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ZX D800 15A Switching Rectifier User's manual ZTE Corporation

ZX D800 15A Switching Rectifier

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ZTE ZXD800 Switched mode rectifier module manual (translated from Chinese)

Text of ZX D800 15A Switching Rectifier

ZX D800 15A Switching Rectifier User's manual ZTE Corporation

ZXD800 15A switch rectifier User's manual Data version 20051229-R1. 2 Product version V1. 0 INFORMATION Copyright ZTE CORPORATION. Without the written permission of the copyright holder, no unit or individual shall not in any way abstracted, reproduced or translated. All Rights Reserved. Copyright ZTE Corporation All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be excerpted, reproduced, translated, annotated or duplicated, in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of ZTE Corporation. Market Center Engineering Planning Division, with headquarters Hattori Edited by Li Lin Editor Bo Young **** ZTE Corporation Address: Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, ZTE Plaza, Keji Road South Postal Code: 518057 Technical Support Web site: http://support.zte.com.cn Customer Support Center Hotline: (+ 86 755) 26770800 800 - 830 - 1118 Fax: (+ 86 755) 26770801 E-mail: [email protected] n **** ID: S jzl1999174

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Product Version V1. 0 Data release 200 51229-R1.2

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Foreword Manual instructions ZXD800 15A switch rectifier is independently developed by ZTE communication power switch rectifier. "ZXD800 15A Switching Rectifier user manual" to guide ZXD800 15A rectifier switch installation, use and maintenance. Notice: Due to product and technology constantly updated, improved, the contents of this document may not exactly match the actual product, please understand. For inquiries updates of products, please contact your local office.

Table of ContentsChapter 1 Overview 1.1 Brief introduction 1.2 Model Description 1.3 The main features Chapter 2 Performance Parameters 2.1 AC input parameters 2.2 DC output parameters 2.3 Internal protection 2.3.1 AC input voltage protection 2.3.2 AC input voltage protection 2.3.3 DC output protection 2.3.4 Other protection 2.4 HMI 2.5 Battery Protection 2.5.1 RS-232 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator 2.5.2 RS-485 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator 2.6 Three remote interfaces 2.7 Fan Control 2.8 Electromagnetic compatibility 2.9 Reliability 2.10 Work Environment 2.11 Dimensions and weight 2.12 Standard Chapter 3 works Chapter 4 Monitoring and Display 4.1 Indicator 4.2 LCD 4.2.1 RS-232 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator 4.2.2 RS-485 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator 4.3 Keyboard and control menu Chapter 5 Installation and Use 5.1 Installation 5.2 Input and output 5.2.1 AC input 5.2.2 DC output 5.2.3 Communication Interface 5.2.4 Current sharing bus interface 5.3 The installation process Chapter 6 Maintenance and Repair 6.1 Daily use 6.2 Troubleshooting Appendix A packaging, transport and storage A.1 Package A.2 Transport A.3 Store A.4 Random packing accessories - 1 -

Chapter 1 Outline 1.1 Brief introduction ZXD800 15A switch rectifier is independently developed by ZTE communication power switch rectifier. It uses the international advanced switching regulator technology can be widely used in a variety of communications switching equipment, microwave communications and fiber optic transmission medium. ZXD800 15A rectifier switch sets the input AC power distribution, AC / DC power conversion, DC power distribution, battery protection, monitoring systems, flow control all in one, both suitable for use alone or can be easily combined into a system of 100 A or less. ZXD800 15A switching regulator is divided into two different versions according to the communication protocol: RS-232 and RS-485 version version, two versions of the fully compatible ZXD800 15A rectifier switch hardware. . ZXD800 15A switch rectifier shape shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1 Schematic outline switch rectifier 1.2 Model Description ZXD800 15A in: "ZX" stands for "ZTE products" "D" stands for "Power Module" "800" stands for "output" "15A" on behalf of "Output current" 1.3

The main features 1. The use of advanced technology zero voltage resonant phase shift, reducing the switching losses and electromagnetic interference; 2. Advanced modular design, multiple parallel automatic current; 3. Built-in CPU and LCD module can display real-time parameters of the rectifier; 4. Protection alarm parameters can be set via the keyboard, set the output voltage, current limit set point; 5. Perfect three remote interface functions provide RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface, can achieve centralized monitoring; 6. The output has a DC float, are charged in two modes can be set via the keyboard; 7. Fan thermostat work to improve the reliability of the system; 8. Applicable volatile region in the grid voltage; 9. Input and output sound reasonable protective measures, both to improve the reliability of the rectifier, but also to protect the electrical equipment; 10. Improved battery management, can be used alone, suitable for small decentralized power supply capacity occasions (only ZXD800 15A Switching Rectifier RS-232 communication interface has this feature); 11. Sound limiting, both current performance, the use of multiple parallel straightforward; 12. Professional input, output filter circuit and shielding insulation design it has a good electromagnetic compatibility and minimal electromagnetic radiation. 1

Chapter 2 Performance Parameters Chapter 2 Performance Parameters 2.1 AC input parameters Voltage: 220V single-phase three-wire system Current: 6A (output load) Frequency: 45 H z ~ 65Hz Inrush current: less than the normal operating current Slow start time: more than 3 s, the output no overshoot 85 (under full load). 2.2 DC output parameters Output power: Max 870W Voltage: 48V (42V ~ 58V continuously adjustable) Float: 53.5V (adjustable) BC: 56.4V (adjustable) Current: Maximum output 1 6 A Limiting values: 3A ~ 16A continuously adjustable Regulation 0.6 Phone Scale noise: 2 mV Broadband noise voltage: 50mV (within 3.4kHz ~ 150kHz range) 15 mV (the 0.15MHz ~ 30MHz range) Discrete frequency noise voltage: 5mV (within 3.4kHz ~ 150kHz range) 3mV (within the range of 150kHz ~ 200kHz) 2mV (within the range of 200kHz ~ 500kHz) 1mV (within 0.5MHz ~ 30MHz range) Peak - peak noise voltage: 2 00mV (20MHz bandwidth) Between modules flow 80 ). Rectifier with internal lightning and surge current limiting circuit. When a fan failure alarm. 2.4 HMI 1. LCD module parameters, alarms and control menu. 2. You can set the keyboard rectifier alarm threshold protection parameters. 3. Regulate the output voltage and output current limit and fan working condition temperature points. 4. Keyboard control are floating, the switch machine. 5. Keyboard control battery breaker off (only RS-232 communication interface ZXD800 15A switch rectifier has this feature). 2.5 Battery Protection 2.5.1 RS-232 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator 1. Detecting the battery current, voltage 2. Detect the battery circuit breakers, fuses state Two battery undervoltage protection: When the battery voltage is between 42V 2V ~ 46V 2V, there BL (low battery) warning; below 42V 2V, battery tripping protection, while BLL (battery voltage is too low) alarms; battery voltage is above 47V 2V, the alarm disappears. 2.5.2 RS-485 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator When the battery voltage is less than 41V 2V, the battery protection trip; when the battery voltage is higher than 47V 2V, returned to normal. 2.6 Three remote interfaces 1. Independent internal microprocessor 2. RS-232 interface for communication with superiors monitoring module 3. RS-485 interface for communication with superiors monitoring module 4. With a perfect three remote (telemetry, remote control and remote communication) function 2.7 Fan Control According Rectifier main radiator temperature control fan stopped, half turn, full turn. Each temperature control point can be set via the keyboard, the default value (recommended setting) as shown in Table 2-1 and Table 2-2. 1. RS-232 version ZXD800 15A switching regulator Table 2-1 Fan Status Table Temperature Range Fan Status

T 3 0 Fan does not turn

3 0