Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck

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  • WhyConventionalBodybuildingMethods Suck...and thealternativeapproach thatreally delivers

    Stuart McRobert

  • Copyright 2000 by Stuart McRobertISBN: 9963-616-10-0

    CS Publishing Ltd.P.O. Box 20390CY-2151 NicosiaCypruswww.hardgainer.com cspubltd@spidernet.com.cy

    2 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

    Fed up of making minimal or no progressfrom conventional training routines?

    New to alternative ways of weight training?

    This free book exposes the shocking state ofthe weight-training worldespeciallybodybuilding. Even more importantly, itreveals how you can turn your training into a terrific success story.

    Please distribute this book Please distribute this book FREELYFREELY,,to spread a message that can helpto spread a message that can helpmany people. many people. Direct people to go toDirect people to go tohttp://www.hardgainer.com/sucks/http://www.hardgainer.com/sucks/to download the book to download the book FREEFREE.. If youIf youprefer to email an attached copyprefer to email an attached copyof this book, you may want to letof this book, you may want to letthe recipients know in advance ofthe recipients know in advance ofthe 4the 4-8 minutes downloading time. minutes downloading time.

  • What follows is a scathing report onconventional bodybuilding methods. This may seem very negative, but out of anegative youll discover a huge positive.

    The basic problem is that conventionalbodybuilding dogma dominates the trainingworld, despite this dogma being a total sham.

    To discover the greatness of bodybuilding,and strength training in general, you firstneed to understand whats wrong with thetraining world. Then youll be informedenough to be able to cut through all the crud.So out of a negative youll get to a positive,and discover how to build the physique thatconventional training methods deny you.

    US officeCS Publishing Ltd.P.O. Box 1002Connell, WA 99326tel 509-234-0362www.hardgainer.cominfo@hardgainer.com

    3and the alternative approach that really delivers

  • Anyone who thinks that the contents of thisbook are alarmist, or that Im exaggerating, is way out of touch with the reality of thetraining world; or he has his head in thesand, is living in a make-believe world, or is promoting a lie.

    Im exposing the squalid mess to helpprevent people from getting caught up in itthemselves, and to educate them on how toexploit the marvellous potential benefits ofintelligent training.

    With influence comes the responsibility towield power in a socially accountable way.Many influential figures and companies inthe mainstream of the training world havebeen utterly irresponsible, to put it mildly.Millions of trainees have put their trust invarious individuals, publications andinstitutions, but have been betrayed, and at great personal cost.

    4 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

  • Im a diehard training and bodybuildingbuff, but I belong in a different camp tothat of most of the mainstream. Ive no timefor the bull, deceit, fraud, drugs, lies andabsurd training practices that are rampantin the mainstream.

    Break away from training methods that dontwork. Open your mind and find out fromthis book how to get in charge of yourtraining. But you need to make the necessarychanges now. You cant keep throwing awaychunks of your life on unproductive trainingroutines. Life is in short supply and the yearsquickly slip by.

    5and the alternative approach that really delivers

    The way that much of the trainingestablishment has deceived the massesis akin to how the tobacco industry hasspun its wicked web over the years. Aglossy picture is presented in order tohide the squalid abuse of economicpower. This is a strong statement, butread on and youll see that my wordsare not mere rhetoric.

  • 6 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

    Sure Im a rebel, but a rebel with acause. You need a rebels perspective;otherwise youre going to fall prey to thetraining mainstream due to ignorance.Youre never going to get this rebelliousbut liberating perspective from themainstream, because the establishmentisnt going to go out of its way toundermine its power. That manymagazines and books give similarlyirresponsible and even harmful advicewill never make that advice right. Whilerepeated hammering away at the samelies and deception does make many ifnot most readers believe they are beinggiven good advice and information, nodegree of repetition of deceit andnonsense will ever produce somethingof truth and value.

  • ContentsPreface 8Is your training working? 10What is conventional bodybuilding? 11What gives me the right to preach to you? 15My motives 16Whats wrong with the training world? 19The calamitous fallout 20Train like a champ to become a champ? No way! 23The claim that the elite are healthy 32The old-timers were clean, werent they? 34Want creation 38Wreaking of havoc in other ways 43Fraud and the commercial imperative 46The current state of affairs 50Bad beyond belief 53Role models that mislead 55What about the legitimate drug-free elite? 56Whys nothing done to put things right? 58Stand up and be counted! 59The success formula 62If you would like to learn more 72

    7and the alternative approach that really delivers

  • PrefaceLearn from the costly experiences of those whove beenthrough the mill of desperate frustration with conventionaltraining advice. This book is not based on only one mansjourney. Its a distillation of the experiences and acquiredwisdom of generations of people but which have been largelyhidden or ignored by the training mainstream.

    Once you apply radical changes to your training program youwill be totally out of step with what most people do in the gym.

    Have the courage to swim against the training tide. Alwayskeep in mind that popular training methods simply dontdeliver the goods for most people. So why would you want touse popular training methods? Life is too short to waste any of it on useless training methods.

    Because Im only interested in drug-free training, andprimarily concerned with satisfying the needs of the hard-gaining masses, most of the values and methodspromoted in this book are heretical relative to whatscustomary in most gyms today.

    Theres no other approach to take if training methods thatare practical and helpful for drug-free typical people areto be promoted.

    8 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

  • Anyone, anywhere or anything that promotestraining routines that only work well for thegenetically gifted and/or drug enhanced, oroffers how-to information on drug abuse (orcarries ads for books on the same), orpromotes absurd expectations and rolemodels, or teaches high-risk or impracticaltraining practices, or is a food supplementcatalog in disguise, simply does not have yourbest interests at heart. If you follow theinstruction found there youre going totread the same path of frustration and evendespair that millions already have.

    9and the alternative approach that really delivers

    A journey of a thousand miles beginswith one step. By reading this bookyouve taken the first stepa huge steptowards the strong, well-developed,healthy and lean physique you crave.

  • Is your training working?Do you really have some progress in muscle and might toshow for your efforts over the last few months?

    More of the training approach that didntwork over the last few months isnt going to work over the next few months.

    Before you can take charge of your own training andphysique, you need to understand why conventional trainingmethods not only wont help you but may actually harm you.

    Conventional bodybuilding methods are useless for mostpeople, and their promotion has grossly misled the trainingmasses. Look around almost any gym and youll see fewdrug-free people who have good physiques. And considerhow many people have been gym members at one time oranother, but gave up due to dissatisfaction with the results.

    The enormous failure rate of conventional training methodsisnt publicized by the mainstream, because the mainstreamhas a vested interest in the maintenance of the status quo.

    Weight training is a wonderful activity, but only if itsworking. When its not working its a massively frustratingand disappointing activity. To increase the success rate ofweight training, an approach is needed which is radicallydifferent to that promoted by the mainstream.

    10 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

  • What is conventional bodybuilding?Conventional bodybuilding methods are largely the trainingpractices of elite male and female bodybuilders and strengthathletespractices which are vigorously promoted in mostbodybuilding magazines and books, and even on televisiontoo. They involve weight training on 46 days per week,multiple exercises per muscle group, and usually at leastthree work sets per exercise (in addition to warmup work).

    Conventional bodybuilding methods arentjust what any specific magazine, book orpublisher has to say. Its a collective thingarising from many authors, publishers, books,magazines, organizations and gyms. Its thewhole shebang of excessive and impracticalroutines, and the presentation of thecompetitive elite as gurus and role models.

    Consider some of what conventional training methodspromote, and see how its a travesty of useful instruction:

    1. Conventional training methods overtrain everyone otherthan the genetically gifted and drug abusers, butovertraining will not help you.

    2. Conventional training methods promote some high-riskexercises that injure many people. Getting injured willnot help you build the physique you want.

    11and the alternative approach that really delivers

  • 3. Conventional training methods often promote specificdangerous techniques for otherwise good exercises, andthose specific techniques injure many people. Again,getting injured will not help build a good physique.

    4. Conventional training methods promote a volume andfrequency that are impractical for busy working andfamily people. But even sacrificing work, family,education and a balanced life wont make conventionaltraining methods work for typical people, so theres novalue in extreme measures anyway.

    5. Conventional training methods place exaggeratedimportance on food supplements. Food supplementscant make lousy training programs work.

    6. Conventional training methods promote exaggeratedexpectations, and invariably use drug-fed genetic freaksas gurus and role models, neither of which will help youto realize your potential.

    7. Conventional training methods complicate training, andconfuse people. Complication and confusion cant help.

    8. Conventional training methods are not personalized tomeet individual needs, limitations, lifestyles and goals.This produces overtraining, injuries, frustration andgiving upi.e., failure.

    12 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

  • 9. Conventional training methods actually encouragedrug abuse, because without the drug assistance thosemethods just dont work for most people.

    Much of the mainstream of the training world, and thebodybuilding dimension in particular, plays down the drugproblem, or pretty much pretends it doesnt exist, and doesnothing of substance to help put an end to drug abuse.

    That much of the establishment panders to the drug abusers,glorifies many of them, has made a few of them into icons, and presents them as role models, has played a major part inencouraging drug abuse and the accompanying chaos.

    The drug problem in the bodybuilding world in particular isbad beyond belief. This has brought great ignominy uponmainstream bodybuilding.

    But theres another side to bodybuilding, and strength training in general. It has nothing to do with the drug abusers or theirlackeys, or with bull, lies, fraud, or impractical and uselesstraining routines. After pointing out whats fundamentally wrongand squalid about the training world, this book will show you theother side of the cointhe clean, honest, truthful, productive,practical, healthy and life-enhancing side.

    As a youth, when searching for traininginstruction I was heavily swayed by

    13and the alternative approach that really delivers

  • appearances. What looked the best (to mygullible eye), had the most striking photos, andthe most hype to really spike my expectations,was what grabbed my attention. That itpresented useless and even harmful traininginstruction didnt dawn on me until yearsafterwards, by which time Id been robbed ofsome of the best training years of my life.

    Nothing has changed on this score over theyears. The same shambles continues for todaysnovices, and will continue in the future.

    The information most responsible for misleading trainees is not isolated to some specific and famous individuals andpublications. Its everywhere, and even includes most non-mainstream publications and a plethora of internet web sites.

    Anyone, anywhere or anything that promotes training routinesthat only work well for the genetically gifted and/or drugenhanced, or offers how-to information on drug abuse (orcarries ads for books on the same), or promotes absurdexpectations and role models, or teaches high-risk or impracticaltraining practices, or is a food supplement catalog in disguise,simply does not have your best interests at heart. If you follow theinstruction found there youre going to tread the same path offrustration and even despair that millions already have.

    14 Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck...

  • What gives me the right to preach to you?Ive dedicated my working life to exposing the myths, bulland lies of the exercise world, in order to teach people howto exercise responsibly, safely and effectively.

    Born in 1958, in England, my credentials include over 25years of training, over 350 published articles, having authoredfive books on training, having published and edited anindependent training magazine since 1989, and havingalways been independent of food supplement companies.

    Because Im genetically average, have never usedperformance enhancing drugs, have an extremelydemanding job, and am a family man too, I can totallyrelate to the lot of the average person.

    Im not part of the weight-training establishment. ThoughIve written many articles for the mainstream bodybuildingpress, Ive hammered away at my central themes, albeitlimited by editorial constraints. Few people in the trainingworld who have any visibility speak on behalf of the trueinterests of typical grassroots trainees. Most people withvisibility speak on behalf of the training establishment, and therefore have to peddle the usual company line.

    But Im no armchair athlete or theoretician. Ive deadlifted400 pounds for 20 consecutive rest-pause reps, and Ive beenan inveterate muscle and strength buff for most of my life.

    15and the alternative approach that really delivers

  • My motivesIt cost me nearly half of my life, a great deal of suffering,and an enormous waste of time, effort and money before I learned the real deal on how to improve ones physiquesafely and efficiently. I want to spare others from learning in the same extremely expensive w...


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