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Yieldex draws robust data from Google’s DoubleClick for ... ... case study DoubleClick for Publishers API and Data Transfer Yieldex draws robust data from Google’s DoubleClick

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    To maximize efficiency and inventory value for publishers, Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) API facilitates integration with third- party partners such as Yieldex, Inc., which offers forecasting, analysis and premium inventory pricing tools. Fully integrated with DFP, Yieldex uses Data Transfer and the API, which it calls “robust and full-featured,” to help its customers obtain maximum value from their content and audiences.

    Capturing customized data with ease DFP API and Data Transfer provide Yieldex with the information it needs to bring publishers its core offering – hyper-accurate inventory analysis, forecasting and pricing insights. Using the DFP API, Yieldex collects data around demand, such as sponsorships, impression guarantees, and spot market opportunities. With Data Transfer, Yieldex can better understand and forecast traffic and get the raw data it needs to perform its advanced analytics and optimization services.

    “We were surprised by the magnitude of the revenue increase we were able to effect. We were delighted with the level of support we received from Google to be successful on the new platform.”

    Tom Shields

    Yieldex can customize what kinds of impression-level data it receives from Data Transfer. One category of data that is particularly important for Yieldex is non-targeted key value pairs. “No work is required from the publisher to incorporate non-targeted key values into the data set with DFP Data Transfer,” says Tom Shields, Yieldex co-founder. “Data Transfer makes capturing this information totally painless from the publisher’s perspective, creating a complete and seamless integration with Yieldex.”

    Quality data informs publisher decisions Data Transfer also makes it easy for Yieldex to capture audience segment data, helping publishers better understand audiences and make data-driven decisions. “This accurate, forward-looking data enables

    • Headquartered in New York City • Inventory analysis, forecasting,

    and pricing solutions for digital publishers

    Goals • Enable publishers to maximize

    value from content, audiences • Provide accurate forecasting,


    Approach • Use Google’s DFP API to capture

    demand data • Leverage DFP Data Transfer to

    understand, forecast traffic • Collect non-targeted key value

    pairs, audience segment data

    Results • Seamless integration helps

    publishers make more informed decisions

    • Timely delivery of raw data with minimal publisher effort

    • World-class support from Google teams

    case study DoubleClick for Publishers API and Data Transfer

    Yieldex draws robust data from Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers API and Data Transfer to help publishers make smarter decisions.

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    publishers to make decisions about inventory packaging, segmentation and allocation,” says Tom. He explains, for example, that publishers can monitor audience segment overlaps in highly sold-through site sections to avoid selling the same audience twice, or re-allocate under-delivering order lines to audiences with lower sell-through. With Data Transfer, Yieldex customers can find and sell under-utilized pockets of high-value inventory that would otherwise be impossible to see with traditional tools alone, due to overlaps and forecast “haircuts.”

    Timelier delivery of robust data Using DFP Data Transfer ensures fast data delivery for publishers – Tom says data imports now take just “a fraction of the time” they previously did. Data Transfer streams log traffic throughout the day, so Yieldex can process and deliver data as it is generated. Data Transfer fits well with Yieldex’s data processing architecture, as it transfers multiple smaller log files, rather than a single file.

    “This is a significant benefit, given the depth of our data import and the time-sensitive nature of our service,” says Tom. “Since we can now access data through the API and use Data Transfer more quickly, we are better able to ensure the timeliness of the service we provide to our customers.”

    “Flawless” integration benefits publishers Publishers who use Yieldex to make informed decisions about inventory and sales can count on its complete integration with DFP, “without concern for how data will flow between the two systems,” says Tom. One such publisher is Univision Interactive Media. “As our digital business expands, Univision has a wide range of video content across multiple channels, including web sites, connected TV, tablets and smartphones,” says Kevin Conroy, Univision’s president. “Being able to seamlessly work with both Yieldex and DoubleClick is essential for getting a complete view of our ad inventory so that we can fully manage and maximize our diverse revenue streams.”

    A partner in delivering value DFP API and Data Transfer are key in helping Yieldex give publishers the forecasting and analytics necessary to effectively run their businesses. “Without Data Transfer, we would not have the raw data we need to provide publishers with our unique analytics and optimizations, and they would make much less revenue,” says Tom. “DoubleClick is a great partner to work with to deliver value to our mutual clients.”

    DoubleClick Google’s DoubleClick™ products provide ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell online advertising. The world’s top marketers, publishers, ad networks and agencies use DoubleClick products as the foundation for their online advertising businesses. With deep expertise in ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video and mobile, DoubleClick products help customers execute their digital media strategy more effectively. ©2013 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and DoubleClick are trademarks of Google Inc.

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