Your Social Media Marketing Strategy - Four Basic Principles

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  • Your Social Media Marketing Strategy - Four BasicPrinciples

    The Google Panda update was a tsunami for search engine marketers. Fourth, accept that you can'tquantify anything and everything. Understand the online behavior of your target market. So like Isaid before - Caboodle is product driven.You saw The Social Network and thought it was moreinspirational to you than it was critical of Mark Zuckerberg. You think the contestants on thetelevision show "Shark Tank" are jokers and you could wipe the floor with their ideas. You desire awork environment that is fueled by half adrenaline, half caffeine (OK - for us, there is an unhealthypercentage of chocolate in there too). Whatever it is, you have got the startup bug. Now, how tobreak in?

    Your first task is to find out how long the social media company you are going to hire is working inthe market. Remember, do not fall for the first company that you come across. No matter howpromising they may seem, never hire them without doing thorough research on their track record.There are some companies in the market that try to catch the attention of their potential clients withhigh claims and by putting up fancy ads. There are instances, many times they failed to provide theservices they have promised. Keep in mind, cheap one is not the best one all the time.

    Use email marketing and social media agency. Another thing you can do is encourage visitornewsletter registration is to post a link on your newsletter.

    One of your objectives with your social media marketing company campaign is to appear to beeverywhere 24/7. Let's get real. If all you did was tweet all day, you wouldn't have time to focus onyour business. One of the best features that Social Oomph allows is for you to schedule your tweets.I set aside 1 hour every Sunday morning and plan out 6-8 tweets a day. Some of them are going topush people to my site because of posts I have scheduled. Others are RT's (ReTweets) that will bringa lot of love (and followers) back to you.

    In addition, the Social Media Club has chapters throughout the world and you can access blog postsand events from any chapter even if you're not a member.

    Make sure that your employees are very clear on your social media policy. Far too many businesseshave problems with their brand reputation because of a single employee that fails to be careful withthis aspect. Have your policies in place and make them very clear for everyone. Enforce thesepolicies very strictly.

    If you've got a problem and don't know how to fix something on your profile page, don't be afraid touse the site's support options. There should be a way to use support by emailing them or callingthem on the phone. Most of the time you can get an answer quickly if you search for what your issueis on a search engine. Let's say that you can't get your page to display videos correctly when youpost them. You'd want to type in "having trouble with videos on" and then the site's name that you'reusing.

    At present, many businesses and organizations are indulged in text based content on their S. M.platforms, however, the time has arrived to give the visuals due respect by proposing the perfectblend of text and visual based content. However, the strategy needs to be followed attentivelybecause it varies for different social platforms. For instance, text-based content make sense forTwitter but not for Facebook. In fact, Facebook is the best example for text and visual mix posts.

  • Simply add photos, videos along with interesting captions to engage your audience.