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Writer's Workshop in Grades One and · PDF file 2011-10-16 · Writer's Workshop in Grades One and Two: Read Like a Writer...Write Like a ... Reading like Writers, Writing like Readers

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Text of Writer's Workshop in Grades One and · PDF file 2011-10-16 · Writer's Workshop in...

  • Writer's Workshop in Grades One and Two: Read Like a Writer...Write Like a Reader

    During this session we will answer these questions:

     What is writer’s workshop?

     What is a Writer’s Notebook?

     What is a mentor text?

     What are the six traits of writing?

     What is the writing process?

     Where do we get ideas for writing?

  • So what is Writer’s Workshop?

    Writer’s workshop is a framework for students to write about authentic experiences, using the traits of good writing.

    What does that look like?

  • Components of Writer’s Workshop

     Writer’s Workshop usually has :

    (but not always)

    • mini-Lesson

    • Independent practice/writing • conferencing

    • Editing/revising/publishing

  • So what does the Writer’s Notebook have to do with it?

     The Writer’s Notebook is NOT a diary

    o Students need a place to keep ideas, thoughts and mementoes that become the “seeds” for stories

    o Students react to their environment and the Writer’s notebook is a place to record those reactions o Students need a “safe” place to

    practice the art of writing

  • Mentor Texts Reading like Writers, Writing like Readers

    Rich texts that model one of the traits or a unique writing style

  • Six Traits of good Writers


    Word choice





  • What is my message?

    Is my message clear?

    Did I try hard to make it interesting?

    Do I have enough information?

  • Have I used some words that I really love?

     Can my reader tell what my words mean?

    Have I used any NEW words?

    Did I try not to repeat words too many times?

  •  How does my paper begin?

     Did I tell things in order?

     Does everything link to my message?

     How does my paper end?

  • Do I really like this paper?

    Does this writing sound like me?

    How do I want my readers to

    feel? Does this writing fit

    my audience?

  • Did I use sentences? Do my sentences

    begin in different ways?

    Did I use some long and some short sentences?

    Does my paper sound smooth as I listen to it?

  • Did I leave spaces between words?

    Did I use a title? Did I use periods or question

    marks? Did I use capital letters in the

    right places?  Is it easy to read my spelling?  Could another person read my


  • The Writing Process

     Ideas, Planning, Prewriting

     Rough draft, get your ideas down on paper

     Peer Conferencing

     First edit/revision

     Adult Conference

     Second edit/revision

     Final draft

  • So where do we get our ideas?


    Just to name a few sources…

  • Fierce Wonderings:

    Looking at the world and imagining what it would be like if something was different

  • For example, we might look at clouds and wonder what the world would be like if they were made out of cotton candy

  • Memories

     Have you ever had a day you didn’t want to forget?

  • Heart Maps

    My Family

    My Cats

  • Other Authors What did I like about that

    authors style?

    What can I borrow from that author?

  • Reactions

    What did you think about….

    hoW did you feel When….

    What is something that you feel passionate about?

  • Question and Answers (I hope)

  • Or, what if our pets could talk?

  • Fierce wonderings usually start with “What if….

    What if rain was soda instead of water?

    Fierce Wonderings can be about yourself…

    What if I had an elephant as a pet?

  • Fierce Wonderings can be about your community….

    What if my desk could talk?

    Gosh my back hurts! All day long you sit there putting your books on me. Can’t you see how tired I am? I want a VACATION!!!!!

  • Fierce Wonderings can be about the world…

    What if lava was really just melted chocolate?

  • Now let’s look at some pictures and see if we can imagine some fierce wonderings! We will Popcorn our answers.

    Popcorn Rules: One person pops up at a time

    We use inside voices

  • What fierce wondering can you imagine looking at this picture?

  • Let’s try another one.

  • What about this one?

  • Here is another one.

  • Now it is your turn! Write some Fierce Wonderings in your Writer’s Notebook! Be prepared to share your favorite with the class.