Why Exercise is So Important

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Worried about your Health? Wonder which exercise program is best for you? Youve come to the right place! Answers are waiting for you.


  • Why Exercise is Important

    Worried about your Health? Wonder which exercise program is best for you? Youve come to the right place! Answers are waiting for you here.

    Exercising on a regular basis promotes efficient breathing, relieves tension, increases circulation, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, keeps you more alert, and makes you sleep better.

    An appropriate exercise program should include exercises for strength (machines & weight training), endurance (aerobics), and flexibility (calisthenics & yoga).

    With regular exercise, sleep becomes easier. It is better quality, which means you should need less sleep.

    This will give you more energy and time to do other things. Here you are usually better off with quality than quantity. It will ward off tension and help you to relax. A relaxation break (deep breathing) during the day can provide you with better rest to help you need less sleep.

    Besides promoting better quality sleep, Exercise will help an overweight problem. Recent studies suggest that overweight is more often caused by the lack of exercise than overeating.

    From age 20 on, most will gain to 1 pounds per year. This will be mostly in fat, because of too little exercise. Your enemy is the television, sofa, and car.

    Here are more reasons why exercise is important.

    1. Regular aerobic training lowers blood pressure and reduces the chances of a stroke.

    2. Exercisers stay healthy which will cut their medical bills each year, as apposed those who dont exercise. Plus exercisers only use one-third the number of sick days.

    3. Exercise increases muscle strength.

  • 4. Regular exercise can slow most symptoms of aging such as; fat accumulation, weakened muscles, reduced balance, flexibility, agility, and reaction time.

    5. Exercise has been found to help some types of depression. Exercise releases beta-endorphin, which is secreted in increased amounts. It is a natural euphoric or antidepressant, which may account for Runners High.

    6. Exercise enables your cardio-respiratory system to function more efficiently as your lungs take in more air and deliver more oxygen to the tissues, and your heart pumps more blood with each contraction and delivers more oxygen to your muscles.

    7. Exercise will help you look and feel better improving your self-image and confidence.

    8. If youre under stress or suffer from insomnia, exercise can help bring relief.

    Sitting eight hours a day working at a computer was hard for me. How about you? Im use to be being up and moving around.

    I solved that problem at my job. My office was on the seventh floor of our building. I found the stairs, and decided to get off the elevator on the fifth floor and walk up. Once I got use to that, then I got off on the fourth floor. I was working towards walking all seven, and use the stairs as much as I can, but I got laid off.

    Stair climbing (keep a good fast pace) is tops for burning calories and providing cardio respiratory fitness. It is not generally thought of as an exercise, and stairs are available all around you.

    With a positive action program you can do the as I did. Or try this one; make a trip up two flights of stairs. Carry packages up one at a time, and then go back down for the next.

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