WorkOne R©sum© Workshop. Overview This presentation will cover –R©sum© basics –R©sum© research –R©sum© sections –R©sum© design

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Text of WorkOne R©sum© Workshop. Overview This presentation will cover...

  • WorkOne Rsum Workshop

  • OverviewThis presentation will coverRsum basicsRsum researchRsum sectionsRsum designRsum samples and exercise

  • Rsum BasicsWhat is a rsum?A document that shows your education, job historyMay also include experiences related to job you want

    Why do I need a rsum?Employers use rsums toSee who can do a jobRead about your past jobsDecide which applicant will be interviewed

  • Rsum BasicsWhat is the goal/purpose of my rsum?To get an interview!

    General guidelines:Length: Limit resume to one typed pageFont: Arial for heading, Times New Roman for body text, between 10-12 point fontPaper: Use 8 1/2 x 11 20 lb paper, white, light cream, or grey

  • Rsum BasicsWhat should my rsum contain?Your contact informationAn objective statementEducation experienceWork experienceSkills and qualifications

  • Rsum BasicsReferences (some employers will ask for these separately)Optional sections: professional affiliations, other experience (volunteer work)

  • Rsum ResearchGetting startedBefore you write your rsum:Make five lists that includeWhere you went to school or received training, including location, time/credits, classes completedWhere you have worked, including location, time, responsibilities, skills learnedSkills, qualificationsReferences, including all contact informationProfessional affiliations: trade organizations, unionsIf you are missing any information, you have some research to do

  • Rsum ResearchGetting startedBefore you write your rsum:Conduct some research on the company, job:Company name, contact information, descriptionJob title (job number if applicable), requirementsContact person (person to whom you address letter)Application requirements (does company require a rsum, application, cover letter, list of references?)If you have some missing information, you have some research to doAlso, its better to tailor rsums to a specific job, company because it shows you have researched position, organization

  • Rsum SectionsTo help employers find information, rsums are organized into sections:Contact information phone number (home, cell), mailing address, email address Objective the name of the company and the job you want

    Education elementary, high school, college, technical school, certifications, vocational or trade school

  • Rsum SectionsWork history jobs you have held (the order of the work history and education can be reversed depending on your situation)

    Summary of qualifications list of skills that apply to the job you want

  • Rsum SectionsYou may also add optional sections:Professional affiliations trade groups, unions, or other labor organizations

    Other experiences volunteer work or hobbies that relate to the job you want

  • Rsum SectionsSample contact information and objective sections:Michael includes his contact information and tailors his objective to the job he wants. Note that this objective is clear and concise.Elizabeth doesnt have an email address but does include her phone number. She also tailors her objective

  • Rsum SectionsSample education and work history sections:Jeremy includes the dates he worked at his previous jobs as well as the locationsJeremy includes the type of education he received at a local adult basic education center, a GED.

  • Rsum SectionsSample education and work history sections:Rosa includes some of her responsibilities from her previous jobs

  • Rsum SectionsSample of other experiences and summary of qualifications sections:She also lists one of her most valuable qualifications first: her ability to speak Spanish and EnglishRosa lists volunteer work she did while she was not working at a paying job

  • Action Verb ListHandout phrases will help clarify your message:Before: Planned activitiesAfter: Planned arts and crafts activities for preschool aged children

  • Rsum SectionsSample professional affiliations sectionSince his affiliations are so important to Karls profession, he lists the organizations he belongs to right after his Objective sectionYou may adjust the order of your rsum sections depending on the job you wantRemember!

  • Rsum DesignWhy is design important?Employers rate your professionalism based on how your rsum looksUse: - Plenty of space - Headings - Bullet lists

  • Rsum DesignUse the four-section (quadrant) method:When reading rsums, people move in a Z pattern

    So, your most important information should follow the Z pattern: 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Rsum SamplesChronological Rsum Combination Rsum

  • Rsum SamplesSkills-Based Rsum References Section Sans-serif font Serif font ArialTimes New Roman

  • Rsum TipsWhat do I do about any time I was not working?Short breaks in work experience shouldnt hurt your chancesBe ready to talk about what you did:VolunteerismFaith-based activitiesFamily-related responsibilities

  • More Rsum TipsWhat should I do if I have been incarcerated?Be honestTalk about what you did while you were serving your sentence:GEDVocational trainingFaith-based activitiesConsider composing a skills-based rsum that focuses on what you can do now rather than explaining entire work history

  • More Rsum Tips What should I do if I am transitioning from military to civilian life?Help your civilian employer understand what you did in the military by translating terms: Military terms: Received and stored bulk and package petroleum, oils, and lubricants products. Issued and dispensed bulk fuels and water from storage and distribution facilities to using units. Selected and submitted samples of petroleum, oils, and lubricants to laboratory for testing. Performed petroleum and water accounting duties (from Army Pamphlet 611-21). Civilian terms: Coordinated and distributed petroleum products and monitored quality control systems.

  • Rsum ExerciseExerciseMake five lists that includeWhere you went to school or received training, including location, time/credits, classes completedWhere you have worked, including location, time, responsibilities, skills learnedSkills, qualificationsReferences, including all contact informationProfessional affiliations: trade organizations, unionsIf you are missing any information, you have some research to do

  • Rsum HelpAccess hundreds of rsum resources at the Community Writing and Education Station (CWEST):

    Visit your local WorkOne office. To find locations, use this Website:

  • The End

    *Rationale: Welcome to the WorkOne Rsum Workshop. This presentation is designed to introduce the basic concepts of developing effective rsums for working class jobs. This presentation is ideal for rsums workshops at WorkOne or other employment organizations.This presentation may be supplemented with the following OWL resources: - Community Writing and Education Station (CWEST) Job Search Resources: Directions: Each slide is activated by a single mouse click, unless otherwise noted in bold at the bottom of each notes page

    Writer and Designer: H. Allen Brizee and the kind, generous participants of the CWEST-LARA/WorkOne research project.Contributors: Jaclyn Wells, Jeff Bacha, Norman HousemanRevising Author:Developed with resources courtesy of the Purdue University Writing Lab, Purdue University, the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy (LARA), and WorkOne

    Copyright Purdue University, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2009*Click mouse to advance slide.*Though many employers require job applications, more and more companies want applicants to submit rsums. Even if the specific job you want doesnt require a rsum, its good to have one just in case.*-An employer only has about 10-15 seconds to look at your rsum. When you are done with your rsum, a good exercise is to have someone else study your rsum for 10 seconds and then repeat back what he or she remembers. -Be as concise as possible in stating information in each section of your rsum.-No strange colors or images*In order to help the employer locate important information quickly, organize your rsum into five - seven distinct sections. As stated above, employers spend 10-15 seconds at first looking at rsums, so if they cant find the information they want quickly, they may put aside your rsum and never return to it.*Not all employers will ask you to provide references with your rsum, so you should probably prepare two rsums, one with references and one without. You might also want to prepare a separate references sheet. The professional affiliations and volunteer sections can be very important depending on what type of work you do. For example, electricians usually belong to unions and/or other accredited organizations. Listing these types of organizations will show your connection to your profession and may help you get an interview. In addition, for many people out of work, volunteering can be a good way to stay busy, prove responsibility, and network with people who may know someone looking for employees. *For the rsum exercise later, we will be preparing these lists. So please begin thinking about this information now. If you dont know some of this information, begin thinking about where you might look to find it.*Doing preliminary research helps writers tailor their rsums for the job they are applying for, and writers should do as much preliminary research as possible about the companies to which they are writing and the jobs for which they are applying. Applicants should conduct research whenever possible, especially for top choices.Job applicants should look at the vocabulary of job ads, especially the vocabulary of the ad to which th