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a guide to West Virginia

because everyone else is making these things

i just wanna be cool

by androidsconundrum

let's just get dis straight

normal virginia

west virginia

don't kno them


not family

different states

not richmond

lots of these guys

so majestic

he's a stud u just kno

look at u

u better watch ur ass deer

Bambi run!!

lotsa mountains

paints with all the colors of the wind

*also majestic

we also have normal cities and stuff though

one day people figured out you can flip ppl off and make the shape of WV

it was awesome

ask anyone i promise they'll do it


u can see the similarity

also p.s. if you do the google search by image for a hand or literally any other body part u will get ALL THE PENISES

so many penises

and porn

and naked people

and i don't even kno????

so slimy


don't try this at home

safe search can't save you


and like babies and some shit?

i never meant for this to happen

*and a couple people's faces how embarassing

oh wow no apparently google just think this guy's hand looks like a slimy penis?

way to go google


friends not food

well that got off topic...

the end