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Wikis the what, where, why and how of wiki- making

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Text of Wikis the what, where, why and how of wiki- making

  • Wikisthe what, where, why and how of wiki-making

  • OverviewWhat is a wikiWhy you might use oneWhere you can make a wikiHow to make a wikiWhat you can do with your wiki


    What is a wiki?

  • Wikis in Education

    The following wikis have been created by educators either in their teaching of students or fellow teachers. A wiki site set up to share information about Geelong. The text has lots of links, like Wikipedia. A site set up for teachers (with some interesting links). Gadgets have been used Eg a cluster map showing site visitors (go to to find out how). Also use of Youtube video and Google Maps to enhance explanations. A choose your own adventure story created by students. A place for students to share their work A fabulous resource for teachers

  • Where can I make a wiki? (PB Wiki)

  • How do I make my first wiki?Go to http://wikispaces.comDecisions to be made:K-12 wiki?Is this wiki for educational purposes?If so, do you want to remove any advertising?, public or protectedDo you want everyone to see it or only those you invite?Permissions What can do you want other users to be able to do on your wiki? Read? Edit?Creating User Accounts

  • How do I set up my wiki to make it work the way I want it to?

    Make new pagesUse the navigation paneAdd picturesInvite others to see my wiki

  • What if I forget how to do things?Try using:Wikispaces tutorials help menu in top right corner

  • Now Im an expert, how do I make my wiki look a little more interesting? Lots of options. Try these:In Wikispaces - Manage Wiki Look and FeelGetting Tricky with Wikis

  • What next??Practice!Invite other to see your wiki and maybe add to itJoin other wikis and see them in your accountUse wikis in your classroom and let your students learn collaboratively!

    **Getting Tricky with Wikis lots of great tipsGlogster looks great, takes a while to loadAdd screen shot, *Join other wikis and see them in your account (show my account page and wikis I belong to)


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