Artful Ingenuity Art by Tina Monod from Firenze Tina Monod has a B.F.A. Honours from U of Victoria Painting landscapes and gardens is her passion You may purchase her art prints online at Crated. Giardino Boboli Boboli Gardens of Florence, Italy by Tina Monod - Artful Ingenuity Connection Connessione captures the details of the lemon gardens of Florence, Italy. Tuscany is a wonderful place for connecting with nature and art. Vibrant, light hearted and healthy! sketch & paintings by Tina Connessione Connection by artist Tina Monod - Artful Ingenuity Senses Sensazione invites the viewer into a lush garden surrounded by antiquity. Midnight sky and green leafy trees above are opening after a spring rainfall. sketch & paintings by Tina Monod Sensazione Senses by artist Tina Monod - Artful Ingenuity Curiosity Curiosita explores an inner sanctuary deep in the heart of Florence, Italy. The smell of citrus fills the air as it has for centuries at the Medici Palace. sketch & paintings by Tina Monod Curiosita Curiosity by artist Tina Monod - Artful Ingenuity for Sales & Press Inquiries contact Tina Monod 289-923-3878Thank you for visiting! You may purchase art prints at