and screen legend Mel Brooks (Get Smart, The Producers), sees a hilarious parody of the 1930s horror movies where brains are transplanted and monsters can perform show-stoppers.

Show opens Thursday 14th Sep, with Friday 15th and 2 shows on Saturday 16th  to follow. Tickets start at just $12 with family tickets also available. To buy at the door will cost you an extra $1 per ticket so head to or call 9844 2749 to get your tickets now!

Lachlan Mackay, Mikaela Fall and Olivia Burrows.Musical Production Team

School Captains’ Visit to Parliament House On Wednesday 23 August, I accompanied our two School Captains, Vivien Todd and James Puls Welsh, to the annual School Captains’ function which is sponsored by members of Victoria’s Parliament who serve the Eastern Metropolitan Region. As our School Captains Vivien and James and attendees from other schools are seen as potential future leaders and problem solvers for both our State and our Nation, this event provides an opportunity for senior student leaders to meet some of our state politicians and to tour Victoria’s wonderful historic Parliament House. The two principal hosts for the evening were: Parliamentary Liberal Party colleagues in the Legislative Council, The Honourable Mary Wooldridge and Richard Dalla-Riva. During the evening we were shown around Queens Hall, the fabulously ornate Library, which serves all members of Parliament, as well as both the upper and lower Chambers of Parliament House. Taking the opportunity to sit in both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, our hosts were able to provide us with valuable insights into the workings of the State’s Parliament intertwined with interesting “snippets” from history.It was a great pleasure to accompany both Vivien and James who presented themselves as wonderful ambassadors for our school as they networked throughout the evening.

Ms GazeasSenior School Leader/Humanities Teacher

School Captains at Parliament House Recently our school captains, Vivien Todd and James Puls-Welsh attended an evening function at Parliament House. Staff member, Christena Gazeas accompanied our students at this gala event. Christena provides a full report later in this edition. For now, the questions everyone are asking are: Will Vivien and/or James be the future Premier of Victoria or Prime Minister? Indeed they have already been demonstrating their leadership capacity splendidly! Who can know what the future will hold? Exciting, no?Just another opportunity given to our school captains at Warrandyte High School!

Year 10s coaching Anderson’s Creek Primary Students Recently four of our Year 10 students assisted the Anderson’s Creek Basketball extravaganza by each coaching a plethora of teams. Year 3-6 students were involved in their Basketball Hoop Time and our Year 10 students did a fantastic job mentoring and coaching them. The staff and students at Anderson’s Creek Primary were absolutely wonderful and so enthusiastic and supportive. A huge thankyou is extended to our Year 10 Basketball coaches: Finn Swedosh, Connor Martin, Luke Brincat and Artie Pinder.

Joseph CaruanaAssistant Principal

Page 3: Gang Gang 9844 2749 - Warrandyte High Schools/Gang Gang... · Young Frankenstein – the 2017 WHS MUSICAL . PRODUCTION! It’s alive! This year Warrandyte High School . prepares to

Hello Everyone Last Wednesday I went for a ‘puppy walk’

with puppy advisor Jenny from Guide Dogs.We started at Croydon train station and bus

terminal, which I have already been to with Jill. I was able to show Jenny how the height

from the platform to the railway lines did not worry me and when trains came in, they did

not concern me. From my perfect performance at the train station and bus terminal, I am able

to start travelling on buses. (Apparently, I am too young to get on the train.) Maybe that is our

lesson for this weekend. Jill always has something new for me to see, learn or do.

Our walk continued down to the shops and through alleyways. One alleyway was new and a little scary which led me to be pulling on the lead. Jill gave me treats to help calm my nerves and then all was okay. Walking back up the alleyway was much better, no pulling on the lead. At the traffic lights, I heard those beeps again but this time I just did not give them any attention. I just crossed the road calm and focused.I am doing well in the supermarkets now as I noticed Jill carrying a basket. A few items at a time and even from the meat section. I am getting much better at not sniffing food but sometimes I get in a couple of sniffs. After a ‘leave it’ from Jill and refocusing on the job at hand I receive a treat from Jill. Receiving treats like that is my reward for doing the right thing.Keep visiting me, as I love the cuddles.

Love Reggie

Science WeekAs part of National Science week at Warrandyte High School students from Year 7 through 10 took part in a range of activities. Future Earth was the theme of National Science Week 2017. Future Earth Australia is a 10-year international initiative to advance global sustainability science, which launched in 2015. This project is aimed at delivering water, energy and food to all, encouraging sustainable consumption and improving human health, amongst many other initiatives. The week began with an online trivia quiz  comprised of  questions relating to the sustainability of resources on earth.  Tuesday and Wednesday students  were challenged with designing and making a filtration system out of recyclables. The filtration systems were then each tested using 1L of water taken from the Warrandyte River. The results were amazing and the team with the best filtration system was awarded a prize. To round off the week students got their hands dirty in the Veggie Garden. Old plants were removed and some weeding was done before vegetable seedlings were planted. Overall the students found the week to be lots of fun and educational.

Leanne ZammitScience Teacher

Attention Year 9 -11 students

Order your CAScalculator nowfor 2018!If you are planning to study VCE General, Further, Maths Methods or Specialist Maths next year you WILL NEED a CAS calculator.Warrandyte High uses the Casio CLASSPAD II CP-400.

We can do a special offer of $225 (including an extended 2 year warranty, and a free soft case).You need to reserve your CAS by sending Mr Gedge an email on Compass by Friday 25th September Otherwise you will be paying up to $239

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