Work What obligations do we have in choosing work? What obligations do we have as workers? What entitlements to work do we have? What entitlements do we.

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  • WorkWhat obligations do we have in choosing work?What obligations do we have as workers?What entitlements to work do we have?What entitlements do we have as workers?

  • What obligations do we have as workers? To self ?to do only meaningful workTo others?colleaguesemployerprofessioncustomers/clientscompetitorscommunityenvironmentHow do we prioritize among these?

  • Work as a Social BenefitIs work important enough to require just distribution? Why or why not?If yes, what principle(s) of distributive justice apply to work?Given the connection of work and self-esteem and self-identify, does it matter what kind of work people have access to?

  • Work and HappinessJobActivity: Unpleasant, not personally meaningfulWorking conditions: poorCareerActivity: Challenging, not personally meaningfulWorking conditions: generally good, but often stressful and long hours

  • Work and HappinessVocationActivity: personally meaningful, socially usefulWorking conditions: vary

  • Other Views about WorkProtestant work ethicWork is supposed to be unpleasant because its a punishment.Hard work will be rewarded in this life.Buddhist work ethicDesire less and work less.Reverence for all living thingsValue your colleagues, customersProtect the environment.

  • What are workers entitled to?Some possible answers for the currently employed:to continued employment to fairness and against discriminationto safe working conditionsto associate, e.g. to unionizeto privacyto autonomy and free speechto a personal lifeto fair compensation

  • Further questions about worker entitlementAre all workers entitled to an equal opportunity to have a job? a career? a vocation? a vocation with good working conditions?