Why use digital communication media in YOUR classroom?

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Why use digital communication media in YOUR classroom? . Marketing. What is digital communication media?. Examples include: Google Voice Twitter Skype Glogster Facebook Flickr. Rigor. Personal experience Using RELEVANT media sources that are preferred by our digital natives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


3.02 Position products/services to acquire desired business image.

Why use digital communication media in YOUR classroom? MarketingWhat is digital communication media?Examples include:Google Voice Twitter SkypeGlogsterFacebookFlickr

RigorPersonal experienceUsing RELEVANT media sources that are preferred by our digital nativesBring teaching from lower level of thinking to a higher level (Blooms)Action Research ProjectDeveloped a Project to measure participation and performance of my 2nd Block class while using Google Voice. This project took 7 class days. Used my 4th Block as a control group. 4Implementation Establish an Account, using Google Voice. Give students my number. Create activities using text messaging from Google Voice, such as: Day 2 (Note taking Q&A): within the first 5 minutes of the notes I had students work out the problem: You make a $6.65 sale, you are given a $10 bill from the customer, and how will you make change? The answer is $3.35, yet students had to also describe how they would give the change back, such as: 3 dollar bills, 1 quarter, and 1 dime. Implementation, contdDay 3: (Bell Ringer) How do charges and discounts affect the price of purchases? This question came directly from their notes yesterday and although I like to give more authentic questions I wanted to ask a question that would have a shorter response so the students could text it in one text message. Day 6: (Quiz) Posted questions on a powerpoint and answers texted to Google Voice (Not Viewed)Results (Participation)100% participation throughoutResults

ResultsParticipation = Increase in Grade

Dont take my word for it!According to the authors of Teens and social media, many teenagers actually prefer multichannel communication, such as text messaging, instant messaging, and communication through social network sites, to traditional e-mail and face-to-face communication (Lenhart et al, 2007). A survey from the National School Boards Association (2007) reported that students online sharing in social network sites involves education and learning, sixty percent of students surveyed, reported using their social network sites to talk about education topics, and 50% reported talking specifically about schoolwork. ConcernsCyber BullyingParental PermissionAppropriate communication = develop rules and standards, established guidelines

EvaluationPlease fill out the evaluation form, be honest and you do NOT have to put your name on it.Thank you!References


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