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Yard Games in PE: Fun Physical Activity for Everyone

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Yard Games in PE: Fun Physical Activity for Everyone. John G. Helion, Ed.D . Stan Cramer, Ph.D. Matthew Cummiskey, Ph.D. West Chester University of PA AAHPERD National Conference, St. Louis, MO. Rationale. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Yard Games in PE: Fun Physical Activity for Everyone

Yard Games in PE: Fun Physical Activity for Everyone

Yard Games in PE: Fun Physical Activity for EveryoneJohn G. Helion, Ed.D.Stan Cramer, Ph.D.Matthew Cummiskey, Ph.D.

West Chester University of PA

AAHPERD National Conference, St. Louis, MORationaleThe purpose of a quality PE program is to guide youngsters in the process of becoming physically active for a lifetime Graham 2007Physical educators endeavor to teach students a variety of activities that can be enjoyed for a lifetime Leiberman 2012Yard games fulfill this goal

Why Yard Games?The ratio of health andfitness benefits is highestfor light to moderate PA(most benefits for just getting off the couch)Garber and colleagues (2011): reducing total time spent in sedentary pursuits and interspersing short bouts of physical activity and standing between periods of sedentary activity should be a goal for all adults, irrespective of their exercise habits. Exercise performed in this manner improves physical and mental health and/or fitness What matters most in improving fitness is the total energy expended in metabolic equivalents (METs) (Pollard & Rice, 2007). Therefore, duration and frequency can be used to offset the lower intensity of yard games. Dunstan and colleagues (2012) found that simply walking for two minutes following 20 minutes of sitting significantly reduce glucose levels in the blood. Overall the researchers found that any interruption of sedentary periods was enough to improve several indicators of health.

3Why Yard Games?Ideally suited for obese, persons with disabilities and the elderlyEasy to organize (right out back door, requires few others)Startup costs are low (some equipment can be made at home)Rules are relatively simple and easy to implement

Why Yard GamesProximityCognitively EngagingDifferent Activity LevelsWelcomes Different Ability Levels (Not Just Biggest, Fastest or Strongest)Multi- GenerationalHighly Social

Some May Not AgreeNot Moderate to Vigorous Activity

They marginalize us

Associated with alcoholic consumption

We teach the whole child Fortune 500 skills

I see all kinds of people playing these games at a variety of venues

Opens the conversation regarding responsible behaviorLadder Golf





Sample Assessment RubricCriteriaExcellent (4)OK (3)Needs Improvement (2)Below Basic (1)Adherence to rules Students follow all rules without exception One or two minor errors that do not signifi-cantly impact the course of play or the outcomeSeveral minor errors or one major error, disrupts play, need intervention on part of teacherFails to follow several major rules, cannot describe proper rule(s) when askedKeeping scoreAble to keep score accurately, no errorsSome confusion as to the score or how points are earnedInconsistently keeps score and /or consistently makes mistakesDoes not know the score, has not been attempting to keep scoreEtiquetteBrings positive energy, cares about group success, respects other participantsMaintains self-control, minor lapse in sports-personshipNot a distraction but not helping ones teamLacks self-control, verbally or nonverbally inappropriateEngagementFocused, on task whole class, seeks to improve performance, tries hardWorks independently, can keep activity goingShows some effort, does not extend self fully, somewhat dis-attachedJust there, does bare minimumThank you for attending!Dr. [email protected]

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Dr. [email protected] Enjoy the remainder of the convention

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