Why Centralized Data Banks Won’t Work for Health Information Exchange

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Why Centralized Data Banks Wont Work for Health Information Exchange. Rex E. Gantenbein PhD, Senior Member IEEE Center for Rural Health Research and Education University of Wyoming. Centralized Data Management. Expensive to maintain Availability depends on central system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>CAPITAL FACILITIES</p> <p>Why Centralized Data Banks Wont Work for Health Information ExchangeRex E. Gantenbein PhD, Senior Member IEEECenter for Rural Health Research and EducationUniversity of Wyoming</p> <p>2Centralized Data ManagementExpensive to maintainAvailability depends on central systemComplex to ensure timely updatesRequires all participants to use compatible EHRsAlternative is interface engineRequires ID number for all individualsComplicates interoperability beyond state/region</p> <p>3Federated Data ManagementNetwork of networksCross-state interoperability scales upRecord locator can use public informationLocal data is stored locallyAccessed only when needed for exchangeProviders/consumers determine whats releasedData is as up to date as possibleFailure of a single system doesnt affect others</p> <p>Implementing a Federated ModelWeb services support a lightweight mechanism for exchanging informationSupport distributing information in a variety of formatsMinimize the amount of maintenance to an entitys interface when others are addedScale well when new systems are connectedXML is used to describe a class of a data object and behavior of a programUses tags to surround the data to define and group dataReadable by both humans and computers</p> <p>Implementing a Federated ModelWeb Service Description LanguageDescribes the functions available and their interfacesDescribes the parameters that the functions are expecting as well as the return typesFile is usually put on a UDDI Directory Server advertising the serviceWeb service runs on an accessible serverService accepts a request for information and returns the requested informationMessages are formatted according to the description file</p> <p>Challenges to InteroperabilityDefining an industry-wide standardized interface (HL7?)Developing translation mechanisms for every platform to/from standardized interfaceIntelligent patient identification scheme based on public information</p> <p>Comments/Questions?rex@uwyo.edu http://www.uwyo.edu/rex </p>


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