WORKSHOP  WRITING. When do we start teaching our students writing? a)Starting from Junior classes b)Starting from A senior c)Starting from D class.

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  • When do we start teaching our students writing?

    Starting from Junior classes Starting from A senior Starting from D class

  • Can writing be taught or is it a talent?

    Its a talent. It can be taught.

  • True


  • What types of writing do we teach our students?

    notesmessageslettersemailsarticlesstories discursive diary entry

  • What do we focus on more? The process or the product?

    The process. The product. Both.

  • How do we teach the process?

  • Understanding the topic

  • Plan and organisation

  • Language awarenessAdjectives vocabularyComplex sentencesOpening / Closing formulae (register)Use of tensesLinking words

  • Getting preparedPreparation for the final writing Optional tasks?

  • Final writing

    Same type of writing ? Same or different theme?

  • Types of writing & Themes

    One theme on one type of writing. One theme on different types of writing. One type of writing on different themes.

  • NEW POWER 1PostcardScrapbook entryEmailPoster with textArticle

    ProjectNoteStoryMessageDiary entry

  • NEW POWER 2EmailArticleLetterStory ProjectAccountProfile

  • NEW POWER 3NoteLetterPostcardEmailArticleStoryText MessageEntry for a TV guide

  • NEW POWER 4Letter informalStoryArticleLetter formalDiary entryEmail

  • NEW POWER 5Letter informal EmailArticleLetter formalEssayStoryCompositionReportLetter to the editorReviewLetter of application

  • NEW POWER 6Letter informal EssayLetter formalStoryLetter to an advice columnEmail ReportArticle Letter to the editorComposition

  • Extra topicsOptional

    To give the more confident students extra work.To use the topics for revision.

  • Assessment criteria ContentOrganisationRange of structure & vocabulary links Register & format Target reader


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