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Before you attempt to install wingate we must disable windows firewall and icsTo do this we must select start from desktop and select run now type in services.msc Once in here find the service of windows firewall and ics(internet connection sharing)

Now right click on it and select properties

Make sure you disable startup and stop the service

Select apply and select ok if prompted now restart your pc Go and make sure it remembered your settings if so move on if not redo the above.

Now we can install wingateI ve included WinGate6.2.0.1121-USE.EXE for you So start the above file select I Agree Now select server

Now select continue Select next Select next

Select next

If you wish to use another device on a network please leave the tick in the box below(install ens) if your using on only 1 pc please remove tick

Select next

Select next

Select next do not click activate Select begin Select finish

Now you re back at desktop press ctrl alt and delete to open windows task managerSelect the processes tab at the top

Now end the two processes named Wingate.exe Wgengmon.exe Copy the file wingate.lic into your wingate directory which I have also included

Run patch.exe, choose target file as wingate.exe and click 'Crack'

Once cracked successfully it will tell you okay numerous times

That s all ! Enjoy Unlimited and full version of wingate 6.2.0 Now restart your pc Connect your modems 1 at a time and make sure they can access the internet and have different ip addresses the default gateway doesn t matter

Once this is established turn off your pc connect both modems and reboot them wait 2 minutes and restart your pc

Part 2Now to configure wingateDouble click the wingate icon in the bottom right corner

Now click ok 3 times until it asks you for a new password Select the password you want and click ok Now hit the control tab in top left corner

Now 1st we will set up a proxy server which will give you double speed downloads in windows or triple if you using 3 modems Select the services tab in the bottom left corner Double click the www proxy server tab listed in the left column Now you will have a box appear in your screen

Select bindings tab Remove tick ((shown in picture below)) Select apply

(Shown in picture below) Select the gateways tab Connection scheme=use all specified connections in rotation Now select add

Now this will appear Select your 1st adaptor then select ok do the same for all adaptors then select apply

Click ok or yes if it tells you settings have changed selectOK that s the Wingate bit done

Open internet explorer and go to tools Select internet options Select the connections tab Select lan settings And copy the picture below

Now your proxy is complete you check it is working go here(Press control and click the link) IP Info - Find your IP address

Keep Pressing REFRESH AND IF YOUR ip address DOES CHANGE (or Rotates) with your other IP ADDRESS YOU HAVE SETUP THE PROXY PERFECTLY Now to utilise it you must download a download management tool Google it theres enough about All differ so you will need to find the settings below After you install the shit goto options then preferences then click on proxy/firewall and put a checkmark on USE HTTP PROXY FOR PROXY ADDRESS PUT and for PORT put 80. LEAVE THE PASSWORD BLANK. CLICK ON CONNECTION AND CHANGE the speed to the fastest possible some are listed like this CLICK ON CONNECTION AND CHANGE THE ACCELERATION MODE TO SUPERACCELERATION THEN CLICK CLOSE

Now download this file (virus free) (press control and select link) or any other file you want Now watch you dont get burnt from the afterburner Thats your proxy all singing and dancing lightning fast.

Now we can move onto newsgroups and torrentsI will use newsbin pro for the tut but no matter what you use there all the same in principal but again you ll have to find the settings

Ok for example well use 1 server Open newsbin or other software Open server properties or options And fill in as below For example I m using ntl change names accordingly

Write down your details in notepad if you re doing multiple server to stop from having to swap programmes every 2 seconds .. Ok now to config wingate for the newsbin or torrent .. Open wingate and follow picture below

Box appears middle of screen first select general tab

If you fill in as above the ntl server will be working when following steps are complete

If your server requires login please follow picture below

Select bindings tab Remove tick ((shown in picture below))

Now goto gateways tab and follow picture below

If it tells you settings have changed click ok or yes OK if you wish to add a xbox 360 to the network (you must have left tick in the install ens during wingate installation)for pc or laptop follow this for the pc that has wingate installed)and see belowthe 360 tut for the networked pc or laptop setup

I would advise that for the initial set up You use cable and not wireless and turn off the firewall once you have them successfully running you can move to wireless once that is running you can enable firewall and configure your ports as tut tells lower down .

1st connect your ethernet cable 2nd manually set the ip adress as follows FOR 360 Goto the system blade Goto network tab

Select manual settings Goto edit settings Edit ip settings Set your ip adress as Set your dns as Set your gateway to Edit dns settings Dns server

Now goto network conections IN THE PC WHICH HAS WINGATE INSTALLED

Now set up as below ..

Now back to wingate Select control Goto system tab Double click extended network Select general Under firewall select disable

Now select ok Now select the network tab in middle bottom and rite click the connection you want to use for your 360 and select properties Put a tick into autodetect Click ok and now your 360 conection should be internal

That s it your 360 is now part of the wingate network .. If you want to keep firewall on for this then do this but I wouldn t worry about that as never heard of a 360 getting a cold

Now you have firewall with ur 360 TO add a pc or laptop instead of a 360 use same method as above but instead of setting the 360 ip manually set the device you wish to setup on the network as follows ..

If you wish to add more than 1 network item do same as above but on the piccie above the ip adress should be set to for a 3rd item set to If you are using a nat router you must enable the port you require on the networked items ..

Configure a sock proxy for torrents

We will use utorrent for the guide although most are the same just diff settings in diff locations Open wingate and goto control Open services Double click socs

Select binding tab

Reapeat but this time select ms tcp

Goto gateways tab select use all conections in rotation click add and add your connection When done click apply and close down wingate Install utorrent and do as below

Close the preferences And do as below

You should now get the below if you did correct

Close the above page down Now go back to here

Now if you did correct you sould get the page below but the ip will have rotated

Do above for how ever many connections your using Now go d/l ur torents

Hope this helped ..

Please ensure you either disable any 3rd party firewalls i.e. MacAfee Norton kasper zone alarm or configure accordingly. Well that s it have fun with your faster downloads Cya By madmanc ;-)