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  • 1. Xenith X1TM Football Helmet Players Manual

2. CONTENTS INTRODUCTIONIntroduction 3 Congratulations, and thank you for choosing the Xenith X1 helmet. Education6 Innovation 8 Xeniths overall goal is keeping people safe, active, and healthy, by delivering Fitting Instructions10both innovation and education. In fact, the X Logo represents the intersection Concussion Prevention 18of innovation and education, and the enlightenment that occurs when the twoare combined.This manual will educate you on the proper fitting of your innovative X1.You will also learn about your risks and responsibilities when playing footballand how our innovative technologies can help minimize your risk of injury.We hope you enjoy your new X1.Feel free to contact Xenith CustomerService with any questions at 1.866.888.2322, or log on to Xenith.com for thelatest news and information.- The Xenith Team 3. EDUCATION Did you know?A concussion is a disruption of brain functionresulting from a sudden, violent movementof the head.Reported concussions have been describedas the tip of the iceberg; most concussionsgo undiagnosed.All impacts, high and low energy, arecumulative and potentially damaging.Every hit is different, and every hit counts.Xenith wants you to be well-informed andwell-equipped. 4. INNOVATION The Xenith X1TM Football Helmet Featuring Xenith Adaptive Head ProtectionTM Adapts to impact energy and direction Reduces the sudden movement of the head during impact Combats the cumulative effects of every hit Built for Players Provides a snug and comfortable fit, with no pumps needed Lightweight and well-ventilated Attractive and low-profile Built to Last Made from the highest quality materials Outstanding multi-impact durability Easy to maintain 5. ADAPTS TO THE HEADFIT-SEEKERTM TECHNOLOGYThe chin straps on the X1 are connected to the Fit Seeker cable, which is When the chin cup reaches your chin, the Fit Seeker cable is drawn for-woven throughout the flexible Shock Bonnet inside the helmet. By pullingward. As the cable tightens, it snugs the flexible Shock Bonnet aroundoutward on the chin straps the chin cup is pulled up toward your chin.your head, providing an instant custom fit with no pumps needed. 6. ADAPTS TO THE HIT AWARE FLOWTM SHOCK ABSORBER TECHNOLOGY Xenith Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers manage impact energy differentlyThe air is vented through a small opening, which allows for an optimized than traditional padding materials. As force is applied, Aware-Flow Shock response to a variety of energy levels. This reduces the sudden movement Absorbers begin to compress, increasing the air turbulance inside.of the head, potentially reducing the likelihood of traumatic brain injury. 1011 7. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 1 STEP 1 MEASURE YOUR HEADUsing a standard measuring tape, measure the circumferenceof your head. Then consult the Xenith X1 Size Chart andchoose your correct size X1 helmet.WIDEST POINTFIT CHECKPOINTXENITH X1 SIZE CHARTEnsure that you are measuring the head at the widest point,20.0 21.0 22.0 23.024.0 25.0Inchesabout an inch above the ears and eyebrows.Note: it may be helpful to do this in front of a mirror or seek the6 3/86 1/2 6 5/8 6 3/46 7/8 77 1/8 7 1/4 7 3/87 1/2 7 5/8 7 3/4 7 7/88Hat Size (US) help of a parent, coach or other staff member.SMALLMEDIUMLARGEX LARGE 500 510520 530540 550 560570 580590 600 610 620 630640 mm 1 1 8. FITTING INSTRUCTIONSFITTING INSTRUCTIONS 2CHINSTRAP FED THROUGH FIRST SLOT ONLYSNAP BUCKLES UNBUCKLED STEP 2 PROPER SETUP Unbuckle all four snap buckles and feed the chinstraps through the first slot of the snap buckles only. This will make it easier to adjust the chinstraps during fitting. Also, see that the high chinstrap runs in between the low chinstrap (as shown). FIT CHECKPOINT Ensure that you have read and understand the warnings inside your helmet and on the inside back cover of this booklet. If not, take a moment and read them now.HIGH CHINSTRAP 11 9. FITTING INSTRUCTIONSFITTING INSTRUCTIONS 3STEP 3 CINCH THE LOW STRAPS BY PULLING FIRMLYOUTWARD Pull the low chinstraps outward, which will cause the chincup to slide up to meet your chin, and the Shock Bonnet to snug down around your head. Be sure to pull evenly on both sides so that the chincup stays centered. Do not overtighten. MOUTHGUARD IN FIT CHECKPOINT Ensure the chincup is centered and symmetrical. If not, loosen the chincup and repeat Step . Note: it may be helpful to do this in front of a mirror. 11 10. FITTING INSTRUCTIONSFITTING INSTRUCTIONS 4STEP 4 ADJUST LOW BUCKLES AND SNAP INTO PLACE Bring the low chinstraps under the jawline of the shell (as shown) and up to the snap. Then slide each buckle along the chinstrap and snap it into place, leaving minimal slack in the chinstrap. FIT CHECKPOINT Ensure the pads of the shock absorbers in the jaw area make solid contact with the side of the face. If not, you may need the larger size jaw shock absorbers. Note: if there is too much pressure in this area, you may need smaller size jaw shock absorbers.CHINSTRAP UNDER JAWLINE 1 1 11. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 5STEP 5 ADJUST THE HIGH CHINSTRAPS AND SNAPINTO PLACE Pull the high chinstraps upward so that the chincup pivots under your chin. Slide the buckles down along each chinstrap and snap into place, leaving minimal slack in the chinstrap. FIT CHECKPOINT Ensure the high chinstrap runs in-between the low chinstrap.HIGH CHINSTRAP RUNSIf not, unbuckle the straps and adjust. Refer to Step .THROUGH LOW CHINSTRAPS 0 1 12. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 6STEP 6 CHECK FOR PROPER FIT AND ADJUST ASNEEDED With all four buckles snapped into place, apply force to the facemask in multiple directions. If there is excessive move- ment, tighten the chinstraps further and readjust the buckles. FIT CHECKPOINT Ensure the helmet is secure by exerting upward force to the facemask. The chincup should stay secure on the chin. If not, unbuckle the high straps and adjust. Note: if the helmet still wobbles excessively, you may need a smaller size. 13. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 7STEP 7 FEED STRAPS THROUGH BUCKLES TO LOCKIN PLACE Once you have tightened all four straps and the helmet feels secure, lock the buckles into place by feeding the end of the chinstrap through the second slot of the buckle. CONGRATULATIONS The fitting process is complete. However, a properly fit helmet is only the first part of safer play. Please read the following pages to understand the risks of using your head to make contact. 14. CONCUSSION PREVENTIONThis alarming picture shows Xenith Founder Vin Ferrara in high school,carrying the ball and trying to run over his opponent with his head down.His opponent is trying to do the same. Both players are not only violatingfootball rules, they are putting themselves at serious risk for concussionand spinal cord injury. No matter how good your helmet is, using your head to hit someone is abad idea. Unfortunately the official in this picture didnt put a stop to thisrisky situation. You can, and we need your help. Head first contact is an epidemic in football that must be stopped.- NFL research indicates that over two-thirds of concussions result from helmet to helmet contact.- Spinal cord injuries result almost exclusively from head first contact.- The National Athletic Trainers Association position paper indicates an alarming incidence of head first contact in football, and a very rare incidence of penalties being called for this violation.- Head first contact is the cause of the vast of majority of risk associated with football. 15. CONCUSSION PREVENTION CONCUSSION PREVENTION We all have a role to playin preventing concussions. PLAYERSMEDICAL COMMUNITYUse proper technique, and understand the signs and Provide information to help educate the community aboutsymptoms of concussion. If you are injured, tell some- concussions and concussion handling.one!PARENTSLEAGUES & INSTITUTIONSGet active and informed, and demand and also provide Create and enforce policies to support this effort, andthe best protective equipment for players. provide the best protective equipment to players.COACHES & OFFICIALSMEDIATeach and enforce proper technique, and look for and Stop glorifying Big Hits and help relay accurate infor-respond to concussions.mation to the public. 16. XENITH.COMVisit our website to access videos, read articles, and sign up for our mailing list toreceive future product updates and special offers. Be well-informed, and well-equipped.CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORTXenith Customer Support Representatives are available and happy to help answeryour questions Monday through Friday during normal business hours (EST).XENITH, LLC EMAIL: info xenith.com SUFFOLK STREETPHONE: ..0LOWELL, MA 01TOLL FREE: ..Xenith warrants the helmet shell for five () years and the assembled Shock Bonnet (interior liner) including shock absorbers, cables and guide for two () years. In the event of any failure of any warranted components, the complete helmet including the Shock Bonnet must be returned to the place of purchase along with proof of purchase indicating purchase date, as well as the place and dates of reconditioning, if applicable. The helmet will be returned to Xenith for inspection, repair or replacement and returned to the purchaser free of charge.You may replace worn components (facemasks, facemask clips, snap buckles, chin straps, chin cups) but only with Xenith approved replacement parts (see your Dealer or contact Xenith for details). Any repairs or alterations which you make to the helmet which modify or alter the helmet shall void this warranty. Xenith recommends annual reconditioning by a Xenith authorized reconditioner. Failure to use a Xenith authorized reconditioner shall void this warranty and could adversely affect the performance of the helmet. Xenith recommends that helmets be retired from service ten (10) years af