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Yapak Travel & Leisure Magazine (YTL) is a bi-monthly travel and lifestyle magazine that goes further and deeper than your ordinary travel magazine.


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    Music, Like Water For The Thirsty Traveler

    Conspiracy Garden Caf

    Where Magic Meets the MundaneA Tale of Traveling to Siquijor Pyramids of the Sea:A Dive Volunteers Story


    October to November 2007Volume 1. No. 2

    Let Your Feet Follow Where Your Mind and Heart Lead


    Its finally here, our 2nd issue. Were a week late; forgive us. *sheepish grin* The past few months have been a series of ups and downs,

    a deliriously evil rollercoaster ride that had those of us at the helm question our will to survive. Ang drama no?!

    But really now. Our small magazine is still struggling. We are still in the process of wooing advertisers for support. We are still expanding our distribution. We are still trying to establish ourselves as the premier free travel/eco-tourism magazine in the Philippines. Naks!

    Despite the nerve-popping months, Ive seen a lot of friends and believers come through for us. Ive felt support and some security in knowing that we will surpass these scares. Just you watch! :)

    Joining us this issue are some friends whom I admire. Jesette writes about her favorite haunt in Quezon City for the Metro Trippin section. Dana and Molly recall their trip to Siquijor. And Associate Editor Elaine writes about our time with the underwater pyramids of Calatagan.

    What can I say? The rides been worth it. I hope you enjoy this issue. Watch out for more of Yapak!

    Yours and the seas!

    Roda Novenario

    distributors box

    Many Thanks to Ida Fernan-dez, Larry Novenario, Checa Cruz, Vickie Stohner, Carlo

    Mangoba, Angelique Umbac, Germaine Leonin, Sandy Allan, Travis Allan, Liza DeGuia, Jen

    Cucio, Tanya Garcia, Libay Cantor, Shelley Conradson, Jess Pena, Gary Harrison, Terry Schwaha and Emily

    Gom-os for their help.

    Photos in this issue are printed with permission from Gary W. Harrison of Mysiquijor.com, Terry Schwaha and Emily

    Gom-os of Casa de la Playa Beach Resort, Jesusa Ayala Dayate, Wilson Uy, Shelley

    Conradson, Roda Novenario and Elaine Tolentino.

    Cover photo was taken by Terry Schwaha and Emily

    Gom-os of Casa de la Playa Beach Resort.

    2007 by CYS Publishing House

    PO Box 0278 , Las Pinas Post Office, Las Pinas City, Metro

    Manila, Philippines

    Telefax: 874-5902

    Email: info@yapaktravel.com

    Visit us online at: www.yapaktravel.com

    All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be

    reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information

    storage and retrieval systems without the written permission

    of the publisher.

    Yapak Travel and Leisure is also at Hodge-Podge Apparel at ABS-CBN Center, Luxuria Spa at Tandang Sora, Quezon City, and G&B Mens Boutique at Glorietta 4; and given out to Etelecare

    Global Solutions and HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines) Inc. employees.

  • 3the teamCREATIVESRoda Novenario is Editor-in-Chief. She has a degree in Economics from UP, which didnt really get her any regular job except that one with an IT company. She freelances a career to this day. She has had her stab as editor and writer for several local and US commercial magazines. Roda is an avid diver who is in the process of ticking off some wanna-see marine creatures from her list. She wants to go back to mountaineering but needs a budget to buy a new set of gears. She is at Penguin in Malate at least once a week; is a pool shark and has been known to trek all the way to QC (from way down south of the Metro) for a game or two and Chocolate Kisss amazing Chicken ala Kiev. (Figures why she never got a regular job.)

    JL Timbreza is Art Director. Shes a graduate of UP Fine Arts; and at a young age, already has several local and US magazines and web sites to her credit. She is a relentless mountaineer and the President of Hakbang Kalikasan Mountaineering Society. She has climbed Mt. Kota Kinabalu and almost quit 10 steps away from the summit because of the cold. JL loves Enchanted King-

    doms Rio Grande and Anchors Away. While everyone else might throw up after a ride, she gets into a trip and laughs her heart out. JL is a sucker for romance and romantic novels.

    Elaine Tolentino is Associate Editor. She has a degree in Economics from DLSU; and her work background is heavy on social science research. Elaine is an avid diver, and an environmental and animal rights activist. She is vegetarian, not surprisingly. She has 6 dogs and misses them like crazy. She is currently freezing her butt off in Changchun City in China, as she embarks on her masters degree at Jilin University.

    ADVERTISINGFortune Cookie, she who cannot be named, is a veteran in the advertising industry. She was an adventurer in her youth, indulging in combat training, sky diving, scuba diving and exploration.

    Mayette Dabuet is dedicated to sales as a profes-sion; but torn between going up or down when it comes to her adventures. Her mountaineering has taken her to the heart of Benguet, into a little known community that she and her mountaineering organization eventually adopted. She is constantly bugged by her dive buddies about being missed on dive trips.


    Rosa LeonVioly Novenario

    Jesusa Ayala Dayate is a Fine Arts graduate of UP; and currently works as web designer for a BPO company. She is not related to the Ayalas in business, nor the Ayalas in music but she might as well be if only for the creativity common in their blood. Jessette prefers her music ethnic, tribal or psychedelic; she loves Alphonse Muchas graphic illustrations and is into magic realism in literary fiction. She is a mountaineer and can cook gourmet meals way up there. Jessette writes about her favorite bar in Quezon City, using lines reminiscent of the magic realism of her literary idols.Metro Trippin: Music, Like Water For The Thirsty Traveler p04

    Metro Directory p06Pinas Trotters Dogma p07

    Molly Talcott and Dana Collins are partners in life and in exploration. Molly is currently completing her PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara; and has gone to Mexico several times

    for her research and activism. Dana is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at California State University, Fullerton. She has been conducting critical ethnographic research in Manila, the Philippines since 1999, following urban renewal and the produc-tion of gay urban spaces in Malate. She teaches in the areas of gender, sexualities, critical globalization and development studies, urban communities, transnational feminisms, political conscious-ness, and qualitative research methodologies. 2005 was Molly and Danas first trip to the Philippines together. They write about a trip to Siquijor that was both mystical and grounded.Out! Where Magic Meets the Mundane:A Tale of Traveling to Siquijor p09

    Out! Directory p12Where To, How To Speak Out! p13

    Leave Nothing but.. by Roda NovenarioPyramids of the Sea: A Dive Volunteers Storyby Elaine Tolentino p14


  • Metro TrippinMetro Trippin

    MUSIC, LIKE WATER FOR THE THIRSTY TRAVELER Photos and Text by Jesusa Ayala Dayate

    As the traveler fills each day with new adven-tures, sometimes her soul longs for sojourn. Like water for her thirst, she can find solace in discovering a new place she can call home.

    Heres a week-long account of a travelers experi-ence in a garden, this one known as the Conspiracy Garden Caf.

    Monday: THE GARDENToss freshly boiled pasta in simmering pesto sauce.

    Let its aromatic flavor entice the traveler. Season with Rica Arambulos melodic voice and her piano keys. Serve while hot.

    I dive into the Pasta Pesto (110 pesos) and sip a glass of Margarita (100 pesos). A huge palm tree is the gardens centerpiece; while big ornamental banana trees line up its walls. The round and star-shaped lights wrapped around these trees create dramatic shadows and glow romantically at patrons seated on the gardens wrought-iron chairs.

    Ricas sultry voice streams from the Music Room. Monday nights belong to her and her piano. Later into the night, the microphone will be open to anyone who

    wants to sing the blues away. I close my eyes as I sip my Margaritacertainly not a rainy Monday for me.


    Dip vegetables in tempura batter. Deep fry in hot oil. Remove excess oil while Susan Fernandezs crisp guitar strings fill the air with jazz music.

    Fascinated by the numerous empty bottles and small paintings that line one side of its walls, I sit in the smoking area near Conspiracys Music Room. I let the crunchiness of the tempura (90 pesos), the subtle sweetness of the vegetables, linger on my taste buds. I drink my fill of lemonade (45 pesos). A sliding glass door separates us from the Music Room so smokers can enjoy the nights performance with cigars at hand.

    Tuesday is Writers Night and Conspiracy provides the venue for any writers organization that wants to hold events, such as poetry reading sessions and short film showings. Rent is free, with only a minimal require-ment of 150 pesos worth of food order per person.

    Wednesday: THE MUSIC ROOMInfuse the tender pork with flavorful herbs. Add in

    some romantic lyricism from Noel Cabangons timeless music. Serve while hot, and with love. Tonight, I let the sensual aroma of Herbed Pork (160 pesos, served with rice and hot soup) seduce my nostrils.

    I sip my house wine (110 pesos per glass) and allow Noels classic rendition of Kanlungan bring back memories of my childhood. I stare at the Music Rooms walls, decorated with ethnic multi-colored tubaos and occasional paintings. At this moment, I feel light and happy, and deeply believe that theres still love in this world after all.

    Thursday: THE BARSaut the freshest tilapia in genuine coconut milk.

    Let the coconut milk thicken. Serve hot.

    Syrupy notes from a violin reach my ears. The earlier part of Thursday night is reserved for music students, with the musicians of the UP College of Music as


  • one of Conspiracys regular patrons. Content with my Tilapia sa Gata (100 pesos), I also treat myself to a banana split crepe (90 pesos).

    Hushed conversations fill this small space. I am seated at the bar, which is in another room close to Conspiracys kitchen and counter. My eyes dance with the artwork displayed all over this old house. Conversing with the bars co-owner and manager, Teresita de Quiros, she says that Conspiracys gallery is open to all artists. A portfolio of artworks is required for co-owner Cynthia Alexander to review.

    I finish my nightcap (a Gin Tonic for 60 pesos) with Cookie Chuas voice drifting in from the Music Room.

    Friday: THE MUSIC ROOM.Let the freshly steamed baby potatoes swim in

    garlic and oil. As the potatoes absorb the flavor, take in Joey Ayalas eclectic tribal and ethnic vocal concoc-tions. Dig into the potatoes and take a bite.

    I am not alone tonight. Im with the man in my life. Hes the one who introduced me to Joey Ayalas music and respectfully calls the man, Sir Joey.

    Two beings bound by the same love for eclectic music, the same passions and the the same longing for mountain adventures. Two souls touched by the mans lyrical and passionate love for his craft. Together, we raise our glass to toast to Joey Ayalas heartfelt Walang Hanggang Paalam. There wont be goodbyes.

    saTurday: THE MUSIC ROOMUse real Indian curry powder for an authentic curry

    taste. Blend in some multi-layered Indian-inspired music from Cynthia Alexander as the chicken cooks to perfection. Serve the Chicken Curry (150 pesos) with chapatti (20 pesos) while chanting Gobinda.

    Saturday is usually a busy night for Conspiracy. I nurse my San Mig Light (37 pesos) as Cynthia

    Alexander starts the nights performance with a

    powerful chant.

    It was eight years ago at a UP Fair Concert when I first heard Cynthia Alexanders music. Three

    solo albums later, my soul has become enchanted with her songs. She may have been a high priestess in her past life, with her ability to touch the ethereal strings and provide comfort to my wandering spirit. Her music is my constant companion on my mountain treks.

    She ends the night with a soulful humming of Comfort In Your Strangeness, an emotional song that is almost like a prayer.

    I have been to places far and deep, in my mind, only to find comfort in your strangeness.

    Cynthia Alexander, Comfort In Your Strangeness

    A perfect song to end the night.

    It was Cynthias music that led me to this place. Like water for a thirsty traveler, the Conspiracy Garden Caf will enfold you in its eclectic beauty. Artful. Poetic. Friendly. Home.

    *Conspiracy Garden Caf is located at 59 Visayas Avenue,

    Quezon City. Contact Numbers: 453-2170; 920-6517.



    No. 8, Scout Madrinan cor. Scout Tobias, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City

    Club Dredd Eastwood City Walk Fuente Circle,

    Eastwood Citywalk 2 188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City

    Xaymaca 71 Timog Ave., Quezon City

    The Basement Eastwood City Walk, Eastwood

    Citywalk 1188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City


    Gweilos Bar and Restaurant Eastwood City Walk Fuente Circle,

    Eastwood Citywalk 2, 188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City


    SALONS Davids Salon SM City

    West-Main Bldg. Branch 2/F Main Bldg. SM City West Ave., Quezon City


    FIX ABS CBN The Loop G/F #12 North Wing Eugenio Lopez

    Jr. Community Center Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City


    Davids Salon Timog Branch Unit 17 A Landsdale Arcade, Mother

    Ignacia St.cor., Timog, Quezon City

    FIX SM North EDSA SM North Edsa Brgy. Pag-Asa Quezon

    City 920-6876


    105-A Scout Castor Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City



    Vintage Pop Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao, Quezon City


    The Reading Room

    Shop #39, Marikina Shoe Expo, Cubao, Quezon City


    Popular Book Store 305 Tomas Morato St., Bgy. South

    Triangle, Quezon City



    SPASThe Spa Acropolis

    Acropolis Center, Acropolis Green Subd.,E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Quezon City

    634-2848, 634-2709

    Fax: 634-2267

    Bioessence West Avenue

    68 Carbal Bldg, West Ave., Quezon City

    371-2931, 372-2649

    Luxuria Spa

    Alondes St., Mira-nila Subdivision, Tandang Sora, Quezon City


    Origin Coffee Company JAKA Center 2111, Don Chino Roces Ave.,

    Makati City

    844-0550 / 0917-888-CAFE

    Cafe Adriatico Malate 1790 M. Adriatico St. Malate, Manila


    Hap Chan Tea House (Malate)

    561 Gen. Malvar St. cor. Adriatico St. Malate, Manila


    Emerald Garden

    Roxas Boulevard cor. Arquiza Ermita, Manila


    Eastern Garden 954 Ongpin St. Sta. Cruz, Manila


    New Bombay Food Inc. Tower One, Ground Flr., The Columns

    Bldg. 6821 Ayala Ave., cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Bgy. Bel-Air, Makati City


    JNBM Art Cafe Shop

    SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level, Entertainment

    305 Tomas Morato St., Bgy. South Triangle, Quezon City Phone: 372-2162 Fax: 372-2050


    Greens Vegeratian Restaurant & Cafe 92 Scout...