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Experience of private affordable Tanzania wildlife safaris with Mama Tembo Tours. Why visit tours and tailor made Tanzania safari, best safari in Tanzania. Tanzania, blessed with friendly and hospitable people, has something for everyone. Its iconic East African culture, the Maasai, continues to inspire visitors. As a big five destination, its north is an ideal destination for a first-ever or a family safari.

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African Wildlife Safari MTT Safaris
The Perfect Safari
The challenge is to sort through the immense number of options. MTT's objective is to create the perfect safari for you.
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About MTT Safaris
MTT Safaris is an independent Tour Operator specializing in safaris include remote location gems; spontaneous cultural interactions; and first class wildlife observation. MTT Safaris is owned and operated by Leslie Nevison. They have since called ten countries home, including Tanzania, Zambia, the Republic of Congo, Gabon and Benin.

Our Safari Service Across

MTT Safaris Tanzania
There are enough less visited locations in the north to also make it a fantastic choice for repeat safaris. Tanzania is large and diverse. Ruaha National Park in the south has some of the prettiest bush anywhere, while Katavi National Park in the far west remains a remote, pristine wilderness.
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MTT Safaris Zambia
Zambias tourist industry has been dominated by fly in and out safaris to its national parks, and for some customized itineraries, flying remains the best choice. MTT can put together any kind of safari for you, including by air. But in other cases, there is no better way to explore Zambia than by road in your own private, comfortable, and very sturdy safari vehicle.
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MTT Safaris - Congo
The Republic of Congos Nouabale-Ndoki National Park and the Central African Republics Dzanga-Ndoki National Park preserve what are among the most beautiful, accessible rain forests in Africa, and the last of their kind on the planet.
Visit : Congo

MTT Safaris - Kenya
Kenya is the most popular destination for many first-ever and family safaris. But it also suffers from a reputation for budget safaris by minivan in an overly commercialized Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Like all travel destinations, you have to know where to go. Private conservancies with tented camps of excellent standards are the best options for the Mara area.

MTT Safaris - Benin
On January 11 every year, Benin celebrates its Voodoo Festival. One of the best places to observe the festival is in Ouidah, a town an hours drive from Cotonou. CNN has called this festival one of Africas top five festivals not to be missed.

MTT Safaris Uganda
Uganda has all the iconic East African animals: buffalo, elephant, hippo, crocodile, baboon, lion, leopard, jackal, serval, and even cheetah, in Kidepo National Park at least. It has Mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and chimpanzees in Kibale Forest and Budongo Forest Reserve.

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