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  • 1. Your Business Vision

2. To Visualize or Not to Visualize? Research: Taylor, Pham, Rivkin &Armor, 1998 Divided students into 3 groups. Group 1visualized the process towards the exam,group 2 visualized the outcome, and group 3didnt receive any instructions. RESULT:Group 1 started studying earlier, exam grade 8 points higher than group 3 and 6 points higher thangroup 2. 3. Envisioning Your Way tothe DreamThe Disney StrategyThis involves three distinct states:Dreamer - the person for whom all things are possibleRealist - the person who sorts things outCritic - the person who picks up on the bits that dont t 4. 1. Create three distinct states and anchor them: Observer, Dreamer, Realist, Critic a. Think of a time you were able to creatively dream up or fantasize new ideas without any inhibitions; fully relive that experience. What do you see/hear/feel? What symbol or color can youuse to anchor this feeling? Then, access an observer state where you are aware of your surroundings. b. Identify a time you were able to think very realistically and devise a specic plan to put an ideaeectively into action; Relive that experience. What symbol or color can you use to anchor this feeling?Then, access an observer state where you are aware of your surroundings. c. Think of a time you were able to constructively criticize an plan - that is, to oer positive andconstructive criticism as well as to nd problems.Make sure the location is far enough away fromthe others that it doesnt interfere. Relive that experience. Anchor this feeling with a symbol orcolor.2. Step into the Dreamer State -- Fully access the dreamer state (use the color or symboland physiology) and allow yourself to have a childlike innocence of what could be. A year from now,what would you like your business to look like? What do you see, hear, feel?3. Step into the Realist -- What steps and stages do you need to get you to where you want tobe?4. Step into the Critic -- Whats missing in the dream or in the steps and stages? What needsto be added and rened?5. Repeat steps 2,3 and 4 until all roles are aligned. The next step is to writedown your journey to your vision in present tense.