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Largest Wine and Cheese Festivals in the World

Text of Wine & Cheese!

  • Wine and


  • ObjectiveTo tell you about the largest Wine and Cheese festivals in the world

  • WurstmarktWine is constant proof that GodLoves us and wants to see us happy!

  • Wurstmarkt

    Literally means sausage market

    Pilgrims visited the chapel on St.Michaelsberg to buy indulgences

    Local farmers began selling their wares here

    Bad Drkheim which is along the German Wine Route (Deutsche Weinstrasse )

  • The Wine RouteOpened in 1935

    Oldest wine route in the world

    Villages along it added "an der Weinstrae (along the wine route) to their names

    Begins at the Wine Gate and ends at the House of the German wine route

  • Wurstmarkt

    590 years old

    2nd and 3rd weekends of September

    Over 150 local wines

    Visitors consume more than 220,000 liters

  • Wurstmarkt

    Large tents for wine tastings

    Also traditional Schubkrchler or small stands that serve wine

    Also offers a variety of local cuisine, concerts, contests

    Fun rides and fireworks

  • Drkheimer Riesenfass Worlds largest wine barrel

    Built by Fritz Keller in 1934

    Can hold 44 million gallons of wine

    But has been turned into a wine shop

  • Cheese,Le Forme del Latte!

  • Cheese, Le Forme del LatteTakes place in Bra, Piemonte

    Once in two years

    To encourage local food traditions

    Stimulate interest in food

    Is sponsored by the Slow Food Movement

  • The Slow Food MovementFounded in 1986

    Aims to slow down the pace of modern life.

    Bra was one of the first places to be declared a slow city

    Reduce traffic and noise

    Increase green spaces and encourage cultural traditions

  • Cheese, Le Forme del LatteA four day festival around the 3rd weekend of September

    Cheese stands line the 'centro storico' or the old town

    Little tasting booths or huge tents set up in the main square

    Great Hall of Cheese, House of Blues, House of Goat Cheeses

  • Cheese, Le Forme del LatteAbruzzo shepherds on the Street of the ShepherdsThey are small cheese makers produce a limited quantity

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