Why is Forgiveness so Important?

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Why is Forgiveness so Important?. Problems in our lives that stem directly from a lack of forgiveness:. Time for Bible study. 1. Stress (holding inside bitterness and anger) 2. Self-inflicted re-injury (re-experiencing pain by reliving the event). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Why is Forgiveness so Important?Problems in our lives that stem directly from a lack of forgiveness:

Time for Bible study1. Stress (holding inside bitterness and anger)2. Self-inflicted re-injury (re-experiencing pain by reliving the event)3. No more love (withdrawing and failing to love others)4. Bitterness (affecting ones disposition)5. Perpetual conflict (anticipating more hurt; staying on the defensive)6. Walls that keep others out (become anxious and threatened when personal intimacy becomes possible)Indicators that reveal we may have unforgiveness in our hearts toward someone:someone:1. being harsh toward others2. being demanding3. being resentful4. finding fault easily5. holding grudges6. negative feelings about the person when they are around7. avoiding the personIndicators that reveal we may not have forgiven ourselves for something.1. being self-critical2. being guilt-ridden3. being driven by ought tos4. overcompensating for our own mistakes5. pride and arrogance as a way to prove our self-worth6. irrational fears and phobias7. keeping secrets8. building walls around ourselves9. pushing ourselves hard10. overly critical of othersIndicators that reveal we may have unforgiveness toward God:1. withdrawing from religious activities such as church attendance, Bible study and prayer.2. anger at church people, especially leaders3. refusal to talk about religious things4. deliberately doing things contrary to Gods laws or commands5. attempting to influence others not to be committed to God6. sharing doubts about God with others7. depression and purposelessness


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