Page 1: 5 Ways to Get Recruiters' Attention

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Is Never ReadWith a flood of equally qualified job seekers in the market applying for limited job opportunities, the key to success at times solely remains on standing out amongst the crowd. With numerous applicants to assess every week and the requirement to speak to each and every one of them, recruiters come across both exceptional and mundane applications and following few very basic guidelines correctly can help you fall in the right category of applicants from the get go.

The job of the recruiter is fast paced without a minute to waste whether it is short listing resumes, carrying out phone interviews or meeting for final interviews, their trained senses access everything minutely and impressions are made instantly. Subsequently, you have to put in every iota of effort to make an impression

Impressive contenders arrive to an interview on time and well prepared justifying they are capable of taking the responsibilities that the job requires. But unfortunately, many simply forget to apply on these ground rules and fail to get the recruiter’s attention in the first encounter only.

Here are the top five tips on how students and fresh grads can impress recruiters: 1. Show enthusiasm

– Be thankful if you have been called for the job you applied for. The business has taken time out to assess you and give you an opportunity to justify your CV, so show enthusiasm. It does not matter if the interview is for your dream job or a side job to earn some extra money for your dream vacation show keenness and zeal. Organisations are eager to take applicants with get-up-and-go attitude onto their team, so make them feel you are as thrilled as they are.

2. Know why you want this particular job

- Take the time to explore the organisation and position. It would help you a great deal in an interview if you have some background knowledge of the company. The better connected you are with the organisation’s mission and objectives, the more likely you will be able to connect yourself and your skills to the position you are applying for.

3. Make connections

- Many times, recruiters want to know about your previous work experiences. Job seekers usually make the mistake of answering this question without explaining the significant details. Make sure you explain detailed tasks you performed or expertise you developed at your previous jobs.

4. Consider your surroundings

- Try to find out a quiet space when you receive a phone call for an interview. Recruiters would prefer that you call back later on, rather than figuring out what you would be saying with all the background noise.

5. Don't babble

- When it's about interviews, particularly the ones conducted over the telephone, the decision is based on not just what you say, but also how you say it as well. If you show little or no excitement, it makes the recruiter feel that you have a negative attitude, or lack interpersonal skills and your commendable resume is sure to be questioned.

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