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Wound Care and Healing

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Wound Care and Healing. Health Science Technology. Goals of Wound Care. Remove necrotic tissue to promote wound healing Prevent, eliminate, or control infection Absorb drainage (exudate) Maintain a moist wound environment Protect the wound from further injury - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Wound Care and Healing

  • Wound Care and HealingHealth Science Technology

  • Goals of Wound CareRemove necrotic tissue to promote wound healingPrevent, eliminate, or control infectionAbsorb drainage (exudate)Maintain a moist wound environmentProtect the wound from further injuryProtect the surrounding skin from infection and trauma

  • Stages of Wound Healing1.Primary Stage= inflammation2.Secondary Stage= proliferation (granulation)3. Tertiary Stage= maturation (wound remodeling)

  • Primary Stage of Wound HealingInflammatory Phase caused by histamine and prostaglandin Lasts 4 - 6 daysEdema leads to a reddened, swollen, and tender woundHealing process is controlled by the release of neutrophils and macrophages

  • Secondary Stage of Wound HealingProliferative or Granulation phaseBegins 1-4 days after the injury and ends 14-21 days laterRapid growth of epithelial cells to produce a protective covering for the woundHealthy granulation tissue has a healthy reddish-pink color

  • Tertiary Stage of Wound HealingMaturation, or wound remodeling-Begins 14-21 days after the injury and can last up to 2 yrs. Scar shrinks and thins and becomes less red

  • Wound HealingIn order to accomplish the goals of wound care, a moist wound environment must be maintainedWound cannot be too dry or too moistAll wounds require a dressing that is dry on the air-exposed side to prevent bacterial invasionDressing should be secured over the wound and taped in place using the window paning method of taping

  • Wound TreatmentsIf epidermal (surface) injury:-clean the wound, apply antibacterial ointment and cover If bleeding:-Apply pressure with a gloved hand.-Elevate affected area above the level of the heart to slow blood flow-bleeding should stop after 10-15 minutes. Cover.

  • Wound TreatmentAntibiotics if animal/human bite, or if not cleaned properlySutures if wound is deep or largeTegaderm or Hydrogel for elderly in lieu of sutures due to fragile skin.

  • Types of DressingsWound Vac--used for wounds with excess exudate, excess edema, bacterial burden, absence of moistureDry sterile dressing-used for wounds with little to no drainage. Wet to dry dressing-used for wounds in granulating phase of healing

  • Alternative Wound Care MethodsMaggot Therapy-

  • Maggot TherapyMaggots can effectively: -Debride (clean) the wound-Promote wound healing-Kill bacteriaMaggot Debridement Therapy (MDT) is indicated for non-healing wounds such as: -Venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, etc.

  • Leech Therapy-Leeches secrete an anticoagulant that increases blood flow-They are painless to attach because they secrete an anesthetic-Used primarily in Eastern medicine, but also in Western medicine.-Can be used for more than just wounds, ex: psoriasis

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