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1. WorldWide Special Risks 2010 Football World Cup Promotions 2. Cash Back Incentives Football World Cup 2010How can your customers interest in the 2010Football World Cup lead to increased sales?The Football World Cup in South Africa (June 2010) will be a huge opportunity for brands andretailers, as fans purchasing habits are historically boosted before and during a major sportsevent. Cash back incentives have been used to great effect in the past by brands looking tobenefit from purchasing trends at such a time.Offering a full or partial cash-back on a purchase if the home nation wins or over performs is agreat way to ride the wave of the countries expectation and achieve higher sales.Cash back doesnt have to be linked to win only. Depending on the realistic aims of the homenation and the level of budget available you can set cash back triggers from as little as qualifyingout of the group stages or scoring 10 goals in the tournament.The cost of the fee is linked to the value of each cash back liability, overall sales and the chancethat your trigger will occur. If the team is successful, we refund you for the cost of the cash-back!+ | Telephone. 01727 843686 3. Predictors - Football World Cup 2010Engage your customer basebefore and during the 2010World Cup with a Predictorcompetition. Predictors can and have been used by a range ofclients to engage existing customers and attractnew ones. Online bookmaker sportingbet.comused their one million euro predictor, shown right,in the build up to the Euro 2008.Customers were invited to predict the results ofthe group stages of the tournament to try andwin prizes. The One Million Euro Jackpot created afantastic headline and would have been awarded toanyone predicting all games correctly.Predictors can work on many different levels, witha large volume of players predicting numerousresults, or outcomes from the matches, to fewerfinalists attempting far simpler predictions, | Telephone. 01727 843686 4. Scratch Card Promotions Football World Cup 2010Instant win mechanics for retailers,publishers, brandsIf you are looking for an incentive with some instant appeal, thenmaybe a scratch card could ensure a winning promotion. Scratchcards are a great way to incentivise customers with exciting prizesand offers.The example right is a mock up of a Scratch & Score mechanicthat could be tailored for your brand. Customers scratch-off onedefender, one midfielder and one striker. If they can pass the ballup-field and score a goal by revealing three footballs they win!To find out what prize has been won they scratch away the cup. N!atch IL! GETWith a win ratio of 1 in 32 they have the same chance of GOAScrwinning as each of the 32 teams at the 2010 World Cup! Prizescan vary from your product to electrical goods, holidays, cars even1,000,000.In return for a fixed cost WorldWide take responsibility for& SCORE!reimbursement of the prizes, provide the scratch cards and adviseon the promotion. 59 If you are considering a scratch card mechanic for your promotion11 o. fender (n9)we will provide a tailored proposal free of charge. 48 off one deScratch e midfielder (no. 6- to 1)2-5), on striker (no. 10-1winand one ore a goal and try and sc10 a prize! ,7 e footballs3 veal threIf you rea winner! If you ha nvecayou are ree footballs you al found thoff the cup to reve scratch e!6 your priz2 | Telephone. 01727 843686 5. Kick to Win Promotions Football World Cup 2010Invite customers to test their own soccer skills to win exciting prizes.Skill based contests such as kick to win a are great way to engage customers in the build up to the 2010 World Cup.Customers can be encouraged to register for the chance to Kick for a Million via various methods including text and web.The contest can be promoted on-pack, in your publication, on-air, online, wherever your customer interaction occurs.You then stage a grand final event where finalists can take part in competitions such as;The Target Kick. As shown bottom left, contestants have to kick the ball through a hole or holes in a target board.Those successful could win prize up to One Million Pounds.The Cross Bar Kick. If the finalist hits the cross bar they win! Various formats include two out of three strikes fromthe 18-yard line or one kick, one chance from halfway.If you are interested in a skill based contest for your promotion WorldWide will put together a bespoke proposal,just give us a call. | Telephone. 01727 843686 6. WorldWide Special Risks - Contact details WorldWide Special RisksAbbey Chambers11-13 Verulam Road, St Albans,Herts AL3 4DA EnglandT. +44 1727 843686E. | Telephone. 01727 843686