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Windows and door replacement

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Spring is the perfect time of year to finally get many of your home improvement projects done. Read this to know what projects you should prioritize.

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Spring is the time of year when many home improvement projects are started and fulfilled. Winter often brings otherwise unseen problems in our homes to the fore – we tend to more easily notice issues such as drafts and leaks, for instance. When the weather finally starts to become warmer, we make haste to deal with those issues, many of which can compromise our home’s overall integrity. In this three-part post, we take a closer look at the reasons why you should take advantage of spring, and what aspects of repair you ought to put on top of your list.

Why Perform Home Improvement Projects in Spring?

Home improvements are a great way to enhance your home’s resistance against damage and to preserve its integrity and value. Technically, you can choose to do these projects at any time, especially if it is an emergency repair. However, there are reasons why you should perform bigger improvements in the spring.

• Ideal Weather and Temperatures. In the spring, the climate’s just perfect – it is neither too hot nor too cold. This type of weather allows contractors to finish projects efficiently and on schedule, with little to no interruptions. Furthermore, with good weather conditions, you won’t need to worry too much about having parts of your home exposed until the improvement tasks are completed.


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• More Options for Improvement Projects. Because there is no reason for you to worry about unduly exposing your home to the elements, you can confidently take on any project you can think of – no part of the home is off limits. While it is necessary for you to prioritize the most important repairs to be done, it will still be a boon to have the freedom to choose which projects and updates to undertake.

• Your Home Will be Ready for Summer. When spring comes around, summer will also be practically just around the corner. Summer often heralds in a host of activities and gatherings among family and friends. When guests start arriving, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have time enough to deal with home improvements, so it’s best to have everything in order before your days become too busy.

In the next post, we discuss one of the most important aspects that you should consider when planning home improvement projects – your windows – so stay tuned!


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This home improvement season, you might be thinking about which aspects of your home need to be updated and which issues need to be resolved. One of the things that you should never overlook is your windows. While most of us do traditionally give our windows a thorough cleaning in the spring, you might need to do things somewhat differently this year, particularly if you notice signs of damage. Read on to see whether or not window replacement should be a project to consider, and what benefits you stand to gain.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows This Spring

This spring, cleaning your windows is a must-do. And while you’re at it, you should also check for signs of window damage that may require window replacement -- in fact, you might already have noticed some of these signs during the winter.

• You feel drafts. Every window lets in some amount of air, but it should never be enough for you to actually feel it. If drafts get through your window, it also means that energy escapes through it. Aside from affecting indoor temperatures and comfort, it also makes for higher utility bills.

• You have trouble operating the window. If you can’t open or close your windows properly and smoothly, it might mean that the structure of the window is already compromised.


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• There is condensation inside the glass. If you have double-paned windows that fog up when there are temperature changes, seal failure is a possibility. This weakens the window’s insulating abilities.

• You hear a lot of outside noise. When your windows are no longer properly sealed and sufficiently insulated, you will start hearing noises from the outside. This can become a problem especially if you live in a busy area.

• There are signs of decay and damage on and around the window frame. If your window frames show rot, chipping, and peeling, you can assume that the damage is already severe and repairs may not be enough.

Benefits of Window Replacement

Replacing your windows can let you enjoy a number of benefits, including but not limited to the following:

In the next post, we talk about door replacement and what benefits it can bring you, so keep following this blog series!


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Your entry door does more than welcome your guests. It also plays a crucial role in keeping your home protected. Unfortunately, not a lot think about doors when it comes to home improvement and upgrades. In this post, we show you the tell-tale signs that call for door replacement, and give you a runthrough of the benefits you can enjoy from prioritizing a door project this spring.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Door This Spring

When properly maintained, a quality door can last for decades. However, there will eventually come a time that even the best door will need to be replaced. Here are the signs to check for.

• Light and drafts. Whether it’s light showing through the sides or under your door, or air and water entering, drafts are never a good thing. If light and drafts can enter the gaps around the door, energy can also escape through it, increasing utility usage and costs.

• Visible cracks. Aside from causing or exacerbating draft problems, cracks can mean dangerous structural weakness. Most often than not, replacement is the only cost-efficient way to deal with this issue.

• Wear and tear. Denting, rusting, peeling, and bubbling, among other signs of wear and tear on and around your door are definite signs that you need a door replacement. As your door is exposed to different elements, it becomes weaker, and a weak door cannot perform as intended.


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• Difficulty in opening and closing. As a door ages, some parts get worn down, hinges bend, the material expands, contracts, and warps -- whatever the reason may be, when your door gives you a hard time as you’re opening or closing it, replacement often proves to be the most cost-efficient solution.

• Increased presence of insects and other pests in the home. If you start noticing more insects such as ants and pests like rats in your home, it is possible that they are getting in through your own front door. If this is the case, getting a new door that snugly fits the opening is your best option.

Benefits of Door Replacement

The benefits of door replacement are similar to those of window replacement. Replacing your old, damaged door can bring these advantages:

• Lower utility bills due to increased energy efficiency• Better soundproofing• Enhanced curb appeal• Better security

If you are itching to give your home a makeover this spring, do seriously consider getting a windows or door upgrade! To make sure that you get it all right, consult a professional who can fulfill your home improvement needs.


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