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SearchLogin PreferencesHelp/Guide About TracWikiTimelineRoadmap Browse SourceView TicketsSearch Available Reports Custom Query{5} Next Major Release (439 matches) Active tickets slated for the next major releaseSort by component, type, summaryAccepted tickets have an '*' appended to their owner's nameReports: Tickets: All Tickets (*), Next Minor Release (*), Next Major Release (*), Future Releases (*)Workflow: reporter-feedback => needs-patch => has-patch / needs-testing => needs-unit-tests / needs-docs => dev-feedback / needs-review => tested / commitSpecial: My Tickets, My Patches, Latest, Active, Popular, Early, Blocker, Close, Punt, Multisite, Featured Results (1 - 100 of 439) 12 3 45 !Ticket Summary OwnerComponentPrioritySeverity MilestoneType Workflow Modified #10762 Bulk editing creates invalid Accessibilitynormalnormal 3.0defect (bug)12/04/09URIs #12380 Menus need to work withoutptahdunbar Accessibilityhighnormal 3.0defect (bug)02/26/10javascript for accessibility #11645 Admin style, input fields andAccessibilitynormalnormal 3.0enhancementreporter-01/22/10dark OS themes feedback #11231 Comment lists not consistent Administration highmajor3.0defect (bug) tested 01/27/10when adding a new column #12292 Create missing .dev nacinAdministration normalnormal 3.0defect (bug)02/23/10stylesheets and fix RTLhandling #12224 Disable Incoming Links Administration normalnormal 3.0defect (bug)02/14/10Widget on Privacy Option #11587 Filter removed after bulkAdministration normalnormal 3.0defect (bug) dev- 01/16/10actionsfeedback #11332 Filters in the admin header dd32 Administration normalnormal 3.0defect (bug) has-patch02/26/10 #11937 ID clash in 'Link ShaneF*Administration low minor3.0defect (bug) commit 02/10/10Categories/Post Tags' Page 3. WordPress Development Updates Follow development on the latest release Recent UpdatesToggle Comment Threads | Keyboard Shortcuts Weekly Developer Chats Thursdays @ 20:30 UTC Peter Westwood 5:58 am on February 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply Tags: agenda (16) irc.freenode.net #wordpress-dev Suggest Agenda Items for March 4th 2010 dev chat Suggest agenda items more info... Jane Wells 5:32 am on February 26, 2010 Permalink | ReplyMeeting Summary Feb 25, 2010 3.0 Dev Cycle Agenda: * Sprint status Project Schedule * Woo Menus update Open Tickets (go grab one!): * Merge update * Schedule update Needs patch * Multi-site configuration implementation Has patch, needs testingSummary:Needs wrangling All open 3.0 ticketsSprint Status. Lots of patches being committed. Can always use more patches and more testing. Do it byMonday or hold your peace until next cycle for enhancements and feature requests.Menus, janewells. Coming along nicely in trunk. The UI looks more like a plugin than core, so changeslisted on wpdevel being worked on. Accessibility will be worked on after freeze. pthdnbr, filosofo and Search Dev Updatesdremeda offered to tackle accessibility.Jane will make tickets for items in the wpdevel post.SearchMerge update, wpmuguru and rboren. Patches, patches and more patches.Schedule update. On track for March 1 freeze.Non-agenda topic: hakre brought up test suite. Core devs agreed patches are top priority until freeze,and test suite can be looked at after freeze. Recent Commentsdremeda on Id like to giveMulti-site configuration implementation, westi. Suggested a code change from constant to filter,some prwpmuguru agreed along with others in chat. See chat transcript for specific code snippets. Westipondering doing it for AUTOSAVE/TRASH intervals as well.Dean Robinson on MenusUX ManifestoShortest meeting ever.Andrew Nacin on MeetingSummary Feb 25, 2010 A 4. #wordpress-dev actions:wordpress-dev switch channelsor2010-02-25desc view this dayordescsearch all days#wordpress-dev logs for 2010-02-25AaronCampbell I'd like to be able to tell my client (the one where I discovered the issue) Feb 25 23:57:24 2010 that they're safe to do any upgrades...rather than tell them they're safe to upgrade once 3.0releaseswp-trac-bot AaronCampbell: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12341 normal, normal, Feb 25 23:56:35 20103.0, aaroncampbell->westi, closed, Invalid feed type returns 500 HTTP responseAaronCampbell westi|gone: Do you think there's any chance of getting #12341 into the 2.9 Feb 25 23:56:34 2010 branch?kenny User JoinedFeb 25 23:55:36 2010WDS-Brad User Joined Feb 25 23:52:42 2010nkuttler User Joined Feb 25 23:46:10 2010mastergunns User QuitFeb 25 23:41:32 2010Hempsworth User Quit Feb 25 23:36:26 2010Hempsworth User Joined Feb 25 23:34:31 2010jjj User JoinedFeb 25 22:44:36 2010nacin (and the mobile test failed. that was quick.)Feb 25 22:42:25 2010nacin_m let's see how long it takes for nacin_m to disappear Feb 25 22:39:28 2010nacin jjj: Apparently there's a beta version one week old of the client I had tried using, Feb 25 22:39:09 2010 designed to address BIS connectivity issues.nacin_m User JoinedFeb 25 22:38:33 2010wpmuguru jjj: I'll test mine tonight Feb 25 22:38:22 2010nacin jjj: Let us know, it might have been some wpdb changes Feb 25 22:37:19 2010jjj btw wpmuguru My multi-network plugin is borked on 3.0 trunk again; need to do some Feb 25 22:36:44 2010 investigation. Feb 25 22:36:20 2010https://irclogs.wordpress.org/jjj You underestimate my laziness. :)andrea_r it was linked higher up. i figured the semi-lazy would scroll :PFeb 25 22:36:02 2010jjj I was too lazy to look in trac so I figured the bot would just link me :)Feb 25 22:35:36 2010 5. Gmail Calendar Documents Reader Web more ! Recently Visited Groups | Help | Sign inWordPressSearch this groupSearch GroupsHome New since last time: 7 messagesHomeDiscussionsWordPressPagesFiles About this groupContact owner to joinSponsored linksWordPress Find a Japanese tutor300 qualified teachers registeredTokyo Osaka Nagoya. From2000/hwww.labochi.com :WP Theme GeneratorGenerate unlimited Web Design WordPressideas BuddyPress in Minutes, No Technical Skills! WordPress MU www.Artisteer.com/WordPress bbPressNeed a Blog Designer?Hire Blog Developers $10-50/hr.No Commitment, Interview for Free.www.oDesk.comDiscussions 3 of 985 messages view all Group info[wp-ja-pkg:988] Re: BuddyPressbbPress Members: 40Language: JapaneseBy Naoko McCracken - Feb 23 - 3 authors - 5 replies Group categories: Not[wp-ja-pkg:982] Re: ME 2.0 2010 1010categorizedBy Naoko McCracken - Feb 22 - 2 authors - 2 replies More group info [wp-ja-pkg:979] 2.9.2By tai - Feb 16 - 4 authors - 6 replies Pages 6 of 10 pages view all 6. 4 44 2010 2-3 1 25900 ()164 444 434 422010 2-3 2009 12-2010 1 200910-11 1 25900 () 11 25900 ( ) 9 25900 () 4 414 404 392009 8-92009 6-7 20094-5 7 25900 () 525900 ( ) 3 25900 () 7. 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