Why Your Digital Marketing Campaign Sucks

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why does your digital marketing campaign suck?

how the best-laid plans of small businesses and major corporations often go awry

michael mcdermottlead community managerbash foo social media


websites that received no traffic

affiliate marketing distracted the visitors that I received

banner campaigns failed

pay per click (ppc) advertising sucked your wallet dry

conversions were never as high as you dreamed

__insert___ your pain here

you listened to your boss

you still think that meta keywords are important

you tried to pay for another sites' popularity

you repacked your print campaign copy for the web

how can I ..start to.. not suck?

step into a time machine
back to the 1930's

to a time before interruption marketing

when you would go see your neighbor to borrow a rake and talk for an houryou were busy socializing

when your wife would have people over for a Tupperware party with snacks and beveragesshe was busy socializing

when the gas station attendant would advise weary travelers of the delicious peach pie at the local dinerhe was busy socializingor eating pie

so why is socialization important?

consumers today do not trust in your face marketing techniques or promisesconsumers trust... each other

participating in an online dialogue can allow you to gain influence with the site visitor to turn them into a leadbig talking heads and marketing spin-doctors need not apply. you will be found out and eliminated

today's seo must encompass this component of socialization prior to lead generation and scoring


just like with the tupperware party, freebies and takeaways are welcome give away free things as much as you canold fashioned goodwill

don't half-ass it and hire a third party or part time intern to speak for your company in social media platforms your customers will quickly tell what sort of investment in them you made leave ghost writing up to the conan o'brien show

shameless interruption marketing technique used to gain new leads, customers and build personal capital at the end of a presentation

mike mcdermott
lead community manager
bash foo social media
(937) 573-8535
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