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Whip up tasty treats with some great recipes >PAGE 9 Eat and be merry DAILY XPRESS/TATCHADON PANYAPHANITKUL Times are tough – so fight back! By Daniel W u Actor I think the best way to think of life is as a struggle. You’re always gonna be struggling – you have to be a fighter to get through. If you give up, then you’re giving up on life. Times are tough right now but if we keep fighting we will get through this. And it will pass in a few years. That’s life, and we have to deal with it. GOOD MORNING BANGKOK! RED REVOLT X PRESS DAILY FREE COPY Wednesday, April 1, 2009 VOL 2, NO 311 dailyxpress.net LOOKING FOR A JOB? SEE PAGES 14&15 Red-shirt protesters follow in the footsteps of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, laying siege to the seat of power to bring down the government >PAGE 2 Owners and residents of luxury hotels and condos will have to move from the banks of the Chao Phya to make way for public recreation areas being planned by the BMA... >PAGE 3

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LOOKING FOR Times are tough – so fight back! Red-shirt protesters follow in the footsteps of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, laying siege to the seat of power to bring down the government >PAGE 2 GOOD MORNING BANGKOK! I think the best way to think Owners and residents of luxury hotels and condos will have to move from the banks of the Chao Phya to make way for public recreation areas being planned by the BMA... Wednesday, April 1, 2009 VOL 2, NO 311 dailyxpress.net By Daniel Wu

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Whip up tastytreats withsome greatrecipes>PAGE 9

Eat and be merry











Times are tough – so fight back!

By Daniel WuActor

Ithink the best way to thinkof life is as a struggle. You’re

always gonna be struggling –you have to be a fighter to get

through. If you give up, then you’re givingup on life. Times are tough right now but ifwe keep fighting we will get through this.And it will pass in a few years. That’s life,and we have to deal with it.





FREE COPYWednesday, April 1, 2009 VOL 2, NO 311 dailyxpress.net



Red-shirt protesters follow in thefootsteps of the People’s Alliancefor Democracy, laying siege to theseat of power to bring down the government >PAGE 2

Owners and residents of luxuryhotels and condos will have to movefrom the banks of the Chao Phya tomake way for public recreationareas being planned by the BMA...>PAGE 3

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2 TODAY Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

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70.6%OF PEOPLE getting the govern-

ment’s Bt2,000 ‘stimulus’ chequesay they will use it to buy food.


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Red vendorsin the pinkWhile the political unrestmeans rich pickings again forthe vendors at the GovernmentHouse protest site, red hasreplaced yellow as the hot-sell-ing colour. Red shirts, foot clap-pers and headbands are flyingoff the stalls.

Unsurprisingly, the best-sell-er is the T-shirt – every protest-er needs one.

“I’ll probably sell well over athousand shirts at this rally,”says one vendor, a veteran ofred-shirt rallies in everyprovince.

The feet-clapper is anotherbig seller, since it symbolises thered-shirts’ opposition to the yellow-shirts of the People’sAlliance for Democracy. A varia-tion on the foot shape is theheart-shaped clapper, whichshows support to ex-premierThaksin Shinawatra.Both types cost Bt20.

“I sell red merchandise hereafter finishing my work in abank. I come with my family. Ican rally and earn money at thesame time,” says another ven-dor.

A red headband will costyou Bt10, or you can take yourpick from photos of Thaksin,wristbands in the colours of theThai flag, horns, umbrellas andsandals.

Face painting is popular too,with both made-to-orderdesigns and the national flagavailable for just Bt10.

“I come here to createworks of art and earn money atthe same time,” says one facepainter.

Exhausted protesters canrevive themselves with a mas-sage for Bt100 per hour. “I nor-mally work at Sanam Luangbut I moved to this placebecause there are lots of peoplehere,” says a masseuse. “Here Ican earn Bt400-Bt500 a day.”Thidarat Na Pattalung














THE CITYThousands camp outside Govt Housedemanding PM step down – but the sea of yellow has turned red

By MayureeSukyingcharoenwongD A I L Y X P R E S S

Government House hasbeen reduced to an island

by a sea of red-shirt protesters,a red sea that wants to drownthe incumbent administration.

Camped out around Govern-ment House, the red-shirts arebent on pressuring PrimeMinister Abhisit Vejjajiva tocall a general election.

Déjà vu?If you believe this is deja vu,

think again. These anti-govern-ment demonstrators wear rednot yellow, and unlike thePeople’s Alliance for Demo-cracy (PAD), they worship for-mer PM Thaksin Shinawatra.

“I have Thaksin’s photohanging around my neck be-cause it’s a symbol of our ral-ly,” said a demonstrator whodid not wish to be named.Protesters don’t get the photosfor free – each costs Bt20.

“I bought it from a stall closeby,” explained the man, whohad travelled from Phuketsolely to join the rally.

Students from Khon Kaen,Naresuan and Chiang Mai uni-versities are also participatingin the red-shirts’ movement.Calling themselves “Seree

Panyachon” (Liberal Intellec-tuals), the students havevowed to strengthen the rallywith their support.

Thanks to the huge numberof demonstrators, trade isbrisk. Stalls offering all sorts ofred products have mush-roomed. The best-sellers arered T-shirts and feet-clappers.

Also popular are hats, shoes,caps, umbrellas, scarves, head-bands and sandals – all red, ofcourse. Free water is provided,but most demonstrators haveto pay for their own food.There is free somtam for thosewilling to wait in long queues.

Toilets are rather dirty, andthe smell can be overwhelm-ing. Makeshift public bath-rooms with water tanks andcanvas partitions are availablefor anyone who needs to wash.

Free medical services are al-so on hand around the clock,while red guards patrol 24hours a day.

People are searched as theyenter the rally site. Once theyget inside, there are sharp-tongued, pro-Thaksin figureson stage and occasional livemusic shows to keep them en-tertained. When eveningcomes, the face of their heroThaksin often appears, givingphone-in speeches on screens.

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Torrential rain hit Bangkokyesterday afternoon, caus-

ing floods and pileups on manyroads.

“The downpour lasted formore than two hours,” saidSanya Cheenimit, deputy di-rector of Bangkok Metropo-litan Administration’s Drain-age and Sewerage Department,adding that floods were report-ed on Ratchawongse, Sukhum-vit and Lat Ya roads.

Battered by galesAround the Royal Plaza,

drains overflowed and floodwa-ter lapped around the ankles ofvisitors to the annual Red CrossFair. Battered by gale-forcewinds, the vendors struggledhard to keep their stalls open.

Elsewhere in the capital,traffic came to a standstill onportions of Paholyothin, NgamWong Wan, Ploenchit,Wireless, Bang Na-Trat, Rama Iand Sukhumvit roads.

On the outbound lanes of the Thai-Belgian FriendshipBridge, pileups ensnared 14 vehicles. Five more were involved in shunts after losingcontrol in a tunnel close to the Huai Khwang area.

Residents of Bangkok’s LatPhrao and surrounding dis-tricts were hit by a storm ofhailstones that measured up totwo centimetres in diameter.

The capital’s traffic jams on-ly began to ease after 2pm asofficials worked hard to drainthe floodwaters.

Northern storms forecastThe Meteorological

Department has forecast thun-derstorms with strong winds

and hailstorms for northernThailand today and tomorrow,the result of a high-pressureweather front.

In the northern province ofPhitsanulok, a storm uprootedtrees and damaged buildingsincluding a temple hall yester-day.

In the northeastern provinceof Khon Kaen, hundreds ofhouses in Mueang district suf-fered serious damage.

“Roofs were blown off

and locals had to run for theirlives as the storm threatenedto smash their houses at any moment,” said Ban Pheuvillage head SomprasonSeetaso.

Tim Muangklan, a KhonKaen resident, said she and herchildren escaped harm but thestorm took its toll.

“Our car and motorcyclewere badly damaged. It’ll costabout Bt200,000 to fix,” Timsaid.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS HAPPENINGS 3










SLIMMING AT SEAThousands will bid forthe aqua-aerobics worldrecord in Pattaya’s surfthis month

In a bid to tackle the rising obesityproblem, the Public HealthMinistry has teamed up with theRoyal College of Physicians toorganise the largest display ofaqua-aerobics in the world, with2009 participants.

The bid to break the worldrecord comes after the healthagencies learned that rates ofobesity in people aged 20 to 29have shot up from 2.9 to 21.7 percent in recent years while thoseaged 40 to 49 are almost twiceas likely to be obese.

Moreover, a 2008 Departmentof Health study showed 34 percent of men and women’s waist-

lines exceed the circumferenceconsidered safe – 90 centimetresand 80cm, respectively.

“People with obesity are atrisk of metabolic syndrome, highblood-sugar and lipid levels, highblood pressure, and chronic dis-eases such as diabetes, heart dis-ease and stroke,” said DeputyHealth Minister ManitNopamornbodhi. “For every 5cmincrease in their waistline, the riskof diabetes increases three to fivetimes,” he added.

Royal College of Physicianspresident Dr SomwangDanchaiwijit advises that 30 min-utes of exercise per day is effec-tive for burning calories andincreasing the function of theheart and lungs.

Aqua-aerobics is also good forthose with arthritis and backache

as the water supports the body.The event will be held in the

sea at Pattaya on April 25 andapplicants can register atwww.rcpt.org/form/nofat-acception.php from now untilApril 15. Participants will need a swimming costume and canbring along a buddy to keep them company.Pongphon Sarnsamak

Want to be a record-breaker?The aqua-aerobics world recordbid is open to anyone – Thai orforeigner – aged 18 or over.Applicants should be fit enoughfor 30 minutes of synchronisedaqua exercise.

Thunder, lightning…very frighteningFloods, hailstonesand pileups as citygets an early tasteof rainy season

Floods inundate a section in Soi Udomsuk off Sukhumvit Road after heavy but brief rain yesterday.












Riverbank set to beredevelopedOwners and residents ofluxury hotels and condoswill soon have to move onfrom the banks of the ChaoPhya to make way for thepublic recreation areasbeing planned by theBangkok MetropolitanAdministration.

“Within a year, the pub-lic will be able to enjoythemselves in mini parkslocated along the river, justlike people in other cities,”said a deputy governor whoasked not to be named.

He added that BMAGovernor MR Sukhum-bhand Paribatra is in thefinal stages of drafting a lawto empower administrationofficials to expropriate landpresently occupied by sever-al luxury hotels and condos.

“Hotels offer luxury din-ing to deep-pocketed guestswho want to enjoy the sce-nic river view, but this is atthe expense of all ordinaryBangkok residents,” thedeputy governor said. “IfBangkok is to be the world’sNo 1 city in line with ourplans, their cooperation withthe law is necessary.”

He also noted that toboost tourism,Sukhumbhand plans toextend the expropriationpolicy to cover main canalsin the city in a bid to reviveBangkok’s past glory as the“Venice of the East”.Those shocked by this report should contact relevant authorities.Or check the date at the top of the page.Happy April’s Fool Day!

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brieflyHow to smugglecellphonesTo smuggle cellphones intoprison, Brazilian inmates haveturned to a much older form ofcommunication: carrierpigeons.

Guards have interceptedtwo carrier pigeons carryingcellphones to detainees at aprison in Sorocaba, some 100kilometres from Sao Paolo, aspokeswoman for the statepenitentiary system said.

Each pigeon was carrying asmall bag containing a cell-phone and charger. They werecaught in two successive days,last Wednesday and Thursday.

Be kind!Singapore has launched cam-paigns to promote everythingfrom more romance to betterEnglish. Now, the city-statewants its citizens to just be ...nicer.

“Kindness. Bring It On!” –to be launched this weekend –is a government-backed initia-tive aimed at encouragingSingaporeans to be openlygracious to their relatives, col-leagues, classmates andneighbours.

A recent survey commis-sioned by the SingaporeKindness Movement showedthat less than half ofSingaporeans were pleasedwith the overall graciousnessof their compatriots. – AFP

1,000-yr sentenceA court has handed downprison sentences of almost1,000 years each to five menconvicted of robbing 18 cus-tomers at a Mexico Cityrestaurant in October andholding them hostage.

The sentences of 998 yearseach are largely symbolicbecause the maximum prisonterms in Mexico for suchcrimes are about 60 years andmultiple sentences are servedconcurrently. – AP

4 GLOBETROT Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS



‘Superpill’causesexcitementHealthy people could cut their riskof heart disease in half with anew “superpill” that combines lowdoses of aspirin and drugs thatlower blood pressure and choles-terol, a study said on Monday.

“We believe that the polypillprobably has the potential toreduce heart disease by 60 percent and stroke by 50 per cent,”lead investigator Salim Yusuf toldreporters at the American Collegeof Cardiology.

“The thought that peoplemight be able to take a single pillto reduce multiple cardiovascularrisk factors has generated a lot ofexcitement. It could revolutioniseheart-disease prevention as weknow it,” Yusuf said.

The polypill contains lowdoses of three medicationsagainst high blood pressure; sim-vastatin, which lowers LDL – orbad cholesterol – and aspirin, aknown blood-thinner. Side-effectsin patients taking the polypillwere the same as when takingone or two medications. – A P

China says aCanadian claimthat it is engagedin computer espionage in

103 nationsis a lie tarnishingthe Asian giantTHE WORLD

A F P , Hong Kong

Afeng shui master whoclaims late Hong Kong ty-

coon Nina Wang was his loverhas been accused of basing hisclaim to her fortune on aforged will.

The South China MorningPost said that lawyers forWang’s family told a HongKong court that the signatureon the will on which TonyChan based his claim is fake.

The lawyers told the hearingthat a British forensic hand-writing expert had analysed80 specimens of Wang’s signa-ture from 2003-2007 beforecoming to his conclusion, thenewspaper said.

Wang died of cancer in 2007at the age of 69, leaving an es-tate estimated to be worth upto HK$100 billion (Bt453 bil-lion) which has been the sub-ject of bitter wrangling.

Chan’s claimChan claimed to have had a

long-standing relationshipwith the eccentric billionaire,and says she made a will in2006 naming him as her solebeneficiary.

Keith Ho, a lawyer forChinachem Charitable Foun-dation controlled by Wang’ssiblings, told reporters outsidethe court that the allegationsof forgery were only coming

to light now because it hadtaken time to gather evidence.

The foundation, which haschallenged the validity of thewill in Chan’s possession,claims Wang left it her estatein a will made in 2002.

Chan said in a statement hedenied “any suggestion of for-gery”.

Before her death, Wang –who often wore mini-skirtsand pigtails – fought a bittereight-year court battle withher father-in-law for the es-tate of her late husbandTeddy, who was kidnapped in1990.

His body was never foundand he was legally declareddead nine years after his dis-appearance. Wang then builthis company, Chinachem, intoa real-estate empire.

BILLIONAIRE’S LOVER‘FORGED WILL’Feng shui master insists Nina Wangleft her HK$100-bn estate to him

A Honda employee demonstrates new technology linking brain thoughts with robotics in Tokyo yesterday. Honda has developed a way toread patterns of electric currents on a person’s scalp as well as changes in cerebral blood flow when a person thinks about four simple movements – moving the right hand, moving the left hand, trotting and eating. Honda succeeded in analysing such thought patterns and then relaying them as wireless commands for Asimo, its human-shaped robot.

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FROMSHANGHAIWITH LOVEBy Kitchana LersakvanitchakulD A I L Y X P R E S S

Chinese singer Kym Jin Shasurprised the crowds at last

week’s Pattaya InternationalMusic Festival with an upbeatrendition of “This Love”, aChinese version of DaEndorphine’s hit “Dai Yin Mai”,before duetting with Thailand’sChin Chinawut on “Missy”. Shewrapped her set with her ownsong, “Season Change”.

“This Love”, which was re-leased on Valentine’s Day, is thefirst single off her new album,scheduled for release in Chinalater in the year.

“After this festival, I’ll be goinghome to finish recording mynew album,” says the Shanghai-born Jin Sha, who already has

three albums under her belt, in-cluding “Unbelievable”, whichwon her the Best Melody of theYear prizes at the GlobalChinese Music Awards andBeijing Pip Music Awards in2006.

“I have written more songs forthis new album too and all ofthem come from the bottom ofmy heart,” she adds.

Doubly talentedJin Sha, who is also an actress,

says she doesn’t draw on anyparticular inspirations for hersongs. “But I think I sing betterwhen I write both the melodyand the lyrics myself.”

Does she consider herself asinger first or more of an ac-tress? “I love both professions, soI’m happy acting in a TV seriesand singing its soundtrack.”

Jin Sha is one of the singers onSingaporean star Lin Jun Jia’s2008 hit album “Sixology”. JJ Lin,who also records on the OceanButterflies label is behind thesuccess of many artists, includ-ing Taiwanese stars A-Mei andthe Comic Boys.

“JJ is a great guy. He took meon his promo tour and that gotme much better known amongChinese people. He also givesme advice on my songwriting.”

She’s also enjoyed workingwith Thai artists.

“Before coming here, I listenedto Thai music and downloadedsome songs from the Internet.Thai singers have great voices.“I’d like to sing in Thai nexttime.”


“I’m in regular contact with them andit’s looking more likely ... The lads allseem up for it. I think it would be fun.Let’s see what happens, but my head’s

in the right place, so the timing could be right.”

6 ENTERTAINMENT Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS









A Chinese songbird and TV star wowsthe crowds in Pattaya


>> She had a cameo role inthe 2007 romantic comedy“Crossed Lines”.

S H U O N S C R E E N>> Jin Shu played He Tong Yaoon last year’s TV soap “Tears ofHappiness”.

Kym Jin Sha duettedwith Chin Chinawut,below.

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By Pattarawadee SaengmaneeD A I L Y X P R E S S

Sarunyu “Ice” Winaipanichproved he’s not known for

nothing as the prince ofsmiles and pop dance, with ahugely successful first soloshow on Saturday night atIndoor Stadium Hua Mark.

The show, which was divid-ed into five parts, ran forthree hours and featuredmore than 20 songs. Iceopened the concert with hitsingles “I See You” and “KonMan Rak” before revving upthe rhythm with some neatdance steps in “Chob KhonJao Choo”.

TV actress Sawika “Pinky”Chaidet joined him for the

song-and-dance number“Yah Len Toa”.

The decibel level then roseseveral notches as pop duoGolf-Mike appeared andshowed off their talent with“Inspiration”, “You” and “MySuperstar”.

TV presenter Patcharasri“Kalamare” Benjamas con-verted the stage into her hitprogramme “Keb Tok”, whileIce returned singing “KhonJai Ngai” in English, Japaneseand Korean. The two crackedjokes before Ice showed a

surprising talent for lukthung, covering Jakrapun“Got” Arbkornburi’s country-folk hit “Rak Khun Ying GwaKhrai”.

The lights dimmed as anemotional Ice thanked hisfans for their support andswung into a sweet medley offour songs he’d composedboth for his albums and thesoundtracks of TV dramas.He then joined special guest,veteran songbird RoseSirinthip in a romantic rendi-tion of the ballads “PerhapsLove” and “Khwam Rak BangTa”.

The concert wrapped upwith a dance show featuringactresses from his musicvideos, Yardthip Ratchapal,Pattarasaya “Peak”Kauesuwansiri and Panward“Pei” Hemmanee.

Lady in redNot a huge surpriseto see socialiteDarunee “Je Da”Kritboonyalai onstageat the red-shirt rallyat GovernmentHouse.

Pro-Thaksin to thecore, she can sing andis a good speaker, andher voluminous wardrobe is nodoubt full of red outfits.

Je Da also wore a red wig. Shehas them in every colour, but thisseason redheads are hot.

The news’ day offChannel 3 boss Pravit Maleenontwill have to decide whether the TVstation is going to focus on news orentertainment.

Its news programme “Kow SamMiti” (“Three-dimensional News”)gets good ratings, but everyTuesday it’s dropped in favour ofthe hit variety series “Tee Sib”.

And Vitavas Soonthornvinet’stwo-hour show has to begin rightafter the primetimesoaps.

So news host KittiSinghapat must getpretty frustratedwhen big news breakson a Tuesday.

Pravit’s hearingthe complaints aboutthe skipped day allright. The online chatrooms are fullof whinging along these lines: Howcan a channel that purports to be anews station ignore the news oneday every week?

They need Je Da – she makesnews and does variety.


Contact Soopsip at [email protected].

The sixth Kom Chad Luekmusic awards were held onFriday night, with DenEuprasert’s “Masterpiece”taking home the prize forBest Instrumental, andSaiamnaj Sirawongthambeing named Best NewArtist. Other winners wereLula (Female Artist), GreasyCafe (Male Artist),Crescendo (Duo & Group),Moderndog (Best Song for“Ngern Larn”) andApartment Khunpa (BestAlbum for “Somros LaePara”).

FILM SCORES werecomposed by MauriceJarre, who died onSunday at age 84. Hisscores include ‘DoctorZhivago’ and ‘Lawrenceof Arabia’.

LINDSAY LOHAN’S latestmovie ‘Labour Pains’ will notbe released theatrically andwill instead go straight tocable TV in the US. Lohanplays a woman who fakesbeing pregnant in order toavoid getting fired.

Je Da










Ice put on a colourful song-and-dance spectacular, showing hisrange in pop tunes and even luk thung.



Burning up with IceThe young singerturns up the heat withhis first solo show









Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS ENTERTAINMENT 7

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By Kitchana LersakvanitchakulD A I L Y X P R E S S

While thousands of red-shirtsflocked into Bangkok last week-

end, more than 25,000 people headedout – all travelling in the direction ofthe Sattahip Navy Base in Chon Burifor Saturday’s “KTD Thailand RockFestival on the Beach”.

They arrived to find two stages forrock and reggae set up within walkingdistance of each other along the longstretch of clean and sandy Yao Beach,which was lined with product andsponsor booths, as well as stands of-fering fun games, extreme sports,sand art and eco-design exhibitions,and a food & shopping market.

“Reggae/ska is now a global trendand Thailand is a perfect stage for thisgenre because the climate here is sim-ilar to that in Jamaica,” says a memberof Thai reggae/ska band the Kai-JoBrothers, who are fully booked untilthe middle of this year.

And sure enough, there were morecrowds swaying to the reggae rhythmsnear the On The Beach Stage, home to

T-Bone, TeddySka Band and theKai-Jo Brothers,than over at theOn The RockStage, whereCrescendo,ModerndogandApartmentKhunpa wereplaying theirsets.

Thanks tothe Navy’s watchful eyes,the festival was mostly peaceful, eventhough the beer flowed freely all af-ternoon.

More than 400 restrooms wereavailable, sufficient for the 25,000-strong crowd, and plenty of bins wereprovided, with separate containers formetal and glass, paper and plastic, andwet rubbish. That didn’t stop a lot ofgarbage from ending up on the beachto be collected by volunteers andsome festival-goers the followingmorning.

GeeGirls Generation (GMM Inter)

The first mini-album by SouthKorean girl-group sensationGirls Generation is a smash hit,with the title track, released asthe first single, topping theMnet chart for the seventh con-secutive week. Written by E-Tribe, the song has the kind ofmelody that will have you upand dancing. SHINee’s memberMinho stars in the music video.The mini-album also features“Way to Go”, “Dear Mom”,“Destiny” and “Let’s Talk aboutLove” and comes complete witha 44-page booklet.

Hot StuffVarious Artists (Sony Music)

Sony Music celebrates theend of the winter with its “HotStuff” discount campaign, serv-ing up 10 albums by its greatestartists at rock-bottom prices. Onthe list are Savage Garden’s“Truly Madly Completely: TheBest of Savage Garden”; JohnDenver’s “Definitive All-timeGreatest Hits”; Simon &Garfunkel’s “The Best of Simon& Garfunkel”; Electric LightOrchestra’s “All Over the World;The Very Best Of ELO”, the AlanParsons Project’s “The Very Bestof the Alan Parsons Project”;Gloria Estefan’s “The Very Bestof Gloria Estefan”; MichaelBolton’s “Michael Bolton theVery Best”; Luther Vandross’“The Ultimate LutherVandross”; Miles Davis’ “Cool &Collected”; and Johnny Winter’s“The Best of Johnny Winter”.

8 ENTERTAINMENT Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS









By Mr Badboy

Sand, sea and skaThe ecofriendly Krating Daeng reggae and rock festivaldraws thousands of music fans to the beach

Some of the crowd pose with the KTD Thailand Rock Festival sand sign


Som Amara with Joey Boy

Pod Moderndog

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By Noelle CarterL O S A N G E L E S T I M E S

They may be light as air, butthese tender souffles –

flavoured with fresh pineapplepuree and topped with a smallscoop of spiced Thai curry icecream – are rich in colour andflavour, and they make for a dra-matic presentation.

The dessert, from GordonRamsay at the London inHollywood, California, catch theeye with their contrasting texturestoo.

In the bowl of a food processor,combine the galangal, lemongrass,lime leaves, turmeric, ginger, chilliand cilantro and process untilpureed.

You could also pound the ingre-dients, one at a time, with a mor-tar and pestle and then mash themtogether to form a coarse currypaste.

In a medium saucepan, com-bine the curry paste with theheavy cream and milk and bringto a simmer over medium-lowheat.

While the milk comes to a sim-mer, whisk together the yolks andsugar in a medium bowl.

Whisk a cup of the milk mixtureinto the egg yolks to warm them,then add the egg yolks to the sim-mering milk.

Stirring frequently, heat themixture until it thickens to a cus-tard.

Strain the custard into a bowlset over a bowl of ice water;stir until custard cools complete-ly.

Freeze in an ice-cream maker. This makes five cups of ice

cream, more than you need for thesouffle recipe.

Peel and core the pineapple,then chop into large pieces. Pureethe pieces in a blender untilsmooth.

Place the puree in a strainerlined with a triple layer of cheese-cloth. Gather up the cheeseclothand gently squeeze, draining thejuice until you have a cup and ahalf of puree remaining. Save thejuice for another use.

In a shallow, heavy-bottomsaucepan, stir together the sugarwith a tablespoon of water. Heatthe mixture over medium heat un-til the sugar melts and caramelises.

Stir in the pineapple puree andcook, stirring frequently, until thepineapple has cooked down andturned golden, about 15 minutes.

When you first stir in the pureewith the sugar, the sugar willharden temporarily. It will re-meltand incorporate with the pineap-ple as the pineapple cooks down.

Remove from the heat to a smallbowl to cool, then cover and re-frigerate until needed. You shouldhave three-quarters of a cup ofpineapple, slightly more than isneeded.

In a medium bring the milk,vanilla pod and seeds to a fastsimmer over high heat.

While the milk warms, combinethe sugar, flour and butter in amedium bowl. Rub together withyour fingers to form a crumble.

Remove the vanilla pod fromthe simmering milk and stir in thecrumble. Cook, making sure toscrape the sides and bottom whilestirring to prevent burning, untilthe mix forms a paste and beginsto ball up.

Continue cooking until you seea thin, dry film on the bottom of

the pan, about six minutes.Put the mixture in the bowl of a

stand mixer and, with the mixerrunning, whisk in the egg yolks,one at a time, until incorporated.

Continue to whisk the mixtureuntil the souffle base has cooled toroom temperature. Set aside, orcover and refrigerate until needed.

Heat oven to 375 degrees. In asmall bowl, combine the coconutwith two-thirds of a cup of sugar.Lightly butter the sides of each of12 ramekins, then dust with thecoconut-sugar mixture.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, orin a large bowl if using a handmixer, whisk the egg whites andremaining two-thirds of a cup plustwo teaspoons sugar to mediumpeaks.

In a separate large bowl set overa pan of simmering water, whisktogether the souffle base andpineapple reduction until warm.Remove from heat. Stir in thelemon juice until combined.

Fold the egg whites in gently.Bake until puffed and light goldenbrown, 15 to 18 minutes.

Top each souffle with a smallscoop of ice cream. Serve immedi-ately.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS EAT IN 9

Curry that puffHere’s how to make pineapple souffle with Thai curry ice cream






Thai Curry Ice Cream

1 piece fresh galangal,peeled and chopped

1 large stalk lemongrass, chopped12 kaffir lime leaves

1 piece fresh turmeric, peeled and chopped

1 piece fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

1 small chilli, stemmed and diced8 sprigs fresh cilantro2 cups heavy cream2 cups milk

10 egg yolks1 1/4 cups plus 2 tablespoons sugar

Pineapple reduction

1 large pineapple,

about 4 1/2 pounds

1 1/2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon water

Souffle base

1 cup plus 2 tablespoons milk

1/2 vanilla bean, seeds scraped

1 1/2 tablespoons sugar

1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons butter,

cut into small pieces

3 egg yolks


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WHAT’S UP10 EVENTS Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

do it!

To the rescueThe “Chuay Khun Chuay Thai” promotion atTesco Lotus invites Thais to exchange theirBt2,000 “Chuay Chart” cheques for shoppingvouchers worth Bt6,000 – more once you addthe value of additional coupons. There’s also achance of winning a prize in a draw worth atotal of Bt1 million. Visit www.TescoLotus.com.

Ballads of the pastPop duo Lipta is among the acts at the Cool Music Fest’s“Yesterday Love Song” on Sunday at Ocean Marina in Pattaya,

joining headliner Tata Young along with In Budokan, Ben Chalatit

and Tattoo Colour for a beachfront blast that kicks off at 7. Tickets

cost Bt1,000 to Bt2,000 for the concert only, or for Bt9,000, you

become a VIP with a two-night stay for two at Rawintra Resort

and Spa. Visit www.Cool93.net and www.Thaiticketmajor.com.

Swordsmenof LannaUntil Monday, SeaconSquare’s ground floor is host-ing a Lanna-style marketwith northern foods, culturalperformances and demon-strations of wood carving,toymaking and textile weav-ing. A highlight is a showcaseof old swords dating back tothe reign of King Rama III.The mall on Srinakarin Roadis open daily from 10.30 to 9.

Shapes of thingsTawatchai Puntusawasdi examines the worldfrom a skewed perspective in “WithoutBalancing”, until May 10 at Ardel’s Third PlaceGallery . His new solo show features wood sculp-tures in contorted shapes and slanted construc-tions that offer a strange sense of beauty. Thegallery is in the Third Place Mall on Thonglor Soi10 and is open daily from 10.30 to 8. Call (02)422 2092.

In the bagDon’t forget your Centralcloth bag next time you’regoing shopping. Show yourWildlife Print or Arianna bagat Central stores betweenthe 15th and 17th of everymonth throughout thisyear, and you’ll receive 20points on your 1 Card as areward. The points can betransformed into discountsof up to 50 per cent during“The 1 Card XTremeSummer” promotion, whichruns until May 6.

SensationalsushiEvery Tuesday the GrandMillennium Hotel’s TerraRoku Restaurant offersmakizushi and sushi rollcreations at 50 per cent offnormal prices. SampleCalifornia rolls, spicysalmon and Tokyo maki orinventive sushi and wash itdown with complimentaryhot or cold sake. Call (02)204 4165.

Study inIndonesiaIn the “Developing CountriesPartnership” scholarship pro-gramme, master’s studentscan study in Indonesia forthree years, taking a year tolearn the language and theremainder to complete theirdegree. The Indonesian gov-ernment’s programme cov-ers tuition, monthlyallowances, books and areturn ticket. Applicationsare due next Tuesday. Visitwww.KBRI-Bangkok.com.

Supreme artistThe new coffee-table bookfrom Silpakorn University,“King Bhumibol Adulyadejand His Versatility in theArts and Design”, pays trib-ute to His Majesty theKing’s talents for visual art,architecture and design aswell as his preservation oftraditional Thai arts. Thebook is available atSilpakorn University’s ThaPhra campus for Bt1,980,with part of the proceedsgoing to the King’s charityprojects. Call (02) 8807730 extension 2168,2503 or 2521, or visitwww.SU.ac.th.

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Twentieth CenturyBoys: Chapter Two Heroine Kanna infiltrates thecult to unravel the mysterybehind Friend’s mask and thedeath of her father Kenji. AtParagon, Major Ratchayothinand the Siam.

Seven PoundsWill Smith stars in this twist-filled melodrama as a taxmanon a complicated path toredemption.

Chuead Kon ChimA struggling noodle-shop owner(Mai Charoenpura) takes a stabat a special recipe that makes

her soup a hit. With Englishsubtitles in some cinemas.

Make It HappenA young dancer (Mary ElizabethWinstead) has dreams of enter-ing arts school but ends upworking at a burlesque club.

New in TownAn executive (Renee Zellweger)finds herself at odds with herquirky blue-collar workforce. AtSF Cinemas.

WatchmenRetired superheroes in adystopian 1985 America don

their masks again to solve amystery and hopefully preventnuclear war.

A-Nueng KidtuengPen Yang YingA school’s former studentsreunite to try and save thebuilding from being razed tomake way for a superstore. NoEnglish subtitles.

DragonballEvolutionYoung warrior Son Goku (JustinChatwin) sets out on a quest tocollect a set of seven magicalorbs. Also stars Emmy Rossumand Chow Yun-fat.

Bolt In this Disney animated feature,a TV-show pup (John Travolta)escapes from the set and isshocked to discover he doesn’treally have superpowers.

Maradona byKusturicaEmir Kusturica presents an admir-ing portrait of Argentine legendDiego Maradona, the “Sex Pistolof football”. At House.

Song of SparrowsA fired ostrich farmer acciden-tally becomes a motorcycle-taxidriver. In Persian with Englishand Thai subtitles at House.

TO SEEWednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS THE SCREEN 11

on tv

Hudson HawkBruce Willis plays a cat burglarpressured into stealing preciousart in this 1991 action comedyalso starring Danny Aiello andAndie MacDowell.Cinemax (TrueVisions), 8pm

Channel linkswww.NationChannel.comChannel 3 – www.ThaiTV3.comChannel 5 – www.TV5.co.thChannel 7 – www.CH7.comModernine – www.MCOT.netNBT – TV11.prd.go.thTV Thai – www.ThaiPBS.or.thTrue – www.TrueVisionsTV.com

Knowing Nicolas Cage stars as an astrophysics professor who discov-ers that an encrypted message from a time capsule accu-rately predicts major disasters.

Khan Kluay II

War elephant Khan Kluay has to choose between duty to

his King and love for his family. Atthaporn Theemakorn,

Ann Thongprasom and Nonzee Nimibutr are among the

voices in this sequel to 2006’s animated feature. With

English subtitles at some cinemas.

ApexLido: (02) 252 6498Siam: (02) 251 3508Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza(02) 247 9940

House(02) 641 5913-4

Major Cineplex/EGVBangkok: (02) 515 5555

Major HollywoodBangkok: (02) 718 7999

Paragon CineplexBangkok: (02) 129 4635IMAX: (02) 129 4631

SF CinemasBangkok: (02) 268 8888Pattaya: (038) 361 500

VistaChiang Mai: (053) 894 415

>> Taew Te Teen Raberd –Director Poj Arnon directsthis comedy about a schoolfootball team that hasseven gay members, andeveryone is ready to play.

>> Fast & Furious 4 –Reuniting the “originalparts” of the “Fast &Furious” franchise, PaulWalker’s police detectiveteams up with gravel-voicedVin Diesel’s fugitive for ahigh-stakes car race withMexican heroin smugglers.

>> Shinjuku Incident –Action hero Jackie Chanstars in what is billed as hisfirst straight dramatic role,as a Chinese man who runsinto conflict with the yakuzain Tokyo. The Cantonesesoundtrack will only be atHouse; elsewhere it’ll bedubbed in Thai.

in cinemastomorrow

The Great Buck Howard A law-school dropout (Colin Hanks) takes a job as an assistant to washed-up mentalist Buck Howard(John Malkovich). Tom Hanks also stars. At Paragon Cineplex.

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ednesday, April 1, 2009 D





Close to HomeBy John McPherson

AdamBy Bryan Basset

Calvin and HobbesBy Bill Watterson

The BucketsBy Scott Stantis

Pooch CafeBy Paul Gilligan

Red and RoverBy Brian Basset





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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS LEISURE 13




Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer

Complete the grid so that every row,column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

The last word in

By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: Use your imagination to create some-thing beautiful. Set yourself free to indulge in what will en-hance your mind, body and soul. You will be attract peoplewho can contribute to what you are trying to accomplish. Thedoors are opening and the possibilities are endless.

ARIES **** March 21-April 19Take things as they come. If you are too quick tojump, you will give the wrong impression. Lookback in time and you will remember someonewho can offer you what you are in need of now.

TAURUS *** April 20-May 20Take an honest assessment of who you are andwhat you are capable of doing. It’s time to fine-tune your talents and make them work for you.Simplicity will be the key to getting ahead.

GEMINI *** May 21-June 20Let your emotions take over and you will resolvesome of the challenges you face. Your Geminicharm will guide you to the winner’s circle. Doorswill open quickly and offers will appear.

CANCER *** June 21-July 22Change is good, even if you don’t like it much.Take a look around you and you will discoverwhat is required of you. Time is important if youwant to make some changes to your future hap-piness.

LEO ** July 23-Aug. 22It’s up to you to set the standards. Incorporatefun into whatever you do. It will make all the dif-ference to the way you feel about what you doand the way others see you.

VIRGO **** Aug. 23-Sept. 22Keep your cash and your credit cards in a safeplace. You don’t have to put out financially to im-press someone. Let your personality be the decid-ing factor in the way someone feels about you.

LIBRA ** Sept. 23-Oct. 22If you have fun, everyone around you will join inand help. Mix your personal and professional life.However, when it comes to making a financialdecision, keep your emotions out of it.

SCORPIO ***** Oct. 23-Nov. 21Your talent and what you’ve been able to ac-complish will grab the interest of someone want-ing to get involved in what you are doing. Don’tsell yourself short.

SAGITTARIUS *** Nov. 22-Dec. 21A new outlook will help you to turn things aroundat home. The changes will lift your spirits and helpyou form a better relationship with someone inyour life who counts. Love is on the rise.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19You may like to be in control but you are betteroff hearing what everyone else has to say beforedivulging your position. You will be misinterpret-ed if you aren’t careful.

AQUARIUS ***** Jan. 20-Feb. 18It’s all about how you feel about what you do.You can attract positive people who are easy toget along with. They, in turn, will help you getgood results, leading to a brighter future. Expandyour horizons.

PISCES ** Feb. 19-March 20Sit and wait instead of rushing into somethingthat may not work for you. Don’t let your emo-tions take over or you may ruin what you alreadyhave. Be intelligent about the way you handlepeople.


Actress Debbie Reynolds is 77.Actor Don Hastings is 75.Actress Ali MacGraw is 71.Singer Rudolph Isley (Isley Brothers) is 70.Reggae singer Jimmy Cliff is 61.Jazz keyboardist Gil Scott-Heron is 60.Keyboardist Billy Currie of Ultravox is 59.Actress Annette O’Toole is 57.Actor Sam Huntington is 27.

Gil Scott-Heron

Page 14: Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS.01Apr09

¥â«¬ ∂“∫—π∫—≥±‘µ∫√‘À“√∏ÿ√°‘® »»‘π∑√å ·Ààß®ÿÓ≈ß°√≥å¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬ µâÕß°“√®—¥À“∫ÿ§≈“°√‡æ◊Ëժؑ∫—µ‘ß“π„π‚§√ß°“√√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø‡™◊ËÕ¡∑à“Õ“°“»¬“π ÿ«√√≥¿Ÿ¡‘·≈– ∂“π’√—∫ àߺŸâ‚¥¬ “√Õ“°“»¬“π„π‡¡◊Õß (Airport Rail Link) ¢Õß°“√√∂‰ø·Ààߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬ „πµ”·Àπàߥ—ßµàÕ‰ªπ’È

(1) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫Õ“≥—µ‘ —≠≠“≥ ®”π«π 3 §π(2) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫‚∑√§¡π“§¡ ®”π«π 4 §π(3) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫®—¥‡°Á∫§à“‚¥¬ “√Õ—µ‚π¡—µ‘ ®”π«π 3 §π(4) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫ª√–µŸ™“π™“≈“ √–∫∫ “¬æ“π≈”‡≈’¬ß·≈–√–∫∫‡™Á§Õ‘π ®”π«π 5 §π(5) «‘»«°√Õÿª°√≥å„π‚√ß àÕ¡∫”√ÿß√∂‰øøÑ“ ®”π«π 1 §π(6) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫√∂‰øøÑ“ ®”π«π 2 §π(7) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫®à“¬°”≈—߉øøÑ“ ®”π«π 1 §π(8) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫√“ß·≈–√–∫∫®à“¬‰ø‡Àπ◊Õ√“ß ®”π«π 2 §π(9) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫Õÿª°√≥å„πÕ“§“√ ®”π«π 3 §π

(10) «‘»«°√Õ“«ÿ‚ √–∫∫‚§√ß √â“ß ®”π«π 3 §π(11) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë«“ß·ºπ°“√®—¥°“√µ“√“߇¥‘π√∂ ®”π«π 2 §π(12) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩñ° Õπæπ—°ß“π¢—∫√∂‰øøÑ“ ®”π«π 2 §π(13) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡√–∫∫«‘»«°√√¡ ®”π«π 2 §π(14) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰øøÑ“„π‚√ß àÕ¡∫”√ÿß ®”π«π 2 §π(15) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡°“√‡¥‘π√∂‰øøÑ“„π‡ âπ∑“ßÀ≈—° ®”π«π 2 §π(16) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡ ∂“π’√∂‰øøÑ“ ®”π«π 2 §π(17) ‡≈¢“πÿ°“√ À√◊Õ ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ëß“π∑—Ë«‰ª ®”π«π 2 §π(18) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë·ª≈‡Õ° “√ ®”π«π 1 §π(19) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë®—¥ ◊ÈÕ ®”π«π 1 §π(20) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬ —≠≠“ ®”π«π 1 §π(21) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë°“√‡ß‘π·≈–∫—≠™’ ®”π«π 1 §π(22) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬∫ÿ§§≈ ®”π«π 1 §π(23) ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬Ωñ°Õ∫√¡æπ—°ß“π ®”π«π 1 §π(24) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë°“√µ≈“¥ ®”π«π 1 §π(25) ºŸâ®—¥°“√ΩÉ“¬§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬·≈–√—∫√Õߧÿ≥¿“æ ®”π«π 1 §π(26) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬·≈–√—∫√Õߧÿ≥¿“æ ®”π«π 1 §π(27) ºŸâ®—¥°“√√–∫∫‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ “√ π‡∑» ®”π«π 1 §π

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘∑—Ë«‰ª¢Õß∑ÿ°µ”·Àπàß ®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ “¡“√∂查 Õà“π ‡¢’¬π ¿“…“Õ—ß°ƒ…‰¥â‡ªìπÕ¬à“ߥ’ “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√剥⇪ìπÕ¬à“ߥ’

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘‡©æ“–¢Õßµ”·Àπàß«‘»«°√ (µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 1 -10) ºŸâ®—¥°“√ (µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 23, 25 ·≈– 27) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˧«∫§ÿ¡√–∫∫«‘»«°√√¡ (µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 13) ·≈–‡®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬·≈–√—∫√Õߧÿ≥¿“æ (µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 26)

®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’«‘»«°√√¡»“ µ√å „π “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ·≈–¡’„∫ª√–°Õ∫«‘™“™’æ«‘»«°√√¡§«∫§ÿ¡ÕÕ°‚¥¬ ¿“«‘»«°√ ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π 3-5 ªï ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π√–∫∫¢π àß∑“ß√∂‰ø ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘‡©æ“–¢Õßµ”·ÀπàߺŸâ®—¥°“√√–∫∫‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ “√ π‡∑» (µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 27) ®∫ª√‘≠≠“µ√’«‘»«°√√¡»“ µ√å À√◊Õ«‘∑¬“»“ µ√å “¢“§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘‡©æ“–¢Õßµ”·Àπà߇®â“Àπâ“∑’ËΩÉ“¬ —≠≠“ (µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 20) ¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ‡√◊ËÕß°ÆÀ¡“¬∑’Ë∫—ߧ—∫„™â°—∫√—∞«‘ “À°‘® ¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ‡√◊ËÕß√–‡∫’¬∫·≈–¢âÕ°”Àπ¥¢Õß°“√√∂‰ø·Ààߪ√–‡∑»‰∑¬ ®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

ºŸâ ¡—§√∑à“π„¥∑’Ë¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å∑”ß“π„π∏ÿ√°‘®∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß®–‰¥â√—∫°“√æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

ºŸâ π„®°√ÿ≥“ àߪ√–«—µ‘°“√∑”ß“πæ√âÕ¡·π∫√Ÿª∂à“¬·≈–À≈—°∞“π°“√ ¡—§√ß“π¡“‰¥â∑’Ë:§ÿ≥‡©≈‘¡√—µπå ‘ßÀ債∑Õß À√◊Õ §ÿ≥«√≈—°…≥å ≥√ߧåæ—π∏å

∂“∫—π∫—≥±‘µ∫√‘À“√∏ÿ√°‘® »»‘π∑√å ·Ààß®ÿÓ≈ß°√≥å¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬™—Èπ 10 Õ“§“√»»ª“∞»“≈“ ´Õ¬®ÿÓ12 ∂ππæ≠“‰∑ ª∑ÿ¡«—π °√ÿ߇∑æœ 10330

‚∑√»—æ∑å 02 218 4001-9 µàÕ 154 ‚∑√ “√ 02 216 1317E-mail: [email protected] À√◊Õ [email protected]

Page 15: Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS.01Apr09

CMC BIOTECH & GROUP COMPANIESWe are an established sole distributor of various leading brands of medical equipment,products and associated services with branch operations in Chiang Mai, Khon Kaenand Hatyai. To serve our expanding business, we seek enthusiastic and hard-workingThai nationals to join our team.

General Manager At least 30 years of age Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering,

Applied Sciences or equivalent, Master’s Degree is advantageous

At least 8 years’ experience in managerial level

Well-organized, independent, self-driven and reliable

Proven strong leadership skills Sales management experience

will be an asset.

Customer Service Manager At least 30 years of age Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Medical

Equipment, Electronics, Sciences or related fields

At least 5 years’ experience in sales and services of medical or related fields at the management level

Strong leadership, decision-making, cost management and good communication skills

Good command of spoken and written English

Product Manager Age 30-35 years, Bachelor’s Degree in

Pharmacist, Radiology Technology, Medical Instrumentation, Master’s Degreeis advantageous.

At least 5 years’ experience in sales. Self-motivated and willing to work hard. Strong and proven analytical skills,

leadership and proactiveness. Able to travel up-country.

Marketing & Sales Engineer(BKK, Northern, North Eastern, Southern)

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/ Electronics Engineering, Sciences, Applied Physics, Radiography, Medical Instrumentation or equivalent

Self-motivated and able to work independently

Own transportation, with valid driver’s license is a plus

Secretary / Coordinator Age 23-30 years. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing,

Business Adminstration, Secretarial or related fields.

Sincere, reliable, honest, highly responsible and hardworking.

Computer literate and proficient in MS Office

We offer good remuneration packagefor the right candidates.

Interested candidates should submit in their applications, stating full qualificationsand experiences, expected remuneration

and a recent photo to:

CMC Biotech Co., Ltd.364 Town-in-Town, Ladprao 94,

Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310Tel : 0-2530-4995 Ext. 215, 201

Fax : 0-2934-4487Email: [email protected],

URL: http://www.cmcbiotech.co.thOnly shortlisted candidates will be considered and all

applications will be treated in strictest confidential.

∫√‘…—∑∫√‘À“√ ‘π∑√—æ¬å °√ÿ߇∑ææ“≥‘™¬å ®”°—¥ ‡ªìπ∫√‘…—∑™—Èππ”¢Õß√—∞∑’Ë¡’∫∑∫“∑ ”§—≠„π°“√∫√‘À“√®—¥°“√ ‘π∑√—æ¬å¥âÕ¬§ÿ≥¿“æ∑—ÈßNPLs ·≈– NPA ¡’§«“¡ª√– ߧå√—∫∫ÿ§≈“°√‡¢â“∑”ß“π ¥—ßπ’È

1) ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’˪√–™“ —¡æ—π∏å ‡æ»À≠‘ß Õ“¬ÿ‰¡à‡°‘π 25 ªï Ÿß 165 ´¡.¢÷Èπ‰ª «ÿ≤‘°“√»÷°…“ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª “¢“π‘‡∑»»“ µ√å ¡πÿ…¬»“ µ√å

·≈– “¢“∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß “¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å Microsoft Office ∫ÿ§≈‘°∑—π ¡—¬ °≈ⓧ‘¥ °≈â“· ¥ßÕÕ° ¡πÿ…¬å —¡æ—π∏奒 √—°ß“π¥â“π∫√‘°“√ ¡’∑—°…–„π°“√查µàÕÀπâ“ “∏“√≥™π 查,Õà“π,‡¢’¬π ¿“…“Õ—ß°ƒ…‰¥â¥’ “¡“√∂ªØ‘∫—µ‘ß“π„π«—πÀ¬ÿ¥πÕ° ∂“π∑’Ë ·≈–µà“ß®—ßÀ«—¥‰¥â (‡ªìπ§√—Èߧ√“«)2) «‘»«°√‚¬∏“ / ∂“ªπ‘° «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’ “¢“«‘»«°√√¡‚¬∏“ / ∂“ªíµ¬°√√¡ ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥剡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 5 ªï “¡“√∂§”π«≥·∫∫‚§√ß √â“ß

·≈–§«∫§ÿ¡∫√‘À“√ ß“π°àÕ √â“ß / °“√ÕÕ°·∫∫∑’ËÕ¬ŸàÕ“»—¬ª√–‡¿∑ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« ∑“«π凌ⓠå

“¡“√∂„™â§Õ¡æ‘«‡µÕ√å Microsoft Office , Auto Cad ¢—∫√∂¬πµå‰¥â ·≈–¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ¢—∫¢’Ë

ºŸâ∑’Ë π„® ¡—§√¥â«¬µπ‡Õß ,E-mail: [email protected] À√◊Õ àß®¥À¡“¬æ√âÕ¡·π∫À≈—°∞“π°“√ ¡—§√·≈–√Ÿª∂à“¬ (‰¡à‡°‘π 6 ‡¥◊Õπ) ®à“Àπâ“´Õß∂÷ߺŸâÕ”π«¬°“√ΩÉ“¬∑√—欓°√∫ÿ§§≈

∫√‘…—∑∫√‘À“√ ‘π∑√—æ¬å °√ÿ߇∑ææ“≥‘™¬å ®”°—¥ 99 ∂. ÿ√»—°¥‘Ï ·¢«ß ’≈¡ ‡¢µ∫“ß√—° °√ÿ߇∑æœ 10500

‚∑√. 0-2267-1900 µàÕ 1103,1105

Interested persons, please send your resume with application documents to: [email protected] or fax to 02-713-0382

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

We are a premier consulting company specializing in the China marketplace.We provide clients with “turnkey” services in order for them to quickly andeffectively do business in China. We are looking for exceptional candidates forthe following position.

Urgently Required!!!

China Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

Sales & Marketing Executives

Qualifications: At least 1-2 years of experience

in related field Pro-active and reliable, a good

troubleshooter Strong communication skills,

able to quickly understand thecustomer’s needs

Team player with excellent interpersonal, negotiation, coordi-nation and organization skills

Excellent command of English,Japanese, and/or Chinese(Mandarin)

Web Master

Qualifications: At least 2 years of experience

as a web master Bachelor’s degree in any related

field Pro-active and reliable, a good

troubleshooter Additional knowledge of any of

the following is a plus: PHP,MySQL, Apache, HTML, XML,CSS, etc.

Ability to use graphic design applications

Asst. Sales Manager (50 Pos.)Qualifications:- Male, age over 35 years- High voc./Bachelor's degree in Marketing,Business Admin. or related field

- Experience in retail shop sale and agencymanagement in consumer product

- Bachelor's degree graduate requiresminimum 5 years experience in sales teammanagement

- High voc. graduate requires minimum 7 yearsexperience in sales team management

- Leadership, planning, analytical and negotiation skills

- Able to work upcountry

Sales Unit Supervisor (30 Pos.)Qualifications:- Male, age 28-30 years- High voc./Bachelor's degree in Marketing,Business Admin. or related field

- Bachelor's degree graduate requiresminimum 3 years experience in consumerproduct sale and sales unit management

- High voc. graduate requires minimum 5 yearsexperience in consumer product sale andsales unit management

- Leadership, planning, analytical andnegotiation skills

- Able to work upcountry

System Engineer (3 Pos.)Qualifications:- Bachelor's degree or higher in ComputerEngineering or related field

- At least 4 years experience in designing and monitoring security system of Windows2003 Server, Active Directory and Exchange 2003 Server

- Knowledge of Windows script or related field- Experience in related Microsoft programs

such as SQL 2005 Server, ISA 2004 Server,Terminal Server

- Knowledge of network system, Cisco equipment (switch, router) or relatedcomputer network system

- CCNA, MCP, MCSA or MCSE will be an advantage

Interested and qualified candidates, please contact

Khun Chaloemchai Phuapradit,Khun Manasnan Phutthisongkran

Selection Division,Human Resource Department, M Floor

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www.jobtccgroup.com www.thaibev.com

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Due to our expansion, we are looking for high potential candidates to join oursuccessful team.

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¡“™‘° ¡“§¡π“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å




28691 - 0 6 8

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´.æ√–¬“ ÿ‡√π∑√å 39 ¡.≈‘ø«‘Ëß≈“°Ÿπ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 3 ™—Èπ 142.9 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ5 πÈ” ·µàßÀ√Ÿ¡“° 23 ≈â“π∫“∑§ÿ≥«√√≥…“ 086-337-7287

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∂.∫“ß°√«¬-‰∑√πâÕ¬ 7.2 ≈â“π∫“∑∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 129 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ”„°≈â·¬°∫“ß°√«¬ ‡À¡“–∑”ÕÕøøÿ≥«—πµå∏π—∑ 080-616-0131

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∑’Ë¥‘π∂¡ Ÿß 62 ‰√à ¥â“πÀ≈—ßµ‘¥·¡àπÈ” ¥â“πÀπ⓵‘¥∂.æ‘∫Ÿ≈¬åœ

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24 GAMES Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

AFP, Paris

Europe’s fight for 13 WorldCup places hots up tonight

with seven months to go beforethe end of qualifying for SouthAfrica 2010.

Nine group winners and fourrunners up from a two-leg play-off slot into place at the mo-mentous, 32-nation footballjamboree from June 11 to July 11next year, the first finals to beheld in Africa.

Reigning world champions

Italy have a top-of-the-tableclash with Republic of Irelandin Bari, 1998 winners Francecomplete a double-header athome to Lithuania andEuropean champions Spainmeet Turkey in Istanbul.

Holland, who impressed onSaturday with a 3-0 win overScotland in Amsterdam, hostMacedonia. France can take asignificant step towards reach-ing next year’s World Cup withsuccess against Lithuania forthe second time inside a week.

Franck Ribery’s stylish con-tribution on a bumpy pitch inKaunas on Saturday has helpedsmooth France’s path to South

Africa 2010. If they do the double on this

‘return’ leg against Lithuaniacoach Raymond Domnenech’sside can leapfrog the over-achieving 52nd ranked team inthe world and move into sec-ond in Group Seven.

Striker Fernando Torreswarned European championsSpain to beware of a Turkishbacklash in the return fixture.

“We must be humble in tak-ing on any rival and all themore so with Turkey as theyhave a great team,” he said

“They made things tough forus last Saturday and they willdo all the more so tonight.”

IT’S FIGHT NIGHTEuropean nations’battle for 13 WorldCup places hots up

3-0Brandon Dubinsky andDan Girardi scored to liftthe Rangers to a victorythat sent the New JerseyDevils to a season-high,fifth straight loss.


Serena advances at Key BiscayneTop-ranked Serena Williamstwice lost five games in a rowMonday but finished with aflourish and beat China’s ZhengJie 7-5 5-7 6-3 to reach the quar-ter-finals at the Sony EricssonOpen.Serena Williams, seeking arecord sixth Key Biscayne titleand her third in a row, smackedan ace with her final swing, thenraised a fist and began to pogo.One, two, three, four times shehopped, showing uncommonexuberance over reaching thequarter-finals in a tournamentshe dominates. But survival issomething to celebrate, andWilliams barely made it out ofthe fourth round. – AP

‘Terrific’ Barcaimpress FergusonManchester United manager SirAlex Ferguson has highlightedBarcelona as the biggest threatto his side’s chances of retainingtheir Champions League title.“Barcelona are the form team,they have been terrific this sea-son and everyone is takingnotice of them,” Ferguson said.“They can be a threat to any-body and are quite rightly one ofthe favourites,” the veteranScottish boss added.However, Ferguson said currentBarca boss Pep Guardiola had

bolstered the Catalan club’sdefence. – AFP

Rafael deniesChelsea rumoursReal Madrid’s Dutch midfielderRafael van der Vaart deniedrumours linking him withChelsea. “I hear there arerumours about me wanting togo to Chelsea. But I have neversaid that. I have not yet decidedon my future. I don’t know any-thing about it,” he said. “At RealMadrid a lot of things are goingto happen in the summer. A newpresident and maybe a newcoach. So I’ll just wait and see.”– AFP

Howard spoilsMourning’s nightOn a special night immortalisingAlonzo Mourning, the MiamiHeat wasvictimised byDwightHoward,who scored22 points asthe OrlandoMagic beatthe Heat101-95.Howard and the Magic spoiledan emotionally touching andtearful celebration for Mourning,who became the first Heat play-er to have his number retired. –DPA

brieflyHatton: Pacquiao’sDe La Hoya win flukeRicky Hatton thinks Manny Pacquiao’s bigwin over Oscar De La Hoya in December wasa fluke. Hatton is counting on beating theFilipino star on May 2 in Las Vegas. “Any winagainst Oscar is a magnificent one. Is that theOscar De La Hoya we have come to love? Idon’t think so,” Hatton said. “And only Oscarcan say what happened on the scales. Helooked a shell of the Oscar we know. I don’tthink it was hard to beat Oscar that night.”

THE SPORTRicky Hatton

Italy coach Marcello Lippi, centre, with players Giorgio Chiellini, right, and Fabio Cannavaro.


Robinho relaxes in Brazil.

Brazil brew up trouble for PeruWith only one point between them in the race for four LatinAmerican World Cup qualifying berths Argentina and Brazil, sevenworld crowns between them, face stiff midweek challenges.Brazil have yet to find their best form, winning only four of theiropening 11 matches on the long road which they hope will lead toSouth Africa. Despite their less than stellar form, however, Brazilshould have no trouble polishing off the Peruvians.With just one win to their credit to date, the Peruvians are a far cryfrom the vintage of three decades ago, when a side led by theswashbuckling Teofilo Cubillas reached the second phase of thefinals in Argentina. Argentina face a tough trip up into the thin air ofLa Paz.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS THE SPORT 25

Sheva dreamsof WembleyredemptionUkraine forward Andrei

Shevchenko is dreaming ofscoring a goal at Wembleyagainst England tonight in a2010 World Cup qualifier totry to forget the last threemiserable seasons.

“I’m dreaming about agoal at Wembley because itwould be my 40th for thenational team,” he told LaGazzetta dello Sport.

“Most of all I dreamabout scoring a goal thathelps us to qualify. Thismatch is vital but the oneagainst Croatia will be thekey.”

Shevchenko will run outat the new Wembley for thefirst time and he is hopinghis team can upset the homeside. – A F P

AFP, Watford, England

Frank Lampard believesFabio Capello’s refusal to

pander to the egos of England’spampered superstars hasplayed a key role in putting theteam on course for the WorldCup finals.

After the indulgent reigns ofSven Goran Eriksson and SteveMcClaren ended in failure,Capello moved quickly to shat-ter the sense of entitlement andcomplacency that pervaded theEngland squad when he tookcharge last year.

Now Capello’s side can take asignificant step towards nextyear’s tournament in SouthAfrica by maintaining their 100per cent start to the qualifyingcampaign against Ukraine at

Wembley tonight. Key to theprocess has been Capello’sruthless treatment of MichaelOwen, who was once a main-stay of the team but couldn’teven win a call-up. Even DavidBeckham has been forced to ac-cept a bit-part role.

It hasn’t taken long forCapello’s regime to play off.Four successive wins have firedEngland to the top of Group Sixand another victory overUkraine would give them onefoot in the finals already.

Chelsea midfielder Lampardadmits it was about timeEngland’s underachievers weregiven a reality check.

“We needed a very strongleader who had his own mind,”he said. “With Capello you can

see that. The best managers I’veworked with have a fear ele-

ment, but it’s not a fear whereyou can’t speak to them. It’sabout the decisions he makesfor the good of the team.

“When he came in, a lot ofpeople made a thing of theWAGS and a lack of an Englandteam that really cared about re-sults. There was an element oftruth in a lot of what was said.We just needed someone to putus in line a little bit and concen-trate on what we’re doing.

“At times those things can bea slight culture shock, whenyou are told you need to do this,you need to wear that. But thenyou start winning games andyou get a really good feelingabout things. You get a beliefand it’s very easy to handle be-

cause you’re winning.“That’s maybe what we need-

ed. It was easy to see we playedas individuals too much in thepast. We have very good indi-viduals, but the team didn’t per-form because we weren’t play-ing as a group.

“You need to have humilityand to be selfless. You need towork for your mate next to you,to play out of position if that’swhat is required. That’s some-thing Capello needed to bring.”

Lampard admits he was onceso sure of his place that he did-n’t even bother to check thesquad announcements. Thatcomplacency is gone and henow has to ignore his attackinginclinations.


RUTHLESSREGIMEPAYS OFFScrapping the star system has putmanager Capello in the driving seat asEngland go gunning for Ukraine


England’s Aaron Lennon, left, controls the ball under the stern eye of Fabio Capello during training.

Italian coaching legends go head-to-headA F P , Bari, Italy

Italian coaching legendsMarcello Lippi and

Giovanni Trappatoni will beon opposite benches as Italyhost Ireland in a crucial WorldCup qualifier tonight.

Italy lead group eight bytwo points from Ireland fol-lowing Saturday’s matches inwhich the world championswon 2-0 in Montenegro and alate own goal from KevinKilbane cost the Irish a homewin against Bulgaria.

But if anyone can lead theplucky Irish to victory in Italythen it is the greatest clubcoach in the history of theItalian game.

Trappatoni has won every-thing there is to win in clubfootball during a glorious 35-year coaching career in which

he has sat on the bench at gi-ants such as AC Milan, InterMilan, Juventus, Benfica andBayern Munich.

He won titles in four differ-ent countries, including seven

in Italy, and all three Europeancompetitions, including thenow-defunct Cup Winners’Cup.

Lippi’s achievements proba-bly would outshine almost any

other coach, but notTrappatoni, as he has won on-ly five Italian titles and a sin-gle European trophy, theChampions League, all withJuventus.

However, what he does havethat Trapp hasn’t is interna-tional success having guidedItaly to the World Cup threeyears ago.

Even so Lippi has nothingbut admiration for his oppo-site number.

“At 70 years old he stillcoaches with the enthusiasmof a boy,” he said. “That’s whyhe’s called to all corners of theglobe to teach football.

“I have a lot of respect forhim because he is the refer-ence for our generation, fordetermination, for shrewd-ness, dedication,” said Lippi.

Ireland’s coach Giovanni Trapattoni shares a joke with his playersduring a training session in Dublin.

,, AP


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Page 27: Xpress-qTODAY PAGE-1011.XPRESS.01Apr09

AFP, London

Golfing great SeveBallesteros has spoken for

the first time about his battle tosurvive a brain tumour, de-scribing his fight for life as akinto playing for a sixth Major.

The Spaniard has had threeoperations and is currently un-dergoing a fourth round ofchemotherapy since he col-lapsed on an escalator atMadrid’s Barajas airport onOctober 6, 2008.

Speaking to Spanish sportsdaily Marca, the 51-year-old re-called how he had snapped at awoman who had attempted tohelp. “I remember I told her‘Madam, shut up, you are mak-ing a scene.’”

Despite the pleading of air-line staff who wanted him tosee a doctor immediately,Ballesteros dragged his suitcaseout to where his nephew Ivanwas waiting for him, intent onkeeping a lunch date with hisson Miguel. “I just got into thecar and told him: ‘If you knewwhat had happened to me.’”

Ballesteros never madelunch. After fainting again atthe door of the restaurant hewas taken to Madrid’s La Pazhospital, where a scan con-firmed a diagnosis that was tosend shockwaves around theworld. “They were very clearwith me, they told me: ‘This is atumour, it is lucky it is in aplace on the right side [of thebrain].

“At that moment, I wasshocked. You are fine and sud-denly they tell you that, can

you imagine? It is dreadful.”Although he admits there are

still times when he feels ex-tremely low, Ballesteros wasupbeat about the progress ofhis rehabilitation.

“My name is no longer SeveBallesteros, my name is SeveMulligan because I have hadthe luck of getting a Mulligan,which in golf is a second oppor-tunity.

“I have got a Mulligan in life.The proof is that I am alive andthat I can do many things, that Ican talk and I can think perfect-ly. If I think about it objectively,I have been lucky, this is thetruth.”

Ballesteros’s days are nowfilled by a programme of cy-cling, swimming, rowing andwalking which, combined with

a low-fat, alcohol-free diet, hasresulted in him regaining thesvelte figure he had when, as a23-year-old, he became the first

European to win the USMasters.

As a lover of red meat andred wine, it is not the kind oflifestyle that Ballesteros wouldhave chosen, but his spiritshave been lifted by the reactionof golf fans all over the world,more than 300,000 of whomhave sent messages of supportsince October.

“I knew they admired me butI did not know that they lovedme so much,” he said.

It will be some time beforeBallesteros knows what his fu-ture holds and he offered an in-sight into the lows he has hadto endure over the last fewmonths. “When you wake up inthe morning, you do not wantto get out of bed and you say,‘Where do I go?’”.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS THE SPORT 27


SEVE’S SECOND CHANCESpanish legendgrateful forMulligan in life


The five-time Masters winner says hisspirits have been lifted by the reactionof golf fans all over the world.,,

Back-to-front Hamilton shows champ’s grit

Tears fall asBallesterosrecalls careerSeve Ballesteros’ competi-

tive spirit seemed intactdespite multiple surgeriesto his brain. He said hisbrother Baldomero toldhim that after waking upfrom one of his operationshis first words were: “BritishOpen. Must win it onSaturday.”

Ballesteros won a record50 times on the Europeantour. He also has threeBritish Open trophies andtwo Masters titles, becom-ing the youngest winner atAugusta before TigerWoods trumped his record.

Along the way,Ballesteros earned manyadmirers for his brashswagger and imaginativeplay, especially in Britainand the United States.

“The [British public]always made me feel veryloved, very loved,”Ballesteros said beforebreaking into tears. “It’s thecorner of the world wherethe sport is best under-stood, and in a way that’swhere it all started for me,the first big step of mycareer and also the last ofmy sporting time. Everyoneknows the British Open ismy favourite tournament.

“What I’m most proudabout, if you ask me whatmy greatest victory was, isto have made golf a popu-lar sport, as it is today, butin those moments it wasbadly looked upon andrejected by a large part ofsociety.”

A withered Ballesteroswas not concerned aboutthe public’s reaction to hisphysical image. “Nothingworries me,” he said. “Thatthe least! These wounds,they are wounds of war.”

AFP, Sepang, Malaysia

World champion LewisHamilton says his drive

from 18th on the grid inMelbourne to a third place fin-ish had taught him a valuablelesson – never give up.

The Briton crossed the linefourth in a race that was wonby Jenson Button, but was laterpromoted to third when JarnoTrulli received a time penaltyfor overtaking in a safety-carperiod.

“I’m a fighter, I’ve never giv-en up at any stage of my motor-sport career – both on and offthe track – and last weekendwas the same,” he said ahead ofthe Malaysian Grand Prix thisweek.

“I pushed like crazy on everysingle lap of the race, alwayslooked for the gap and workedwith the team over the radio tofind every possible way of mak-ing us go quicker.

“This was a fantastic result

for me, but also a brilliant teameffort – our strategy was per-fect, the input from the pitwallwas superb and everythingcame together really well.”

Asked what he learned fromthe race, he said it was never tothrow in the towel.

“I learnt to never, ever, ever,give up,” he said.

“We showed in Brazil lastyear that we would always fightuntil the very end, and weshowed it again in Melbourne.

“I’ll never give up when I’min the cockpit – I want to raceas hard as I can and I’m lookingforward to getting closer to thefront and mixing it with theleaders again.

“Also, Melbourne gave us aclearer idea of which teamshave done the best job over thewinter. I’ve got to say againhow much respect and admira-tion I’ve got for Ross Brawnand all the men and women atBrawn GP.”



Lewis Hamilton says tenacity onSunday took him from 18th to 3rd .

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No complacencyunder Capello Before Fabio Capello took over asEngland coach, Frank Lampard was soconfident of a spot in the starting 11 thathe often didn’t bother to check the teamsheet. Under the Italian disciplinarian,that’s no longer the case.The 30-year-old Lampard can’t be socomplacent anymore.

KAKA RARING TO GOKaka has recovered from a left foot injury andwill be available to play in Brazil’s upcomingWorld Cup qualifier against Peru.THE SPORT

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Seve speaks ofluck of mulligan Looking frail and thin, an emotional SeveBallesteros, spoke publicly for the firsttime about his fight against a cancerousbrain tumour. “This is the most importantshot of my life. I’m fighting to win my sixthMajor,” the Spanish legend said. “Life hasgiven me a second chance,” addedBallesteros, who broke into tears as herecalled his career. >PAGE 27

28 BANGKOK Wednesday, April 1, 2009 DAILY XPRESS

England have called up Aston Villa strikerGabriel Agbonlahor to their squad fortonight’s World Cup qualifying clash withUkraine at Wembley.The move came after Darren Bent limpedout of training on the eve of the match.Tottenham forward Bent had himself beena late call-up to the squad after EmileHeskey and Carlton Cole suffered injuries inSaturday’s 4-0 friendly win over Slovakia.But his involvement with the nationalsquad lasted only a few minutes before hewas forced to head for the treatmentroom.Agbonlahor has been added to the squadas cover with head coach Fabio Capelloindicating that he plans to start the matchwith Peter Crouch leading the attack.The Villa forward’s call-up represents afresh snub to Michael Owen, althoughCapello again insisted that the injury-plagued Newcastle forward’s Englandcareer could be revived once he startsplaying regularly for his club.“In every interview I’ve said the door for allthe England players is open,” Capello said.“I respect Owen but I chose Agbonlahorbecause he has played a lot of games.”Rio Ferdinand, who returned to trainingafter missing the Slovakia match with aback strain, is set to start alongside JohnTerry in central defence.Capello will also have Shaun Wright-Phillips, who missed Saturday’s game withan ankle injury, available.With four straight wins in group six,England will be in a very strong position toreach next year’s finals in South Africa ifthey can beat Ukraine, the only team theyhave yet to face.The win over Slovakia augured well forEngland’s chances and Capello expectsUkraine to play a similar style.“It will be a very dangerous game, theyplay very well on the counter attack,” theItalian said. “It will be very tough.“I was very happy after the Slovakiamatch, our movement with and withoutthe ball was very good and we created alot of good chances. For me it was a goodtest. – A F P


England’s Darren Bent leaves yesterday’straining session early .