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World Cup presentation by Mo.

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  • 1. The History Of The World Cup By Mohsin Hussain 6L

2. World Cup Winners 3. You All know Wayne Rooney dont you, but do you know him as Shrek! 4. The World Cup is every four years, but how come the World Cup wasnt hosted in between 1938-1950? 5. The Tournament were cancelled due to the start of World War II. World War II started in 1939 and ended in 1945. What I dont understand is why didnt Fifa host the World Cup in 1946. 6. World Cup Facts A few days before the World Cup of 1966, the trophy was stolen and then later retrieved by a dog! 7. The only unbeaten team at the 1974 was Scotland. 8. The youngest player who has ever appeared in the World Cup is 17 year old Norman Whiteside. 9. The 500th goalin the World Cup Finals was by Bobby Collins of Scotland. 10. Most memorable moments 11. ZenidineZidaneHeadbutt 12. Diego Maradona Hand of God 13. The Most Memorable Speech inWorld Cup history, Someone is on the pitch. 14. Thank You for Listening