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  • Yukon Orienteering Championships (YOC) - Long distance event.

    Wednesday June 15, 2016

    Yukon orienteers participated in the long distance championships on the Long Lake Southeast map behind Whitehorse Hospital Wednesday evening. This was the final event of this years YOC.

    A long distance event emphasizes route choice. A dense (and confusing) trail network provided the necessary route choices for all four courses.

    67 orienteers participated on four courses between 1.5 and 5.4 km in length. There was close competition on the Intermediate course while regulars shone on the other courses.

    Orienteers were subjected to frequent shower bursts mixed with hot sunny breaks.


    Novice: 1.3 km 24 participantsHillarie and Max Zimmerman 24:51Glenda, Aurelia and Iliana Koh, Annie McNeil, Heidi Rumscheidt 32:12Stian and Brent Langbakk, 41:38 Tess Lawrence, Cody, Jack and Katie Young 45:20Laura Orviss, Benjamin Fecteau, Jannine Privett, Ky Morrison 49:33Laia Mimguillon 53:37Kim Ho, Loretta Boorse 54:14Maura Glenn, Elvira Knaack 68:54Denise and John Chisholm DNF

    Intermediate: 2.4 km 24 participantsCurtis Cash 31:20Sara Nielsen 31:28Georgi Pearson 32:17Bruce McLean 34:38Mike Gladish 44:49Beth Hawkings 50:17Lara Melnik 50:41Julianna Scramstad 52:54Virginia Sarrazin 57:01Jamie Kenyon, Annette Willer 58:46Sabrina Bouayad 64:31Ev Pasichnyk, Sidney Maddison 66:04

  • Nesta Leduc 71:42Rowena Beckett 80:54Ray Holl 83:25Gaetan Cyr 87:32Deb Kiemele 87:40Darryl Bray 94:07Melissa Halpenny, Zachariah

    and Amanda Bornhuse, Sandra Grabowski DNF

    Advanced: 3.7 km 11 participantsPippa McNeil 38:23Justine Scheck 41:11Bob Sagar 42:06Sabine Schweiger 50:04Ryan Kelly 54:22Sarah Murray 59:51Barbara Scheck 64:11Violet Van Hees 71:45Karen McKenna 74:59Jim Hawkings 87:22Doug Hitch 113:40

    Expert: 5.4 km 8 participantsColin Abbott 41:04Leif Blake 44:44Trevor Bray 48:32Kendra Murray 56:21Pia Blake 60:02Erik Blake 67:29Darren Holcombe 70:47Dave Hildes 80:01


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