Wk12 CGS2167 Final Project Instructions

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Wk12 CGS2167 Final Project Instructions


CGS 2167 FINAL PROJECT (Week 12 Individual Work)The final project is in three parts and is worth a total of 100 points: Part 1 (30 points) is a Word Business Letter Part 2 (40 points) is an Excel Spreadsheet Part 3 (30 points) is a PowerPoint Presentation

You can submit each part individually into the Dropbox throughout the week.

Part 1 (30 Points):

Word Business Letter

Create the business letter shown on page WD 212 for the Parents Educational Organization in the modified semi-block letter style. The modified semi-block letter style is described on page WD 166. For the letterhead, use your own name, address, phone number, and email address in place of Kim S. Lings information, and also use any clip art that you wish.

Part 2 (40 Points):

Excel Spreadsheet

Create a worksheet for Jakes Gym that shows the total revenues for the second quarter of the year (April-June) for the North, South, and East regions. You must use functions and formulas in the spreadsheet where required or no credit will be given. The final output screenshot is on page 3.

Spreadsheet Step-by-Step Directions:1. Type in the following headings and data in the worksheet.

Page 1

2. Using a function, display the sum total revenue for each month and sum total revenue for

each region. Compare your output to the screenshot below.3. Using a function, display the average for each region. Compare your output to the

screenshot below.4. Write a formula to show the percentage increase or decrease between this quarter and the

first quarter. Look at the screenshot below as you read this explanation: The First Quarter Total represents the revenue from January to March for each region. The second quarter is from April to June. You want to compare the revenue from the first quarter to this quarter. So for each region, subtract the revenue total from First Quarter Total from the Total for the second quarter (this quarter) and then divide that result by the first quarter total revenue to get the percentage change. Show the results as a percentage. Here is the formula for what was just explained for the Increase/Decrease Column cells: (Second Quarter Total First Quarter Total) / First Quarter Total Here is a further explanation of the above formula using actual data. Looking at the screenshot below, for the North region, the First Quarter Total is 31,000. The Total for the second quarter is 49,650. So you will subtract the cell that contains 31,000 from the cell that contains 49,650 to get 18,650. Then divide that result by the cell that contains 31,000 to get 60.16%. This means that the second quarter revenue total has increased from the first quarter revenue total by 60.16%. Be sure to change the cell format for the final results in the cell to a percentage. After writing your formulas for all three regions, change the First Quarter Total for the North region from 31,000 to 52,000 and see what happens to its Increase/Decrease percentage value. The Increase/Decrease cell should change to minus 4.52%.5. Create a 3D Clustered Column Chart to show the revenue totals for each month in each

region. See the chart in the screenshot below.6. Format the worksheet like the screenshot below. Be sure to merge the title and subtitle row

cells. Edit the numeric data. Include appropriate cell styles for the titles, subtitle, heading columns, and the total row. You may use any background fill and font colors you wish.

Page 2

FINAL OUTPUT SCREENSHOTYour resulting worksheet and chart should look like the screenshot below. Remember that you must use functions and formulas where required or no credit will be given.

Part 3 (30 points):

PowerPoint Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation about some aspect of your life. Possible topics include a hobby, school, or your family. Your presentation should be informative and showcase some of your creativity! Your PowerPoint Presentation must contain the following elements: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Be at least five slides Have the first slide as the title slide Enhance your slides with an attractive background and formatted titles Contain bullets of text on most slides Include at least one picture or clip art Have transitions between the slides

Page 3