Wires an Integral Part of Human Lives

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Why wires have becomes most important part of human lives and nowadays how our technology cannot work without wires. It is need of everyones life. For more details read the document.


<p>Wires: An Integral Part of Human Lives</p> <p>Wires: An Integral Part of Human Lives</p> <p>Wires have truly become an integral part of human lives. All electronic equipments feature wires and it is not possible to create any automobile sans wires. The same fact suffices for proving their utmost importance in the human lives. A wire refers to a single and flexible rod of metal or strand. It generally features a cylindrical shape.</p> <p>Wires are meant to accommodate the mechanical loads. Most importantly, they are meant for carrying and transmitting electric and telecommunications signals. A wire is generally created through a process wherein, a metal is being drawn through a hole in a draw plate. By using the wire gauges, a wire can be given a standard size. The term wire also refers to a bundle of strands or wire ropes/cables. It is possible to provide square, flattened, rectangular or hexagonal shape to the wires.</p> <p>History of Wires:</p> <p>It is believed that wires were first used in creating jewelry. After that, during medieval period, wires were drawn in England. The use of wires would take place in the creation of wool cards, manufactured goods and pins. Around 1568, the first wire mill was established in Great Britain. The founders of the Company of Mineral and Battery Works were behind establishing this mill.</p> <p>Uses of Wires:Wires are used in numerous things. In fact, the list related to the uses of wires is endless:Wires are used in wire netting industry.They are used in wire rope spinning and wire-cloth making.The biggest use of wires including copper wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, nickel wire are being found in manufacturing data cables and telephones. They are used for the purpose of transmission electric power.Wires are used for the purpose of fencing.They are used in the construction of suspension bridges.They are used in the formation of scientific instruments and musical instruments.They are used in automotive industry in creating diverse auto components.They are also used extensively in electronic toys.They are used in motors, generators, transformers and speakers coil.</p> <p>Varieties of Wires:</p> <p>The popular varieties include hook-up wire, magnet wire, coaxial cable, speaker wire, resistance wire, tinsel wire, etc.Interestingly, there are only few metals which are suitable for the wire-making purpose. Such metals include platinum, copper, silver, gold, iron, aluminum, bronze and brass. A suitable and durable wire is that, which possess few specific physical properties. These properties include strong in tension, flexibility and superior quality. However, there are few more metals that are used in manufacturing special purpose wires. These metals include tungsten. The wires made out of this metal are used in manufacturing light bulb and also vaccine tube filaments. When copper is blended with other metals including nickel, silver, and tin, the wires created out of the intermingling are used in handling diverse temperatures, in providing lubrication and are used in providing easier stripping of rubber from the copper. </p> <p>Wires may be used for decorative purposes or they may be used for technical purposes, but there is absolutely no denial to the fact, that it would have been impossible to lay the foundation of that modern world without wires which is entirely dependent on electronic equipments.</p> <p>Ganpati Engineering IndustriesAddress :Gokul Path, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021 (Rajasthan) India Phone :+91-141-2211977Mobile No:+91-94140 48492Website:http://www.ganpatiengineering.com/</p> <p>Thanks&amp;Regards</p>


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