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Hyspec Engineering Corproate Brochure designed by me

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  • 1. Precision Precision for Hyspec is not just about accuracy. Its also about attention, care, carefulness, correctness, definiteness, definitiveness,definitude, exactitude, exactness, fidelity, heed, meticulousness, nicety, particularity, preciseness, rigor, sureness. Precision for us is the trust we build with our clients by continually harnessing the relationship.

2. Back Plate for Impeller Unit created by Hyspec for a Global Engineering Client Dimensions - Dia. 750mm x 175mm 3. Service Offerings Precision machining parts, kits and assembliesHyspec Engineering has been satisfying theHyspec stands for versatility, sophistication precision machining and engineering and above all precision. We understand how needs of clients for over three decades. Ourcritical our services are to your business and highly skilled workforce and sophisticatedare always sensitive to your requirements. machine tools make us the one-stop-shop Managing client relationships for 10 to 20 for all your precision machining needs. years is a testimony to Hyspecs role in helping clients achieve their vision. Our workshop hosts some of the finest machine tools which allow us to deliver parts Your Vision ranging from 10mm to 2.5 metres in Our Precision diameter, and 5 metres in length. While we are renowned for our ability to deliver complex parts, we are equally adept at the regular, low complexity batch production. From our state of the art Scottish headquarters covering over 40,000 square feet, Hyspec is well placed to serve engineering clients across the globe. 4. Dia. 10mm Dia. 2.5metreSize BatchRegular VolumePrecision Complexity Machining Parts, Kits& Assemblies Industries SingleHighly Complex Specialised Oil & Gas Defence Aerospace Nuclear Renewables 5. Workshop 2 - 1998 6. Workshop 3 - 2005 7. Value Proposition Able, exible, transparent, responsive and reliableWith Hyspec as a service provider, quality As an organisation, Hyspec follows the and on-time delivery is a given. We help ideology of transparency at all levels both our clients achieve their goals by being able, internally and externally. Every employee of flexible, transparent, responsive andHyspec is aware of the business plan along reliable.with the objectives and targets. Hyspecshares the same kind of transparency with its Our operating procedures are designed to clients with dedicated account managers meet the unique demands of each client. Oursharing real time status of open orders. clients trust us to accommodate all their requirements as well as to provide prompt response to all queries. We achieve this by combining an expert work force with world class infrastructure, intelligent planning systems and seamless communication. Well established,effectivequality management systems that are certificated to international standards ensure reliability across the value chain. 8. ReliabilityInnovation &Continual Communication Improvement Co-operationRisk and FlexibilityManagementResponsiveness Knowledgeand Expertise 9. Reliability Reliability across the value chainGaining trust of clients is an overriding aimOperational QualityDelivery Quality for Hyspec. We work at all stages of the valueOperational quality is ensured through Quality is assured at every stage of chain to ensure that your trust is establishedadherence to international standards suchproduction from receipt of material to delivery and reinforced through constantas AS9100C and BS EN ISO verifying each process transition and communication.Quality standards anddataare keeping the client informed at every stage.communicated internally to ensure that the Through the continual pursuit of quality, we Supplier Qualityentire organisation not only aligns to the continue to exceed client expectations on At Hyspec, quality and on-time deliverysystem, but also contributes to itsall key measurement criteria. assurance starts at source. We ensure that improvement through setting and achieving our suppliers are able to meet both your and our quality objectives. Hyspecs standards. We achieve this by adopting industry best practices for supply chain management.SUPPLIER QUALITY OPERATIONAL QUALITY DELIVERY QUALITY Reliability across the value chain 10. Communication Building trust through continual communicationInternal Co-ordinationExternal Synchronism Hyspec understands your need for continualHyspecs internal communication framework communication at all levels to build trust. generates client oriented reports that are Hyspecensures excellentclient communicated to your corresponding communication through co-ordinatedrepresentatives. internal communication driving information towards you. Internal communication isThe simultaneous communication at different organised in a framework that ensures levels acts as a checks and balances transparency and alignment across the mechanism to ensure synchronism between organisation. you and Hyspec at all levels of operations. 11. Strategic DirectorPlanner External Product Synchronism Dedicated Product CertificationClientAccountCertificationManagerManagerManagerInternal Co-ordinationOperations Manager Quality Quality & HSE Manager Manager External SynchronismBuilding trust through continual communication 12. Risk Management Proactive and planned risk management for every projectHyspec adopts a proactive approach to riskproprietary risk database as well as customised and replicated across projects management. We ensure that risks areexperience of the personnel working on the to bring out synergies between different foreseen, planned for and mitigated. This project. These risks along with mitigation projects. Our risk database enriches with helps us to lower costs and improve our onplans and process owners are captured in a every executed project, allowing us to avoid time delivery performance.risk assessment document.more and more risks in every subsequentproject. Risk Planning Risk Avoidance Every project at Hyspec undergoes a riskRisk assessment documentation accompanies management review prior to production.the project throughout the projects lifecycle During the risk management review, allensuring that appropriate steps are taken by significant risks are identified using theprocess owners. Risk management plans areContract ReviewProductionContract ReviewProductionProduction Team EngineerTeam Engineer Team Lead Contract Review &Detailed Production AssignProduction Carry out Risk Assessment Risk Assessment ActioneeDocumentationProduction PlanProactive and planned risk management for every project 13. Responsiveness Action oriented and decisive response to client requestsSpecial Requirements Issues and Non-Conformities and Fast Track OrdersOur proactive risk management policy allows Hypsecs way of responding to your us to reduce the likelihood of an internal requirements is action oriented andproduct non-conformity thus minimising decisive. Whether its a fast track order or a disruptions and rework. In the unlikely event special requirement, we are well equippedof you receiving a non-conforming product, we with the necessary buffer capacity and do take ownership to resolve the issue. Non- contingency plans to accommodate the conformities are prevented by incorporating additional work load.lessons learnt from our 5 why analysis intoimproving our processes and knowledgemanagement system. 14. Co-operation & Flexibility Aim to be the best not the biggestCo-operationFlexibility Hyspecs client relationship ideology is more Our wide range of state of the art machinery long term than transactional. Our Clientallows jobs to be manufactured via various Relationship Management strategy of havingroutes thus increasing flexibility. This is a compact customer base allows us to treatcombined with our capacity planning every client as our only client. Our approach systems that allow for a 20% buffer at all is exemplified by dedicated account times. These factors allow us to be management teams; focus on relationship cooperative, flexible and responsive toDedicated account building and the ability to accommodate your needs at all times. management teams special requirements. Focus on relationship buildingAbility to accommodate special requirements Treating everyclient asAim to be the the only clientBEST not the Biggest 15. Tubing Hanger Running Body being created by Hyspec 16. Innovation & Continual Improvement Free ow of ideas from the shop oor to the boardroomInnovation Continual Improvement Hyspecs quest to become the best and notWe continue to develop our people, necessarily the biggest allows innovations processes as well as infrastructure to ensure to be driven through the organisation at a holistic approach to continual rapid speed. Our communication framework improvement. Hyspec has been continually facilitates a free flow of ideas from the shop upgrading its facilities and expertise to floor to the boardroom. Transparency inensure alignment with client needs. Every terms of performance, goals and objectives improvement is implemented in a structured helps the ideas to be aligned to the way and monitored by pre-defined KPIs. organisations and more importantly clients Each improvement and learning experience goals. is integrated into the knowledge managementsystem that provides the framework forContinual improvement award presentedHyspecs continual improvement process. to Hyspec by Cameron Subsea Systems January 2010 17. Knowledge & Expertise Building a learning organisationInternal ExpertiseExternal AlliancesKnowledge Management Our workforce comprises some of the mostHyspec liaises with Scottish academia and All the knowledge acquired by Hyspec is experienced personnel in the industry. Most global consulting organisations to adoptmanaged using our knowledge management of them have been with Hyspec for more than state of the art technologies as well assystem which provides the foundation for a decade. This