Www.facebook.com/AllProTour. Ambit Energy Jump Start Training Ambit Energy Jump Start Training Jump Start Training Get a jump on your Financial Freedom.

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>www.facebook.com/AllProTour</p> <p>Ambit Energy Jump Start Training</p> <p>AmbitEnergyJump StartTrainingGet a jump on your Financial Freedom.2AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAININGSeven Stepsto Success</p> <p>1234567Your WhyThe ListBrief InvitationAvoid Death ValleyPresent the OpportunityClosing CallHelp New Consultants3AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>New car or housePay off debtsBuild savingsProvide more to charityFinancial freedomMore time</p> <p>DetermineYour Why.</p> <p>4AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>VisionBoard</p> <p>5AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Create YourContact List.Friends and FamilyPeople from workProfessional peopleBusiness people</p> <p>6AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Create YourContact List.Dont pre-judgePrioritize your listList Builder - Power ZoneMemory Jogger - Power Zone</p> <p>7AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>How many people do you knowwho use electricity or natural gas?</p> <p>BriefInvitationDo you think that they would ratherpay less or potentially get it for free?How would you like to earn aresidual income and potentiallythousands of dollars in bonuses byreferring people to that program?8AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>The LESS you say, the MORE you make</p> <p>Dont confuse the invitationwith the presentation</p> <p>AvoidDeath Valley.9AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Could you haveexplained these?</p> <p>10AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Local meetingsSuccess From Home Magazine &amp; DVDOne-on-one or two-on-onepresentationIn-home presentationwww.energy526.com</p> <p>Present theOpportunity.11AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Your excitement, enthusiasmand commitment sell it</p> <p>Present theOpportunity.</p> <p>12AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>If at any time the prospect balks at being a Consultant,make them a customer</p> <p>Present theOpportunity.13AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Set up in advance with upline leaderBuild up leader to prospectCall them yourbusiness partner,not upline</p> <p>Closing Call/3-Way Call</p> <p>14AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>Credibility</p> <p>Closing Call/3-Way Call</p> <p>Let the leader talk.TimingTeam15AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>What did you like mostabout the Opportunity?</p> <p>Closing Call/3-Way Call</p> <p>Engage Prospect.What else did you like?16AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>5 Customer PointsGet them paid.</p> <p>Help YourNew Consultants.Do me a favor.Reinforce your why.17AMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAINING</p> <p>TrainingsPlug them in.</p> <p>Help YourNew Consultants.www.ambition09.comConference CallsAmbitionwww.ambition10.comwww.ambition11.com18</p> <p>Welcome tothe Team!19</p> <p>www.facebook.com/AllProTour</p> <p>Potential Pitfalls1335Building With PersonalityBrief InvitationToo Much MotheringAMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAININGEmotional AttachmentLearning Calculus Before Addition2Getting Into Management Mode421Boiling Down the 7 Steps1234567Your WhyThe ListBrief InvitationAvoid Death ValleyPresent the OpportunityClosing CallHelp New ConsultantsPreparationAMBIT ENERGY JUMP START TRAININGLeadership (20%)InvitationAvoid Death Valley1Presentation2Validation34DuplicationAction (80%)22123PresentationValidationDuplication4Invitation526AmbitPros526 Blitz ProcessAmbitPros 526 Blitz TrainingDay 1Training &amp; List BuildingDay 77-8pm5 Invites5 Follow Ups</p> <p>Day 67-8pm5 Invites5 Follow UpsDay 57-8pm5 Invites5 Follow UpsDay 44-6pm10 Invites2-3 Follow UpsDay 38-8:30pm5 InvitesDay 27-8:00pm10 Invites30 Exposures2-3 Consultants5 Validations5-10 Customers10 Presentations4-6 Team ConsultantsEnergyGoldRush Ice-BreakerGet a free 30 day trial through midnight tonight @ www.EnergyGoldRush.com/trial/syracuse23 Adoption LifecycleAmbitPros 526 Blitz Training</p> <p>All these categories combined only comes about 20% of your total list!InnovatorsEarly AdoptersEarly MajorityLate MajorityLaggards(This is a no brainer, where do I sign)(This looks really good, tell me more)(This looks good, let me think about it and do some due diligence)(This seems like a good idea, but Im too busy) (This must be the real deal since you proved me wrong over the past 12 months)24 </p> <p>Blitz Up the Comp PlanAmbitPros 526 Blitz Training</p> <p>SCRCECMC25 Momentum SecretsAmbitPros 526 Blitz Training1234Burn the bridgesEveryday Everyday Everyday!Get &amp; stay overwhelmedGravity always wins26Why Momentum? 10 over 10 months versus 10 weeks</p> <p>Here is a wake up call Your prospects expect you to fail! You will by proving them wrong and the blitz concept is designed to create the success you need to prove them wrong and eventually recruit them! Momentum is not created and prospects are do not respond to a toes in strategy, you dont have to be full time physically but you do have to be all in with your head and heart</p> <p>Determine your daily action plan and whatever your daily number of new prospecting calls is, never make more than the same number of follow up calls and dont make more than half as many management callsDoing this will prevent you from spending time with the wrong people and getting caught in quicksand of the maybesDevelop todays action plan the night before</p> <p>3. You CAN set yourself free in this business within a matter of a few years by investing a to an hour a day but thats EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY. You cannot develop momentum by starting and stopping every couple days or weeks. Do not let your head hit the pillow before executing your daily game plan.</p> <p>4. Gravity is a law and extremely predictable and so to is the success you can achieve by following the system youve learned today. A mass in motion tends to stay in motion. If you stay in motion you WILL WIN. Yes it sometimes takes a lot of effort to get the mass in motion, like the space shuttle using most of its fuel just to get that first inch off the ground In terms of Ambit Energy what that means is if you commit to taking the level of action detailed in the 526 Blitz I strongly believe you will have a mass in motion, you will have tasted some success and want more so you do more which creates more success which begets more action and so on and so on</p> <p>So here is the deal your belief in Ambit Energy is as strong now as it may ever be and and every hour, day and week removed from this event your belief will wear off, the honeymoon doesnt last forever right so what you need to do is develop a game plan for your next 30 days and committ with absolute resolve to execute that game plan and you will have put your mass in motion.</p> <p>www.facebook.com/AllProTour</p>