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Text of WINTER HOLIDAYS 2019-12-31¢  Sector-87, Kankrola (Gurgaon) WINTER HOLIDAYS HOMEWORK ....

  • Sector-87, Kankrola (Gurgaon)



     MATHS tells us that every problem has a solution..  HINDI strengthens our emotional bond..  ENGLISH paves the way to conquer the universe..  SOCIAL SCIENCE teaches us to create history..  SCIENCE inspires us to examine practical things which happen in

    our day to day life..

    Thi Ph b U k A h i li d;

  • Course : Class 4TH


    Assignment 2.

    Sub –computer

    Q1 Put a tick () against the correct sentences and cross

    (x) against the wrong ones .

    1. You need to click the blank presentation icon to

    create a new presentation.__________.

    2. You cannot open a saved presentation __________.

    3. The quick access toolbar give access to commands

    such as save undo and redo .

    4. The open dialog box appears when the you click the

    save option from the file tab .

    5. There is only one option to exit Microsoft Power

    point ___________.

    6. To insert a picture , click the insert tab


    7. You cannot insert audio in a slide _____________.

    8. The Notes page view displays the slides along with the

    speaker notes _____________.

    9. You can rearrange the slides by dragging them to the

    desired location ______________.

    10. There are only two options available for slide

    transition ________________.

    Rao Harchand Memorial Public School

    Sector 87, Kankrola,

    Gurugram, Haryana, India-122505

  • 11. The output of the command PRINT 60 +40 is 20


    12. The command PR SUM displays the addition of

    two or more value. ___________.

    13. The command BK 90-60 will move the turtle 30

    steps forward ._____________.

    14. The output of the command PRINT 50/5 is 10


    15. The command PR DIFFERENCE 13 10 dispays the

    output 3.

    16. You cannot draw a figure on the main screen using

    procedure _____________.

    17. The END command is necessary to end the

    procedure __________.

    18. You can save a file by entering commands in the

    commands input box .

    19. You can avoid repeating commands without using

    the REPEAT command .

    20. You cannot make change to a procedure once you

    define it ______________.

    21. You cannot pay bills using the Internet ___________.

    22. Safari is the most popular search engine ___________.

    23. Opera is a website . __________.

    24. The Favorite button on the On the internet explorer

    window is used to add websites to favorites


    25. You can shop online using the Internet ____________.

  • Q2 . Solve Mathematical problems in logo .

    1. PR DIFFERENCE 100 50

    Otput =

    2. PR PRODUCT 50 30

    Output =

    3. PR REMAINDER 57 2

    Output =

    4. Print 40 +50

    Output =

    5. Print 40* 30

    Output =

    6. Print 40/4

    Output =

  • Sec-87, Kankrola, Gurugram(Haryana)

    ASSIGNMENT -2 Class – IV Maths

    1. Answer the below question on the bases of bar graph of Rohit marks in UT-3

    Hindi English Maths Science 0

    20 40 60 80


    Series 1

    Series 1

    I. In which subject Rohit gets maximun marks? II. How much marks did Rohit got in Hindi? III. In which subjest did he get the least marks?

    2. Make the horizontal bar graph based on following data

    Play games Hockey baseball football Cricket Tennis Kho kho No of Students 20 15 56 65 18 4o

    3. Represent the below numbers in Tally Chart 45, 16, 28 9 12

    4. Fill in the blanks

    I. length of pen is measured in ___________ II. length of a room is measured in ___________ III. weight of a book is measured in __________ IV. capality of oil container is measured in __________ V. weight of rice is meatured in _____________

    VI. perimeter of rectangle = ___________ VII. Area of rectangle = __________ VIII. 1 kiloliters is equal to _______ L

    IX. 1 g = ________ mg

  • X. 1 km = ________ cm XI. area of square = _____________

    XII. perimeter of a square = _________________ XIII. the unit of perimeter is same as the unit of _______________ XIV. the largest chord is called ___________ XV. The distance around the edge of a circle is called the ______________.

    5. Arrange the following in increasing order

    I. hectogram, gram, milligram, kilogram, centigram, decagram, decigram

    II. deciliter, liter, millileter, kiloliter, centiliter, hectoliter, decalite

    III. centimeter, kilometer, meter, decameter, decimeter, hectometer, milimeter

    6.Convert the following 3m 17cm into cm 3m into dm 8dm 9cm into cm 9805 m into km 9km 40dam 88m into m 879 cm into m 73 kg into g 9 kg 870 g into mg 4 kg into mg 7777 into g

    7. Add the following I. 48m 68 cm and 9m 77 cm

    II. 96 kg and 5 kg 455 g III. 987 km 500m and 4 km 990 m IV. 94 l 230 ml and 2l 80ml

    8. Subtract the following I. 14 kg 600g from 21 kg

    II. 9l 800 ml from 12l 500ml

    9. Find the area of a rectangle whose length is 20 cm and breath is 18 cm.

    10.Find the area of square whose side is 9m.

    11. Observe the pattern and complete the series (a) 5 x5 – 4x4 = 9 (b) 1x8+1=9 6 x6 – 5x5 = ___ 12 x 8 + 2 = ____ 7 x7 – 6x6 = ___ 123 x 8 + 3 = ___ 8 x8 – 7x7 = ____ 1234 x 8 + 4 = ______

    12. Find the radius of (a) diameter = 18 cm (b) Diameter = 24 cm

    13. Find the Diameter of (a) radius = 3cm (b) radius = 4.1 cm

  • 14. Draw any four types of Polygons.

    15. Find any three rectangular number after 10. Also draw picture for each number.

  • Sec-87, Kankrola, Gurugram(Haryana)

    ASSIGNMENT- 2 sub science

    Fill in the blanks

    i. ________________ is the body position.

    ii. Lack of vitamins and minerals lead ________________________.

    iii. sunlight is a source of _____________________.

    iv. _______________ called as universal solvent.

    v. Carbohydrates are digested to give ___________ in our body.

    vi. ____________ is needed to our body for good health.

    vii. Baby of lioness is____________ and baby of deer is_____________

    viii.Egg – laying animals are called ______________.

    ix. A young housefly comes out from _______________.

    x. name the baby of hourse ______________ and baby of deer _________

    xi. substance which occupy the space of the entire container _______ and ____

    xii. substance which take the shape of the container _________ and _________.

    xiii.______________ and ______________ are energy giving food.

    xiv.__________ and ____________ solutions you make at home.

    xv. __________ and _____________ solid are not rigid

    Give two Sources of

     . Vitamin A

     Vitamin C

     Roughage

     Minerals

     Vitamin K

     Proteins

  • Answer the following question

    1. Name two ways in which animals reproduce?

    2. Why do we need to eat food?

    3. How can we be healthy?

    4. What is moulting?

    5. Write any two characteristics of mammals?

    6. What are the things we must remember while cooking food?

    7. How do mammals look after their young ones?

    8. What is the function of carbohydrates? Name three sources of carbonydrates?

    9. What is the function of yolk in the egg?

    10.Why do we need roughage in our diet? Name two sources of roughage.

    Draw life cycle of

    1. Frog

    2. Hen

    3. Water cycle

  • Sec-87, Kankrola, Gurugram(Haryana) ASSIGNMENT-2

    CLASS-4TH SUB.-G.K. SYLLABUS- L- 5,6,7,16,20,21,22,28,29,33,34,35,37,38 and current affairs. Q.1 Write the full form of I.S.P. Q.2 In which memory information is stored temporarily? Q.3 Which animal can recognise the human faces? Q.4 Which animal have the ability to find their way back home? Q.5 In which country White House is located? Q.6 In which country the Great Kremlin Palace is located? Q.7 In which country Yokohama Marine Tower is situated? Q.8 In which country Cape Hatteras Light is situated? Q.9 Rajendra Setu is situated in which state? Q.10 Pamban Bridge is situated at which place in India? Q.11 Which cartoon character repeatedly tries to catch the road runner? Q.12 Which cartoon character is the best friend of Bugs Bunny? Q.13 Name the bird whose beak can perform a variety of jobs. Q.14 Name the bird whose beak looks like spoon. Q.15 Which is the national gemstone of Australia? Q.16 Which gemstone looks red in colour?

  • Q.17 Unscramble the given musical instruments (i) BATU (ii) PXAONOEH (iii) GITARNEL (iv) PLXYONOEH Q.18 Who was lying on the bed of arrows? Q.19 Where did the fight between Ram and Ravana take place? Q.20 Name the fort which is situated in thar desert in Rajasthan. Q.21 Which fort is sita