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    W I N T E R 2 0 1 7

    J O H N S E D G W I C K G E N E R A L S

    John Sedgwick Generals


    John Sedgwick Junior High 8995 SE Sedgwick Rd

    Port Orchard, WA 98366

    Inside This Issue

    Principals Letter pg. 1/3

    Tech Club pg. 1/4

    Calendar of Events pg. 2

    New Social Media! pg. 2

    Activities/Clubs pg. 2

    Volunteering pg. 2

    PTSA pg. 2

    AVID Recruitment pg. 4

    Sports Schedules pg. 5

    Tech Club at John Sedgwick

    Dan Novick, Principal

    Colleen Bright, Assistant Principal

    Happy New Year!

    The year 2017 marks the

    beginning and the end of an era. After 36 years, John

    Sedgwick Junior High will close its doors and reopen

    them in the fall as John

    Sedgwick Middle School.

    One of our most important challenges will be keeping

    the culture and traditions of JSJH intact while creating a

    fresh vision to meet the

    needs of our incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Dont

    worry there is no shortage of work, and we will seek

    your input and participation to help plan and do the

    work together. More on this

    later, but for now, lets reflect on some special

    events that occurred last yearas in December 2016.

    As a thriving STEAM

    (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

    and AVID (Advancement Via

    Individual Determination) school, students at John

    Sedgwick took part in two events which showcased the

    skills they are developing to

    be college and career ready in our ever-changing world.

    During the week of December 5th 9th, almost

    600 John Sedgwick students participated in an Hour of

    Code. This is the second

    year in a row that John Sedgwick has participated in

    this nation-wide STEAM initiative as an entire stu-

    dent body. sent out in the


    more pics on page 4

    John Sedgwicks Tech club

    is an afterschool program that meets bi-monthly and

    open to all students. The group initially opened with

    coding skills as the main

    f o c u s w h e r e t h e y participated in creating code

    using Scratch to build games. Members have also

    been exposed to the use of Arduinos. Arduinos are small

    microcontroller kits/boards

    where students are able to build, test, and change the

    device to control objects via interactive comput-

    er software.

    As the club continues to

    grow, students will be con-

    necting various technol-

    ogies in the real and imag-

    ined world to create a

    unique experience by

    deve lop ing , bu i ld ing ,

    testing, and optimizing 3d

    models, CO2 cars, maglev

    vehicles, and a host of oth-

    er concepts as directed by

    the members. If you happen

    to have a hankering for the

    unexpected, then join us

    and help create the memo-

    ries of life.

    By Tom Schmuck

    Continued on page 3

  • Page 2 - Winter 2017

    Student Opportunities at John Sedgwick

    There are many clubs and activities available for students to participate in after school. The following meet on a

    regular basis:

    BIBLE CLUB: Meets with Mrs. Christman every Fri-

    day during advisory.

    GSA: Meets every Friday during advisory. Please see

    Mrs. Haley for more information.

    GEMS: Meets with Bremerton Soroptomist the 1st

    and 3rd Wed. from 1:30-2:30 in A226.

    GRIEF GROUP: Meets every Tuesday with Mrs. Kon-

    tos and is by invitation only.

    Jazz Band: Meets everyday during advisory with Mr.


    Jazz Choir: Meets every Thursday after school until

    4:30 pm with Mr. Schroeder (times are subject to


    One World Club: Meets Fridays with Mr. Rodriguez

    in B111 during Advisory.

    Photography Club: Meets on Friday afternoons 3-4pm Mr. Durham in A-234.

    Publishers Club: Meets with Mrs. Olson in C206

    every other Monday from 2:50 to 3:50 pm.

    Tech Club: Meets with Mr. Schmuck twice a month

    on Wednesdays at 3-4:30pm in C215.

    WEB (Where Everybody Belongs): Meets with Mrs.

    Kontos during advisory in C206. Membership is by

    application only.

    Would You Like to Volunteer? There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at John Sedgwick. Its easy to apply. Come by the Main Office and fill out a simple form. A copy of your drivers license is needed for a background

    check. If youve had a background check here in the district in the last two years, youre good to go. Let our volunteer coordinator, Ms.

    Dena Guglielmo, know you are interested by call-ing 874-6097 or emailing her at

    If you would like to be a part of the John Sedgwick PTSA

    Please contact Alana Speidel at


    16.....Martin Luther King Day-No School

    18....School Board Meeting, at South Colby, 6pm

    20.....PE Make Up during advisory.

    23District Avid Meeting, SKHS Library, 3:15-4:15pm

    25.PTSA Meeting, JSJH Library, 7-8pm

    27......PE Make Up during advisory.

    31..End of Semester


    25th & 6th Grd.Transition Family Night, JSJH commons,


    7SKHS PAC Meeting, SKHS, time TBD

    22..SKHS Counselors pre-resister 8th & 9th Graders

    22...PTSA Meeting, JSJH Library, 6pm.

    28.8th to 9th Grd. Parent Night, SKHS, time TBD


    2 & 3Bugsy Malone Opening Night, JSJH Theater, 6pm

    2....9th to 10th Grd. Parent Night, SKHS, time TBD

    4....Bugsy Malone JSJH Theater, 2:30pm.

    6..SKHS Counselors return to register 8th & 9th Graders

    9...NAEP Test

    10.Bugsy Malone JSJH Theater at 2pm and 6pm

    13-17.....Spirit Week

    17....Pep Assembly

    21....Wrestling Banquet, JSJH Commons, time TBD

    22...PTSA Meeting JSJH Library, 6pm


    27-31......Parent Conferences


    Find John Sedgwick on:

  • Winter 2017 -Page 3

    Principals Letter continued from page 1

    Many of our students are

    discovering a real talent and interest in code which has

    created a desire in some students to pursue scratch

    and computer programming

    opportunities. Hour of Code, our Project Lead the

    Way science curriculum, and our technology and art

    elective offerings are the heart of our STEAM initiative

    inside our classrooms. Our

    staff and students are looking forward to the

    construction of a new makerspace in our library

    and extending their learning

    beyond the walls of John Sedgwick during this years

    STEAM Fair on March 23. More details on this event

    will be sent out in the future.

    On December 13th, our 7th

    and 8th grade AVID students put their learning on display

    during our annual AVID Family Night. After enjoying

    a meal together, our

    students treated their families to presentations on

    AVID binders, Cornell notes, Costas levels of questioning

    and thinking, and the

    tutorial process. At the end of the evening, our student

    panel answered questions from the audience. As

    usual, our students stole the show! One of the most

    rewarding aspects of

    education is witnessing stu-dents grow in their

    knowledge, confidence, and belief in their abilities. It

    was also heartening to hear

    many students attribute

    their growth to their AVID family.

    Finally, as has quickly become a popular tradition,

    our staff once again

    surprised our students with a Holiday Hotcake feed and

    Holiday Extravaganza on our final day before Winter

    Break. There are few things more precious than the

    smell of a hot breakfast,

    except perhaps the smiles and messes on our students

    faces as they enjoyed hotcakes with a variety of

    toppings prior to The

    Show. Once again, our student and staff talent was

    on display as we took time to recognize our winter

    student-athletes, p lay reverse karaoke, watch

    some great student and staff

    acts, and sing some holiday carols together. Sleigh bells

    ringare you listening?

    Now, lets return to 2017

    Of course, the big item on

    the horizon is our transition to a middle school. In

    December, several staff and

    parent members of our transition task forces visited

    four middle schools: Ridgetop, Central Kitsap,

    Sumner, and Jefferson. When combined with our

    districts visit to three other

    middle schools last year (Goodman, Harbor Ridge,

    and Totem), we have studied the inner workings

    of seven highly effective

    middle schools for the

    purpose of planning the best middle school in America.

    We believe we have many great ideas, and our

    planning is under way, but

    we still want and need input from all of our stakeholders.

    With that in mind, we are planning to host a Family

    Transition Night on February 2nd for incoming 6th and 7th

    grade famil ies ( from

    Manchester, Mullenix Ridge, Olalla, and South Colby) as

    well as 8th grade families (current 7th graders at

    JSJH). This event will start

    at 5:30 with a FREE dinner for all families. After

    enjoying a meal together, members of our transition

    task forces will share highlights of our work so far,

    including any recommenda-

    tions which were made to our Building Leadership

    Team for incorporation into our transition plan. There

    will be an opportunity to ask

    questions and share your thoughts and ideas on how

    to make our transition smooth and how to make

    John Sedgwick Middle

    School the best middle school in America. At the

    end of the evening, we will invite all families to provide

    detailed input via an online survey. For a sneak peek at

    the survey, click on this link:

    h t t p s : / /


    Finally, we are very

    excited to announce that

    John Sedgwick has taken the plunge into social media

    in order to communicate with our families in a more

    direct and user-friendly

    way. Specifically, we have set up Facebook, Instagram,

    and Twitter accounts. Please find, follow, and like

    us at:



    Wishing you and yours many blessings in the new year!

    Dan Novick Principal

  • AVID Elective Recruitment for 17-18 School Year

    As we near the end the first semester, it is difficult to imagine that Sedgwick administration and staff are already

    planning and preparing for the upcoming school year. In the months ahead we begin our registration process and the

    AVID Site Team begins its annual recruiting. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination AVID, promotes specific

    strategies and skills necessary for career and college readiness. AVIDs philosophy is to hold all students accountable to

    high levels of achievement while providing academic and social support. The AVID Elective is for middle to

    upper-middle academic students that have potential for academic success in honors, pre-AP, and AP and other

    advanced courses and may need organizational and instructional support paired with rigor in order to be college bound.

    In the AVID Elective students are taught study skills, note-taking, time management, writing skills, and research skills,

    while being introduced to a college-going culture. The class includes tutorial sessions to provide specific support for

    success in students academic classes. AVID Elective classes will be offered next year here at Sedgwick and also at

    South Kitsap High School. If you think you might be interested in the AVID Elective, talk with a student currently

    enrolled in the class and pick up an AVID application in the counseling office. Registration is just around the corner!

    Page 4 - Winter 2017

    Tech Club Pics continued from page 1

  • Page 5 - Winter 2017


    Date Day Opponent Venue Release

    Time Game Time Return Time

    31-Jan. Tues. Ridgetop Ridgetop 1:45 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow 6:30 pm

    2-Feb. Thurs. Central Kitsap Central

    Kitsap 1:45 pm

    V 3:30

    JV to follow 6:30 pm

    7-Feb. Tues. Hawkins Hawkins 1:45 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow 6:30 pm

    9-Feb. Thurs. Mt. View Home 2:25 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow



    14-Feb. Tues. Curtis Curtis 1:45 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow 6:30 pm

    16-Feb. Thurs. Cedar Heights Home 2:25 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow



    28-Feb. Tues. M. W. Home 2:25 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow



    2-Mar. Thurs. McMurray Home 2:25 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow



    7-Mar. Tues. Fairview Fairview 1:45 pm V 3:30

    JV to follow 6:30 pm

    14-Mar. Tues. Playoff TBD


    Date Day Opponent Venue Release


    Game Time Return Time

    31-Jan Tues. Ridgetop Home 2:45 JV @ 3:30

    V to follow

    Own Transpor-tation

    2 -Feb. Thurs. Central Kitsap Home 2:45 JV @ 3:30

    V to follow



    7-Feb. Tues. Hawkins & Mar-

    cus Whitman Home 2:45

    JV @ 3:30

    V to follow

    Own Transpor-tation

    9-Feb. Thurs. Mt. View Middle


    Mt. View

    M. S.

    JV @ 6:00

    V to follow 6:30 pm

    14-Feb. Tues. Curtis Home 2:45 JV @ 3:30

    V to follow

    Own Transpor-tation

    16-Feb Thurs. Cedar Heights Middle School

    Cedar Heights Middle School

    JV @ 3:30

    V to follow

    Own Transpor-tation

    23-Feb Thurs. Marcus Whitman SKHS JV @ 6:00

    V to follow

    Own Transpor-tation


    Thurs. McMurray McMurray JV @ 3:30

    V to follow 6:30 pm


    Fri. Tournament @ Poulsbo M. S.


    6:30 pm


    Sat. Tournament @ Poulsbo M. S.

    Varsity Arnie Otterbeck: Junior Varsity Nick Martin