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Why buy a classic vehicle

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  • Why Buy a Classic Vehicle?

    Owning a classic vehicle of any sort is a relation-

    ship. It may be a lifelong love or a short affair. You

    may have full involvement with every aspect of

    your vehicles wellbeing or you may have a distant

    relationship where you get together on a few sun-

    ny Sunday afternoons in the year. It may be an

    exclusive arrangement or involve more than one

    vehicle. You will have ups and downs.

    Classic vehicles have a unique beauty in them, in

    some cases apparent to only a select few, some-

    thing you dont see in todays equivalents. Mod-

    ern day vehicles may be more comfortable and

    reliable however often lack the character of the

    classic, even if that character sometimes has you

    standing by the side of the road in the pouring

    rain waiting for a recovery vehicle.

    Sometimes prospective owners look for a specific

    make or model; maybe it has special memories

    from childhood or they simply always liked that

    particular vehicle. Others are looking for some-

    thing a bit different and fall into a certain vehicle.

    Maybe you just prefer to only drive or ride the

    vehicle, in which case, if you have the money,

    there are companies that will store and look after

    the car keeping it in top condition. Not every own-

    er has the desire, space, time or ability to restore

    or maintain their vehicle and they shouldnt feel

    guilty if this is the case. They are keeping a piece

    of history for all to see and that is to be commend-


    If you like wielding a spanner or welder then its

    likely you will want to be fully involved in keeping

    your classic on the road. Maybe youve bought a

    restoration project thats going to take many

    hours toiling in the garage to bring it back to its

    former glory. Or youre carrying out a rolling res-

    toration, when small parts of the vehicle are re-

    stored, so that the vehicle can continue to be used

    in-between bouts of work.

    The question of space is raised at this point. Un-

    less your classic vehicle is a daily runnerand

    many are you are going to need somewhere to

    keep it. On the driveway under a cover is fine,

    however this can attract the dreaded tin worm

    and the even more dreaded car thief. Not every-

    body has a garage let alone space in a garage for a

    car, so give some consideration to secure storage.

    Your vehicle will be dry, the battery will be on

    trickle charge and when the sun shines and its

  • time to turn some heads, it will be as clean as the

    day you put it away.

    Storage companies, such as Jordans, one of our

    show sponsors, offer flexible services, even taking

    care of the mundane tasks such as MOT tests, ser-

    vicing and valet cleaning. If you are tight on space

    or worried about keeping your classic outside,

    storage companies are worth investigating.

    As specific models become rarer, appear in TV

    series, such as Life on Mars , or simply become

    more popular, prices rise as weve seen over the

    last few years. Classic vehicle prices tend to be

    cyclic this

    years high

    could be fol-

    lowed by a sud-

    den decline so

    theres no guar-

    antee of mak-

    ing money.

    That said, look-

    ing at the auc-

    tions prices of

    top quality

    MGB Mk IIIs

    between 2004

    and 2015

    shows a rise

    from 6,500 to 13,570, which is the sort of return

    that makes classic cars attractive to investors, re-

    grettably pricing them out of the reach of vehicle


    The strong rise in the value of classic vehicles over

    the last few years means your vehicles value

    could increase significantly over the period your

    insurance runs for. This presents a problem for

    agreed value policies and one that must be dis-

    cussed with a broker or insurance company that

    understands the classic vehicle market. Coops In-

    surance, one of our show sponsors, is one such

    specialist and is on the showground today offering

    friendly advice on all vehicle insurance matters.

    Clubs give you the opportunity to join like-minded

    people who will be able to offer advice, help and

    social activities. Some clubs are make or model

    specific, others arent. Weve always had a strong

    club support of both types at our car show and

    some clubs have been returning for many years.

    Bringing your classic vehicle to a show like todays

    gives you the opportunity to meet new people,

    sometimes people interested in owning a vehicle

    like yours or maybe it brings back childhood mem-

    ories. Sometimes they just like the colour!

    You may notice Ive used the word vehicle, and

    thats because the classic vehicle world is a broad

    church. Look

    around the


    today and youll

    see a variety of

    vehicles of all

    shapes and sizes.

    Whether its a

    classic motorcy-

    cle, car, tractor,

    commercial, mili-

    tary or steam

    driven vehicle

    the relationship

    and passion is

    the same its only the number of wheels and the

    size thats different.

    So if youre thinking about a classic vehicle, to-

    days show is a good place to start. If you know

    what make and model you desire youre off to a

    flying start. If not, you have a wide variety to look

    at today before choosing.

    Whatever stage you are at with purchasing your

    first classic, classic vehicle owners are a friendly lot

    and like people taking an interest in their vehicles.

    So talk to them, find out about the vehicle, parts

    supply and specialists, take photographs and make

    contacts so when youre ready to take on that

    relationship you can make it work.

    Classics dont always need to be large! Fully working scale model

    of a steam driven traction engine.

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