Young Leader Training Module E. Why Play Games Fun Exercise Learning Competition Challenge Try to involve all.

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Merseyside Young Leader Training

Young Leader TrainingModule EWhy Play GamesFunExerciseLearningCompetitionChallengeTry to involve allWhat Types of GamesQuietActiveWide Games (Outdoor)InstructionalChallenging Games

IdeasYoung PeopleThe games you likedBooksLeaders/Young LeadersInternetPreparationKnow the RulesIn the venue suitable and safeRisk AssessmentEquipmentWhat help you needExplaining the GameAssume that the rules are not knownEnsure all are quietExplain clearlyEnsure all playing understand the gameIf required have a dry runDuring the GameEnsure SafetyKeep to the rulesEnforce the rulesStop the game if need beKeep to your time limit

After the GameMake sure all people are accounted forFor competitive games declare a winnerClear awayReview the game for next time


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